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I had been enjoying my "day off" with my brothers, playing a quick pick-up game of basketball at the gym. It had been Emmett's idea and Jasper and I jumped at the chance to spend a day together. We all had hectic schedules, with Emmett and Jasper working overtime in order to get extra days off when their babies arrived. Rosalie and Emmett finally got pregnant earlier in the year and were due any day and Alice had little Jackson two weeks earlier. Esme was going crazy as a new grandma and it was hilarious to watch. I was rubbing in my victory when I heard my cell phone ring. I jogged over, still laughing as Emmett pouted with Jasper.

"Hey, what's up, love?" I said when I answered the phone.

"Can you come home? I need to show you something," My heart skipped a beat and a grin broke out on my face. Dirty thoughts filled my mind until I realized that the tone of her voice was nervous, borderline panic.

"What is it? Did something happen? Is it Masie?" I shot up and picked up my gym bag, heading towards the locker room.

"No, it's not Masie per se, but something she drew. It's kind of important." I slowed down, slung my bag over my shoulder. Emmett and Jasper eyed me curiously, but didn't say anything.

"It's not like something dirty, is it? I knew she walked in the other night…" I said quietly, remembering when Bella and I were having sex and the bedroom door creaked open. We had never been so mortified in our lives to find our little daughter in the doorway, asking for a glass of water.

"She drew EJ, Edward. I don't know how she knew who he was, or what he looked like." My stomach clench and my mind went fuzzy. I ran a hand over my face and glanced over at my brothers. Sensing something was wrong, they started walking over.

"Leaving now. I'll be home in twenty minutes." I ended the call and kicked open the door to the locker room. I stripped off my sweaty shirt and jumped into the shower, not really caring that the water was frigid.

"Bro, what's going on?" Emmett asked as he walked into the shower, Jasper following him.

"Masie drew EJ." I said curtly and shut the shower off.

"What?" My brothers asked in astonished unison. I nodded and packed my bag after I put on a new shirt.

"I have to get to Bella. Sorry to cut the afternoon short."

"That's perfectly alright. You should hurry up." Jasper said from the showers, soap dripping into his eyes.

"I'll see you two tonight at Mom's." I ran from the locker room and drove inhumanly fast back home.

* * *

I passed my mother as she walked Masie to her car. I kissed her cheek and knelt down in front of my daughter.

"Hey there, baby." I hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head, inhaling her sweet scent that reminded me of Bella.

"See you two tonight at dinner," She said to Bella and I as she picked Masie up and put her in the car.

"I'll bring dessert," Bella called out, a tremor evident in her voice. I brushed past her and waited until she shut the front door to talk.

"Where is it?" She pulled it from her pocket, unfolded it and handed it to me. I couldn't wrap my brain around it. I was clearly labeled on there, as well as Bella and Masie. But there was a tiny boy with the same color hair that had been used for mine and a tall man that made my blood turn to ice. I didn't know how long I had been looking at it, but I cleared my throat and stared at Bella.

"He looks exactly like me. That's EJ, for sure. Mr. B can't be…" I heard her breathing hitch and eyes filled with tears. My worst fears materialized right in front of me.

"He's back." I watched as Bella's eyes glassed over and gracefully toppled to the floor. I caught her before her head hit the hardwood floor and cradled her in my lap. The picture fluttered down next to us and an insane urge overcame me to destroy it. But I knew better, knowing that Bella was going to need it for evidence and that we eventually had to confront Masie about it.

I carried Bella upstairs, put her down on our bed and took another shower. When I got out, she was in the bathroom getting ready for the family dinner. I kissed her cheek and nuzzled her neck lovingly.

"I thought it was over, Edward. It's been five years." She whispered torturously, a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"We didn't know that it would happen again, love." I pulled her against me and continued my ministrations on her neck and shoulders. She turned around in my arms and wrapped her arms around me.

"Make me forget, even it is just for a little while." She murmured and pressed her lips against my chest. They moved upwards and captured my lips in the sweetest way. My hands traveled to her hips and hitched them up against mine. She let me pick her up and set her down on the counter. Her legs wrapped around my waist. I leaned over her, she fell back to her elbows. I ground my hips against hers and earned a throaty groan. The towel I had on slid down to the floor and I tugged on her pants until they were bunched up against me. I broke our kiss to pull her shirt up and off of her and unclasped her bra. She stared up at me, her chocolate brown eyes shining with love and unbridled emotion.

"Love me, Edward." She said breathlessly. I thought for a moment of taking her right then and there on the counter, but knowing what she must have been feeling, I picked her up from the counter and brought her to our bed. I kissed my way down the long column of her neck, nibbled her collarbone and nuzzled the valley between her breasts. I moved back up and kissed her soft lips. Her arms lazily hung around my neck as I positioned myself between her legs. I loved her quiet moan when we joined and buried my face in the crook of her neck as we rocked against each other. She arched against me, crying out softly as she fell and I soon followed her. We held one another in the afterglow of our lovemaking and tried for as long as possible to ignore the realities that faced us outside our room.

* * *

As Bella readied herself for dinner, I went back downstairs to get the picture to file away in Bella's office. Walking back up the stairs, I saw out of the corner of my eye a black mass dart across the living room. I did a double take and backtracked, craning my head to scan the room. There was nothing there. Shaking my head, I continued up the stairs, but a nagging sensation came over me that something wasn't right and I couldn't at that moment put my finger on it.

