CHAPTER 1: Therapy

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo looked up as the elevator dinged and opened, revealing a very distracted looking Mossad officer. He flashed her his famous 'DiNozzo' grin as she walked past, but it went unnoticed. He frowned slightly and went about trying to read her face and figure out what was bothering her.

"Good Morning Zee-vah. Wonderful friday, isn't it." He grinned, failing yet again to gain her attention. He waited a moment, then tried again. "I know our traditions may be slightly different, but here in America it's considered rude to ignore a greeting from a coworker."

"Lucky for you it is also considered rude to murder your coworkers or you would already be dead." She snapped.

He rolled his eyes, but was secretly glad he got a response out of her . "Well somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."

Tony couldn't help but notice how cute she looked as her brow furrowed. "What do my sleeping habits have to do with me murdering you, Tony?"

Laughing he replied, "It's just an expression Zee-vah. It basically means your grumpy." He noticed how her lips twitched when he dragged out her name. He wondered what she would do to him if she knew he did this because he loved to say her name, so he dragged it out sometimes to make it last longer.

"I am not 'grumpy'!" She defended. He raised an eyebrow and just looked at her. "I am merely annoyed and I am actually surprised that you are not also." Now it was his turn to furrow his brow. She smiled. "Ah... I can see you have not checked your e-mail recently."

Tony's smile slipped. "No. I haven't... why...?"

McGee chose this moment to enter the room, a look of horror and helplessness on his face. "Hey guys." He greeted them with a depressed tone. "I can't believe they're making us do this can you!? I mean 'Team Therapy'!? How is that supposed to help anything around here?"

Shock crossed Tony's face. "Therapy!!!! You're kidding me... we are going to have to sit in a small room with some shrink and spill out all our secrets to a complete stranger! This is going to be....." Then he paused. A grin started to spread slowly across his face. He stood up and slowly ambled over to where Ziva was sitting. He sat down on the desk in front of her. "So that's why you are in such a bad mood. What is it that the ninja doesn't want us to know about her personal life.... or maybe not a what but a who?"

Ziva stood up and walked around the desk to stand within inches of where Tony was sitting. He looked down at her, obviously pleased with the clossness. She glared at him. Then, without warning she grabbed his wrist and flipped him over so that he was pinned against the top of her desk, with her leaning over him. "You know Tony," she hissed in his ear, "there is a very good reason I do not like to talk about my personal life with you.

"And what would that be." He asked in a strained voice, in pain because of the position in which Ziva had him.

"Because, Tony, then it wouldn't be personal." Gibbs chose this moment to enter the room, coffee in hand. Ziva quickly stepped away from Tony and walked back around her desk and sat down in her chair. Tony stood up and stretched out his arm groaning.

"You know boss, you could make my life a lot easier by telling her not to do that." He said.

"I know that," Gibbs replied head slapping him, "But most of the time you deserve it." Ziva smirked and Tony, who made a face back. Gibbs ignored them, continuing to speak. "I'm assuming you all got the news about the Team Therapist we will all be seeing... And don't even think about complaining to me about it. This defiantly wasn't my idea."

"Ok." Ziva agreed standing up. "Then who do I complain to?" Tony tried to pass off a laugh as a sneeze.

"Let me rephrase. We will ALL be doing this without complaints to ANYONE. This was director Shepard's idea, not mine. She says he's been noticing an unusual amount of bickering lately, and wants us to work out our problems."

McGee looked terrified. "And she thinks THERAPY is the best way to settle this."

"Don't look at it as 'therapy'... more like... hmm, what did Jenny say, oh yeah, team bonding."

"Team bonding my ass!" said Tony, still smiling. "Come on guys, why do you all look so worried. This is going to be FUN!" The rest of the team just glared at him. "OK never mind. Maybe a better word choice would be... enlightening ." He said as a jumble of other phrases such as 'pointless' and 'embarrassing' and 'invasion of privacy' came from the other members of the team.

