Teenage Rebellion

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Summary: At the end of his freshman year, Sena's father gets transferred to USA. If that's not's the worst change in his life, Sena's mother demands that he stop playing American Football. A new life in America means a new start, but is it worth it without his friends, teammates and American Football? Sometimes you have to fight for what you want, and that's a lesson Sena learnt well with the Deimon Devil Bats. SenaxShin

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Chocolate brown eyes stared out the window of the aircraft mournfully. Sena did not want to leave Japan and Deimons. He did not want to leave his friends, teammates and rivals. But his father had been promoted with the condition that he works in the American branch of the company. Sena's mother was thrilled and demanded they go. And so here he was, sitting on a plane that was taking him away from everything he had ever known.

Sena sighed again and ignored his parents' looks. They thought he would have jumped at the opportunities the move offered, especially a chance to start anew. They had known about the bullying and had tried to step in but Sena had asked them not to. In the end, they relied of Mamori to take care of their son when he was at school. Instead, their mild-mannered son had stared at them in shock before storming out of the room. They knew then that Sena hated the idea of leaving but it was too late as everything had been organized. It was meant to be a happy surprise for Sena at the end of his first high school year.

Mihue sighed as she watched her son look out the window sadly. It broke her heart but all she wanted was the best for Sena; and an American education was the obvious choice. Not to mention, away from that dangerous football team. There was no way she was going to allow Sena to continue to play that sport. What if he got hurt again? She had seen the bruises he came home with and she wouldn't stand for it anymore, no matter what her husband said. It was job to keep her baby boy safe and she as hell was going to do just that. He could always take up a safe sport, like chess. All the while Sena's father just looked on and sighed. He kept on telling himself that it all was for the best. If he said it enough, then maybe it will become true.


"What?" Mamori shouted when Sena dropped the bomb on the team on the last day of the year in the club house. Her voice drowned out even Hiruma's exclamation of "fucking Shimp!" and her face matched the disbelief that the other members wore. After everything they had been through, he was leaving. They had a title to defend and the team was already weakened as 3 sempais would be leaving. But now their Eyeshield 21, Ace running back too? And the fireworks began.

"Not cool to the MAX!" Monta shouted, "Why would you want to leave?"

"Are we not good enough for ya? Huh?" The 'Huh' brothers shouted, "Huh? Huh?"

Hiruma was pulling out his guns and it was then Sena shifted nervously and called for their attention. "I'm sorry but it's not my choice."

That froze everyone's actions as they stared at him. Sena flushed at the attention and the scrutinizing looks. "My father got a promotion with a transfer and he accepted it. They only told me this last night. It's too late to change any plans and I have no choice. They made the decision without me. We are leaving tomorrow," Sena looked up and glanced and every member of the team he had come to love, eyes tearing, "Please believe me! I don't want to leave!"

Mamori's expression softened and she sighed, "Oh Sena... I'm sorry for over reacting. I just worry about you." Before giving him a hug, baffling him slightly at the sudden change of emotions. Swallowing as she released him, Sena turned to his team, eyes downcast. No one said a thing. Nothing could lessen the blow of Sena leaving the club.

"So you're leaving and there is nothing you can do about it, Fucking Shimp?" Hiruma asked in the silence. Sena winced and nodded, not meeting his captain's -no ex-captain's- gaze. Be it from shame or fear, Sena was not quite sure. He was pretty sure though that Hiruma would not try to kill him with Mamori standing right there.

"Guess then I'll have to choose another person to be captain," was all Hiruma said with a sigh, shouldering his gun (an AK47 with a modified trigger, grip and nuzzle). Sena looked up in shock at the statement. He was going to be the next captain of the Deimon Devil Bats? Seeing the disbelieving look on Sena's face, Hiruma reached into his pocket and threw it at Sena. The piece of cloth hit Sena in the face before he caught it. In his hands was a yellow armband with the Deimon Devil Bats mascot and "Captain -21" on it.

"You better train harder than you ever have when you're in USA and return ASAP," Hiruma said while Sena stared at the armband in shock, "And keep that as a reminder of a team that is waiting for you. Got it, fucking shimp?"

Sena gave Hiruma a small, watery smile and nodded, with a determined glint in his eyes. The team then decided in to join in farewells and wailing at the lost of an Ace, teammate and friend. Not that Hiruma did not try to find a way (read blackmail) to keep Sena in Japan. And in the meanwhile, Mamori sent word out to all the other members of Team Japan of the sad news.

Needless to say, the various opposition teams and rivals pitched up at the club house soon after been notified, demanding an explanation. Some demanded a rematch before he left. Snacks turned up and it turned into an impromptu farewell party for Sena.