* * *

Masie was ecstatic to see us when we walked in through the front door of my parent's house. Bella handed Esme the container that held our dessert and went to the kitchen with her as I was pulled away by our daughter to the living room. Rosalie stretched out on the couch, a grimace on her beautiful face. I rubbed her belly and grinned when the baby began to kick. Rose opened one eye and sighed.

"Don't act so surprised. It's been doing the frickin' cha-cha in there all afternoon. Emmett started to call it Fred Astaire." She growled. Neither she or Emmett wanted to know the sex of the baby before it was born, so as a family, we gave the soon-to-be member nicknames.

"I'm kind of partial to Ginger Rogers myself." I said and sat down on the chair next to her. Alice came in carrying baby Jackson in her arms, Jasper trailing behind her. Masie's face lit up as she raced over to my pixie-sized sister.

"Auntie Alice! Can I show Daddy what I can do?" I glanced at my sister and her husband curiously. Alice nodded and motioned for Masie to sit on my lap. I held her close and watched as Alice placed her son in Masie's arms.

"Remember to hold his head," She warned and Masie nodded vigorously. Alice stepped back and watched cautiously as Masie adjusted her tiny cousin in her arms. I put my own hand under hers that supported his head and she angled hers to grin up at me.

"Look it, Daddy! I'm holding Jackson!" She said proudly. I kissed her forehead and laughed at the expression on her face when Jackson began to cry loudly. Her eyes grew wide and instantly reminded me of Bella.

"Don't worry, babe. Just be a little more quiet and gentle." His cries grew louder and panic began to set in, Masie squirmed in my lap.

"I don't want to hold him anymore," She whispered and looked up at me imploringly. I took Jackson from her and placed him against my chest, cooing him quietly. She continued to sit on my lap and watched me.

"You used to fuss like this all the time when you were Jackson's size. Momma and I used to rock you for hours until you quieted down."

"I was this small?" She pointed to the newborn in surprised. I didn't notice that Bella had entered the room or that she was even sitting on the armrest next to me before she spoke.

"You were even smaller than Jackson. Daddy used to say that he could put you right in his pocket and carry you around, you were so small." Masie giggled and blushed, an enduring trait that I was pleased to see she got from her mother. Bella reached over me to pick Jackson up and held him to her, shushing him.

"Really?" Her nose crinkled in amusement and I pulled Masie down to the floor and proceeded to tickle her. Her cackles filled the living room and soon the entire family was laughing. Emmett and I tag-teamed my daughter and loved every moment of it.

"Boys, you're going to make her sick if you keep doing that to her." Esme chided from the entrance of the living room. We stopped what we were doing and Masie continued to squeal in delight as she was flung over Emmett's shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Jackson began to squirm in Bella's arms and she passed him back over to Alice.

"I think he's hungry."

"Jeepers cripes, Jackson. I just fed you, you little pig! Come on then," Alice laughed as she left the room to feed her son in privacy.

"Speaking of getting fed, dinner is about ready, so if you want to go into the dining room, I can start bringing out the food." Esme said. Emmett, with Masie still slung over his shoulder, bolted to the dining room, a new round of giggles ensued. I reached for Bella's hand and escorted her out of the room. Jasper stuck around to help Rosalie to her feet.

Dinner was relaxed and comfortable, laughter punctuated every story told. Masie laughed along with the rest of us, but I was pretty sure was doing it because everyone else was. Before dessert was served, Rosalie excused herself to use the bathroom. As Masie was eating her slice of cake, she perked up and tugged on my hand. I glanced down at her, puzzled.

"What's up, baby doll?"

"They're coming." She whispered, almost ominously. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I swallowed the fear that filled my body.

"Who's coming?" I asked, my voice shaky.

"They're coming." She stressed the first part of the sentence and I nudged Bella. At that exact moment, Rosalie's voice floated down from upstairs.

"Em?! It's time!" I looked back down at my daughter and saw that she had gone back to eating her cake, albeit messily. Esme and Emmett rushed upstairs and soon enough, both were helping Rosalie to the front door. Alice hurried after her, her duty as birthing coach began.

"The bag is in the trunk, I'll call the doctor now. Emmett, help your wife to the car." Esme was in control of the situation, while the rest of us continued to sit at the kitchen table. Bella grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"I need to talk to you." She nodded and we excused ourselves from the table. Jasper and Carlisle calmly cleared the table, enlisting Masie's help after she all but licked her plate clean of crumbs and stray frosting. Bella and I went into my father's study and shut the door. I flicked the light on and sat down in one of the leather chairs nearest to me.

"What about?" Bella climbed onto my lap and rested her head on my shoulder.

"When we were eating dessert, Masie tugged on my arm and told me that 'they were coming.' I had no idea who 'they' were, so I asked again. Not five seconds later, Rosalie was yelling for Emmett. Bella, I think she knew the baby was coming." Bella stiffened and paled slightly.


What the hell is going on? First she's seeing her dead brother, now this? Oh…my…god.

I think Masie's psychic.

As I came to this conclusion, I felt my head spin and then everything turned black.

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