Gibbs decided the conversation was getting old, and ended it. "The therapy sessions are going to take place at some camp called 'Heartland', you will be e-mailed directions and specific details about the camp over the weekend. I want any paper work finished by the end of the day. I don't want to put up with complaints from our replacements about having to do any crap you leave them with."

"Replacements?" Tony asked curiously.

"Yeah DiNozzo." Gibbs replied annoyed. "Someone is going to have to do our jobs for a week."

"Right." Tony said, now realizing the obvious as Gibbs exited the room, leaving them to do their work.


The morning was passing by slowly. The NCIS team remained relatively silent trying to catch up on paperwork, until Tony decided to break the silence with a complaint. "Ahggg! This is so BORING!!!"

"Thank you for stating the obvious Tony, but please be quiet, as I do need to concentrate." Ziva said, clearly annoyed.

Tony smirked and walked over to her desk for the second time that day, this time walking around to where she was sitting. He put his arms on either side of her on her desk and leaned into her, whispering in her ear, "Do I distract you, Zee-vah?"

"No Tony, not at all. And if you still want full function of both your arms next week, you should back off." She replied in an overly sweet voice.

He leaned in even closer, brushing his lips against her ear, "I don't think you would actually hurt me, would you, Ziva?"

Ziva squinted her eyes and smiled mischievously. Tony didn't know how it happened, but he found himself pinned against the cabinets behind Ziva's desk, her body pressed up against his. She leaned up, putting her face close to his. "Do you actually want to test that theory, Tony. Because I think I could hurt you very easily." she threatened.

Tony smiled down at her, "Do you know what, I still have reports to file, so I'm going to go... do that." Ziva just laughed. Completely aware of how much she intimidated him.

McGee had been watching the whole encounter from his desk and was about to comment on their flirting, but thought it was a better idea not to. He was vaguely aware of the feelings Tony and Ziva had for each other, but was not dumb enough to point it out. He knew they would just both deny it, and he didn't want to to put up with Tony for the rest of the day if he did mention anything.

Tony walked back to his desk and noticed McGee looking at him. He glared at him, "What are you looking at McGeek?"

McGee blushed and looked quickly back down at his desk. "Nothing," he said quickly. "So what do the two of you think of this therapy thing.?"

"I am not totally against it." Said Tony, who honestly just wanted to know more about Ziva's mysterious past. He glanced over at her and grinned at the determined look on her face. He could tell already her conversations with the shrink weren't going to be very wordy. He chuckled at the thought of Ziva's face during the sessions, causing Ziva to look up and glare at him.

"What are you laughing at."

He thought about lying, but decided it was not a good idea to lie to the human lie detector. "Just trying to imagine your first conversation with the shrink."

McGee laughed, "What conversation? After their first few seconds, we'll probably walk in and find him dead on the floor." Tony joined his laughter. They were both saved from Ziva's wrath when the elevator dinged and Abby ran in squealing with excitement.

"Oh my gosh! I am like, so excited. A whole week alone with my favorite team ever. This is going to be so much fun..." She continued on like this for a good two or three minutes until Ziva finally interrupted.

"Thank you Abby. We can all see you are excited, but we have to finish this paperwork before we leave tonight, or Gibbs will have our... donkey's, yes?"

"I think you mean asses Ziva," Tony said smiling, "and I don't mind Abby's mindless banter. It is relaxing. Please continue, Abs."

"Tony!" Abby reprimanded. "Only Gibbs can call be Abs. And I need to be getting back down to my lab anyway. I am busy too, you know. Well, I guess I will be seeing you all later. Have fun with the paperwork." She said skipping back to the elevator smiling, leaving the team alone again.


The rest of the day passed without much incident. Tony tried to start a paper war with Ziva, but she ignored him, knowing the lack of response would annoy him more than any actual response would.

By 1630, they had all finished what they needed to do and went home with nervous thoughts of what was in store for them the next week. This was going to be interesting.

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