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This is more a fanfic for Jeepers Creepers 2. It will not be exactly like the story; the places and people will probably be different. That being said, enjoy the story and I welcome reviews. Thank you.

She really couldn't stand this. If she could think of her own personal hell, this would be it. Field trips were so cliché, mundane, and really never taught you anything. It seemed more of an excuse to get the teachers off of work and the students out of school. October looked out the window, watching the scenery fly by her window.

Something grazed the side of her head and hit the window. She looked down at the red and gold pom-pom nestling at her feet. There was laughter to her right.

"Damn, you missed, Amy!"

There was more laughter. October turned her head and looked at them through her black sunglasses. They laughed again, turning away. She leaned over and picked up the pom-pom.

"Here," Amy reached out her hand to take it from her.

October reached her hand into the strips of red and gold. Looking directly at Amy, she grabbed the strands at the base, and ripped, tearing the colorful pieces of plastic out. Holding them tightly in her hand, she leaned over towards Amy and threw the strands in her face, who stand there in shock as the pieces slowly floated to the ground like confetti.

"You're such a freak!" she shrieked, furious.

A small smile made its way across October's lips, "You have no idea."






"I don't care what you think, you're getting them, October! The only thing you get to decide is blue, green, or brown!" her mother squeezed her tiny hand tighter.

October looked at the person behind the counter who looked at her strangely.

"Just give us the green ones," her mother told the man, letting go of her daughter's hand to fumble with her cash. October walked over to the plastic case. Layers of different colored glasses decorated the inside. A small mirror was fastened on the inside. October pulled herself as high as she could, the top of her head barely visible.

"When does she take the contacts out?"

October looked over at her mother who was still asking questions to the man behind the counter. She looked back into the mirror, straining to pull herself higher. Looking back at her were the deepest red eyes she had ever seen.