"Doctor Caroline MacCartney."

Caroline smiled at herself in the bathroom mirror; she loved the way that name sounded, the way it felt rolling around her mouth.

"Doctor Caroline Todd."

Caroline wrinkled her nose. Strange how suddenly the name she had known all her life no longer seemed to fit, it was no longer the name she wanted.

"Mrs MacCartney."

Another smile, Caroline looked down at her left hand, running her fingertips over the band of gold there.

For so long it had seemed an impossible dream, they had let so many things get in the way, played so many stupid games, wasted so much precious time, if only they had known.

Most surprising of all, of course, was that fact that it had taken Guy to bring them to their senses. Guy Secretan, possibly the worlds most self-centred man had stepped aside in the name of love and made her dream of marrying the man she loved a reality.

A single tear ran down Caroline's cheek. Thank God for waterproof mascara, she thought to herself, carefully wiping the tear away.

Caroline checked here appearance in the mirror, stepping back so that she could get a better look.

There was a knock at the door, Guy walked in without waiting for a response.

"Guy!" Caroline snapped, "I could have been undressed, or on the toilet."

Guy grinned, "Yeah, but unfortunately you're not."

Caroline shook her head, some things never changed.

Guy was staring at her, probably imaging what he had half hoped to be walking in on.

"Guy? Did you want something?"

Guy shook his head, bringing his thoughts back to the moment.

"Yeah, sorry, the cars are here."

Caroline nodded, "I'll be down in a minute."

"Doctor Caroline MacCartney," she whispered again to the mirror, it was a good name, one she intended to hold on to.

It had taken Caroline three weeks to get used to being Mac's wife. As she placed the small black hat on the top of her head, easing the little black veil down over her forehead Caroline knew it would take a lifetime to get used to being his widow.