Everyone had come: Shin and the Knights, Agon and the Nagas , Akaba and the spiders, Kakei and the Poisedon and ect... Even Yamato and his team, who were still in the area, came rushing. The fastest player on Japan was leaving, as well as a teammate to many of them. They party went late into the night, and everyone chatted and joked, reminisced about the past and wondered about the future.

End Flashback

Sighing, Sena turned away from his parents and lowered his gaze to his lap. His hand fiddled with the captaincy armband, his mind drifting to the pile of farewell cards and messages everyone had given him. They had all surprised him when the came to the airport to see him off, as they said. Sena knew the sheer number of people had shocked his parents, especially all the challenges his rivals presented to him for when he came back. Not if. Yet, somehow, Sena couldn't bring himself to care what his parents thought at the moment. He never got angry at them before, but this was different. This time he, Sena the golfer, had something worth staying for. Something worth fighting for.

Sighing again, Sena closed his eyes and willed himself to sleep. Maybe he would dream of what could have happened if he stayed in Japan. Like training with Shin, facing Hiruma and his guns everyday and Monta's enthusiasm for training. Training with his teammates and seeing Mamori-neechan. Playing with the Deimon Devil Bats; the list went on. As he drifted off to the sleep, a single tear leaked out from under his eyelid. Sena had promised himself he would not cry. Slowly he fell into a deep sleep, his last thought being a memory of Shin's farewell at the airport.


Sena had blushed and accepted each token with a sad smile and a bow. He thanked everyone profusely. Suddenly, a hand attached itself to his arm and alarmed, Sena looked up at the owner. Blushing again when he saw it was Shin. Without a word, the lineman pulled him from the group and took him a distance away. Confused, Sena went along, hoping the other boy was not going to challenge him there and then. Sena did not want to sit in the long flight with bruises from the Trident Tackle. When the stopped, Sena looked up at Shin, blushing at how close they were.

"Sena Kobayakawa," Shin said with an expressionless face but his eyes held a glint of something. What, Sena did not know. "You are my rival and will always be until I beat you. You should train hard as I will for our next encounter, if in Japan or America." Sena stared in shock at the Knight's Ace. That was the most he heard him speak in one go. Nodding dumbly, Sena agreed.

"And," Shin continued, "I wish you the best, Sena-kun. I'll be waiting for you to come back." His hand was still on Sena's arm and it stayed there as Shin's other hand offered him a blue giftbag with "21's" all over it. Curious, Sena took it with a smile. Sena looked at Shin to see Shin waiting expectantly. Taking that as a clue, Sena reached into the bag and took out a pair of black gloves. American Football gloves to be exact. Examining it, Sena let out an inaudible gasp as he stared in shock at the White Knight's emblem on the back. Like the ones Shin wore. "So you don't forget me," was all Shin said with a small smile before he walked back to the group.

End FlashBack

Landing in America, Sena's parents were excited. But to Sena, it was just another punch from reality. There was no going back to Japan; this all hadn't been a bad dream that he was going to wake up from and discover he was late for training. But it wasn't a dream as a taxi took them to their new home in Miami. Once again, Sena moved as if on autopilot and went to his room, ignoring his parents. Not bothering with anything, he crashed onto his bed and promptly fell asleep; not noticing the tears that stained his cheeks or the worried looks his parents gave him.

When Sena's father went up to bring him down for dinner, His heart cracked at the sight of his son and his tears. He wondered again about this choice but sighed as it was too late to change it. Opening one of the boxes marked 'beddings' he pulled out a pillow and blanket. He draped the blanket over his son and slowly lifted his son's head and placed the pillow underneath him. Lastly, he wiped the tears gently and took off his son's shoes. The "sweet dreams" was lost to the silence as he closed the door. Sena, in his mind, was happily training with the Deimon Devil Bats'; sweet dreams indeed.

The next day was Saturday and the weekend was spent unpacking, and in Sena's case, getting ready for school. He was starting on Monday and he was very thankful he had improved his English skills when he came to the States for the World Cup. Or else would have been in severe trouble. Sena still felt anger towards his parents and the just the unfairness of everything made him angrier. He barely spoke to them, and when he did, it was in short, clipped sentences. More than once, he mentally winced at what Mamori-neechan would have done to him if she could see how he was acting toward his parents.

BY Sunday afternoon, Sena was done unpacking. His room was rather large and very different to what it looked like back in Japan. Some things were the same but on a shelf there was the player's trophy from the Christmas Bowl and the MVP awards he received and his helmet with his eyeshield. Hanging by the shelf was various articles and pictures of: the Deimon Devil Bats, friends, rivals and, of course, Team Japan. In fact, his American Football jerseys hung in his draw and his studded shoes were with his other shoes. The last items on the shelf were the gloves from Shin and the yellow armband.

