There was a screech of tyres as Mac brought his motorcycle to a juddering half. His vision was blinded by tears, his cheeks wet with them.

He should have known better, shouldn't have hoped that things would be different this time. Every time he let his guard down he was setting himself up to get hurt, first with Holly… and now this.

Caroline would be there now, waiting for him. Mac hoped that Guy would take care of her. He'd seen the change in Guy recently, and he prayed that Guy would be able to love her the way she deserved, the way Mac had always wanted to.

Mac took one last look at the city where he had spent so many years, looking at it for the last time, he revved the engine of his bike and was gone.

The nurse at the hospice liked this sad young man. He spent so long sat staring out of the window, seeing things that only he knew, an occasional tear tripping down his cheek.

She was sure he had been handsome once, but his illness had left him pale and gaunt, an unknown grief just behind his eyes.

There were times, late at night when he would wake up, crying out the name "Caroline", a left over memory from his dreams, but he never spoke of her during his waking hours.

No one ever came to visit the man. As his life slowly ebbed away he sat alone in a soulless hospice room.

The nurse shed a tear when she found him that morning. She could tell by the look on his face that he was gone. The grief and pain had passed, replaced by a look of peace.

She leaned over to brush her fingers-tips across one cold cheek.

"Goodbye Mac," she whispered.

Just before pulling the sheets over his head the nurse noticed something gripped in his hand.

Uncurling his fingers she found a crumpled photograph of a dark haired woman, laughing at some unknown joke. She smoothed out the photograph, easing out the creases she turned it over to see some scrawled handwriting on the back, so bad it could have belonged to a doctor, just six words…

"Caroline Todd, she was the one."