3 Ways to Fall

By: Wolfa Moon

Disclaimer: Don't own anything. Just trying to find music to listen to write to. And this idea popped into my imaginative mind while listening to this. Hope you enjoy.

'Freedom Fighters – Two Steps From Hell

From the Star Trek Trailer

Ezra stood on the high cliff and looked down into the deep dark. The dreams had come and the inevitable was about to happen. The dark had frightened him for a week straight. Every time he closed his eyes the sight was this. A cliff with the deepest drop off he had ever seen. Deeper then the Grand Canyon. He wasn't frightened to look down it. It was what he could barley see in the dark. Voices shouted his name. Not the welcoming shout, this one full with a desperate plea. Urging him forward to the edge the voices tore at his heart.

"Ezra" the only word spoken from the dark. Closing his eyes he could still hear the cry in the dark. The days meant nothing to him in that week. That week all he could do was try to see through the dark and listen to the voices. Around him he knew his friends begin to worry about him. The mask slipping when Chris called his name aloud at the end of the week. Voices in the dark. Bad men were coming. We needed to protect our town. Head them off before they get even close to home.

The ride had blurred pass him. The strategy of how to deal with the culprits fell onto deaf ears. Chris appointed Ezra as look out with Vin. Storm clouds creped along the sky. Soon it would pour. It always began to rain when he stood on the edge of the cliff in his dream. There was more than one storm about to begin. The marauders came from the north and us from the south. Both colliding in thunder and the rain of bullets. Lightening flashed over the horizon. Vin had ran out of long range bullets and went done to fight with the rest of their group. Frozen to the spot he watched them fight. There he stood on the edge of the cliff. Wind blew around him. The rain began to pour. His dream becoming a reality. Looking down he saw his friends pinned down behind some boulders. The villains from the north reloading with a continuous rain of bullets. There numbers matched ours now. But they had the ammo. Ezra looked up into the rain. Closing his eyes.

"EZRA!" was shouted carried on the wind to him. His coat as recognizable as the setting sun. Red with unshed blood. Knowing what he must look like up on the cliff. A great target. No one noticed him from the north. Ezra looked to his friends. Some lay shot, others helping the fallen, the last fighting to the end. Wind blew through him. He would not make it there in time to save them if he went the way Vin did. The deep valley called to him. Lightning flared trough the sky illuminating the dark. No fear. Standing on the edge he made his mind up. Hoping this wouldn't be for the last. But if it is. He moved back from the edge. Pulling out his fully loaded guns he breathed.

"EZRA!" was shouted on the winds again. Chris' anger evident in the voice or was it a call for help. The rain washed down on him. Cleansing him.

"I'm coming." he spoke to the wind silently. His friends would not hear it. But the storm did. The rain fell harder. The wind blowing harder. Coming from all four directions. Closing his eyes the dark called. He moved. Running toward the edge never slowing down. As fast as his steed he ran with all his heart. The edge came. No fear. He leapt. His storm cloud had entered with it's red streak. His rain fell down on the final hoodlums. Each falling with each lightning strike.

"EZRA!" was shouted again. That was the one from his dreams. No fear. The earth smiled at him. The threat gone, he smiled back. Splaying his arms out the winds blew under him. Wishing him to stop falling so fast. It didn't matter. What mattered is he saved his friends lives. And the cost wasn't great. A week of sleepless nights leading to this. This moment. Eyes open he watched all. Earth came toward him. No fear. He should have been frightened. He knew that. He wasn't afraid anymore. In the dark there was nothing to fear. For this moment. Eyes open the ground came.

Three Ways to Fall.

Will it be one?

Should it two?

Or must it be three?

You decide. Tell me which one you believe to be the truest way Ezra fell. Thank you for reading and your support.