Later that night as Sena slept, Mihue glanced at her worried husband. They knew that Sena did not want to move but by then it was too late and so they hoped he would make the best of it. But so far, he had barely even spoken to them. Sena had spent most of his time unpacking and preparing for school, but she had caught him staring at photos more than once. It hurt her that her son was hurting but this was for the best. And so they kept telling themselves that. And everything would be okay, eventually. Sena just needed to settle down, right?

Monday morning came and Sena groaned as he turned off his alarm clock. Sighing, he got up and got ready at a snail's pace, as if to delay the inevitable. Sighing, he finally walked to the kitchen, giving his parents a soft "Good morning" before taking a seat. He looked sadly at the cereal and felt a pang of longing for a Japanese breakfast and then some jogging with Shin-kun. Unbeknownst to Sena, his parents shared a look over his head and his mother began a happy, excited conversation with Sena about school.

"You will simply love it, Sena! The level of education is high, so you will have to work hard, but just think of all the opportunities you have. A lot more Universities will accept you just based on the fact that you had an American education. I know the school is a little far, but you can take the school bus..." Mihue said excitedly, a part of her desperate to get her son excited. Her husband just observed them from behind his paper, occasionally nodding his head.

Sighing, Sena just nodded and gave a small smile. "I better go, or I'll miss the... school bus," was all he said, before grabbing his bag. Sena slipped on his running shoes, yelled a goodbye and left the house. Dejectedly, Sena made his way to the bus stop and only had to wait a moment in the small crowd before the bus came. Squaring his shoulders and looking ahead, Sena just silently wished 'Please just let everything go smoothly'.

The school was confusing to say the least and almost nothing like Deimon. he had been quite throughly lost before finding his classes with a map. It seemed to be a blessing in disguise that everyone had merely ignored him. 'At least no has bullied me yet,' Sena thought as he found his second classes, Biology. He walked up to the teacher whom he greeted and bowed to. The man looked at him confused before a light of understanding lit his face. Speaking slowly, as if not sure if Sena could understand him, the man said, "Hello. My name is Mr. Mac. Can you speak English?"

Sena looked at him for a moment before smiling, "Yes, I can speak English. My name is Ko- Sena Kobayakawa." Mr. Mac almost sighed in relief before talking him through the basic rules and things he missed, before directing him to an empty seat at the back of the classroom. The lesson passed quickly and soon it was lunch time. Apparently most students ate in the cafeteria but Sena had packed his own lunch. Making his way outside, Sena explored for a while before finding a nice spot under a tree with a view of a field. A small shine returned to his eyes as he looked at The American Football field.

After finishing his lunch, Sena couldn't resist the temptation of going down to the field. Standing on it, Sena felt a wave of nostalgia, yet again, for his old team. He could almost see them standing around him on the field... A voice broke Sena out of his daydreams as he saw a large boy stalking his way towards. Sena gulped and skittered slightly, eyes searching for an escape route.

"What do you think you are doing? Only footballers are allowed on the field without permission! Or are you a spy from another team? Huh?" the boy pretty much yelled down at Sena. He was tall, almost as tall as Sakuraba-kun, but with brown hair and eyes. Sena looked wide-eyed at him, before managing to reply with no stuttering, "I'm sorry. I just got here today. I didn't know! I just wanted to see the field" Sena apologized and bowed, hoping not to anger the other boy.

The brunette raised an eyebrow but replied, "Okay, just make sure it doesn't happen again, kid. I'm Chris, a lineback for the Hampton Air Hawks, first string."

Sena looked up at his sempai before smiling, "Sena. I just moved here from Japan. I played for the Deimon Devil Bats, running back, also first string," Sena replied. Sena blushed slightly at the incredulous look Chris gave him.

"You play American Football?" Chris asked shocked as he looked at the smaller boy, who flushed and nodded meekly, "And first string as well?" Receiving another nod, Chris looked thoughtful, "Are you going to join the club here?"

Sena stared at Chris in shock for a moment before remembering that everyone in Japan was waiting for him to return, stronger and faster than he was now. And the best way to do that was to join a team. Smiling now, Sena nodded and asked, "Where can I sign up, Chris-kun?" Chris laughed, his brown eyes sparkling, "Just Chris is fine, Sena. You can register in the club house. Come on, I'll take you there."

And that is how Japan's fastest player, Eyeshield 21: Sena Kobayakawa joined his school's team The Air Hawks. It was the first step in a whole new journey of self-discovery and, of course, American Football.

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