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The next day was spent sorting out political issues and preparing to leave. Daka had been given full rights as Tisroc and dropped all charges against the Narnians. A treaty of peace was down up and signed and the monarchs knew they had an ally as long as Daka was ruler.

A good portion of the day was devoted to Peter questioning his sisters. Apparently the Faun guard had caught up to them when they were over half way back to Narnia. The girls sent him ahead to get the armies and they themselves turned back to Calormen. Luckily Oreius had been getting anxious and had already led a troop out to look for the monarchs. They caught up with the girls, who filled them in on events and the rest was history. Peter thanked Oreius profusely for his amazing senses and thanked Aslan for gifting him with such a wonderful General. Then he chastised the girls for disobeying and putting themselves in danger. However, after scolding he thanked them for their loyalty and for saving them and hugged them lovingly.

Currently Peter was on his way to check on Edmund, who due to Daka's kindness was given the best attention for his wounds. As Peter entered the room he couldn't stop a smirk at the sight of his brother hobbling around the room putting his things away for the journey home as the Healers frantically followed after him. They all stopped when the High King entered and Peter motioned for the Healers to leave them. Once they were alone Peter sighed at his stubborn brother.

"Sit." He ordered and Edmund eased himself onto the bed. Peter came over and meticulously checked the bandages on Edmunds head and chest. Satisfied with the job, Peter took a seat next to his brother on the bed.

"Why Ed?" Peter asked and Edmund smiled gently, knowing this conversation was inevitable.

"Why what Pete? Why did I make them take me and not you? I should think the answer was obvious. Narnia needs you more than me. Besides you're my big brother! I couldn't stand for anything to happen to you."

"And you're my baby brother. I'd rather die than have you hurt! Edmund you're just as important as I am. There are four thrones at Cair Paravel. Narnia would be lost without you." Peter said, searched Edmunds eyes for understanding.

"But I'd be lost without you." Edmund said, almost shyly and Peter suddenly understood. Though part of Edmund had been thinking of Narnia and the girls, most of him had been thinking of life without his brother. The problem was Peter had been thinking of the same scenario.

"Well Ed we have a dilemma. We need each other. We are two halves of the same coin and I highly doubt either one of us could survive losing the other. So let's make a promise to try our best to keep each other alive and if all should fail then we enter Aslan's Country together." Edmund smiled brightly.

"Promise!" Peter pulled Edmund into a hug, each relishing the fact that the other was alive.

"Let's go home Ed." Peter said pulling Edmund to his feet as the girls walked in to check on them. They hugged their brothers, who returned the affection lovingly. Edmund looked at Peter and said,

"I am home Pete." And all the siblings grinned at each other, with an aura of love pulsing around them. Narnia was truly blessed to have rulers that loved their land and each other so unconditionally.

The End!