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Pretty Bad Sake

It was a cold winter's morning at Kamiya Dojo.

Kenshin was lying on his futon, not willing to move. However, his body didn't feel cold as it usually did. He couldn't remember a winter's morning being so cozy and warm. Something was tickling his nose. Kenshin didn't want to take his hand away from the warmness of the blankets to chase away the itchy. 'It's just Kaoru-dono's hair.' He thought with a smile on his face. Then it hit him. Kaoro-dono's hair?

He opened his eyes very, very slowly. Then he shut it tight. Once again he opened. It was still there. Her hair, all over his chest. Of course, the hair was attached to her head. Her warm breath against his chest was the next thing he felt. 'This is soooooo wrong!' Kenshin thought, not knowing what to do. 'It's wrong, but sure feels nice, though.'

Kaoru moved her head slowly. Why did she had a headache so early in the morning? And why did she had a funny taste on her tongue?

"Kaoru-dono?" Kenshin called.

"Don't yell at my ear, Kenshin... I have a headache..." Then it hit her. "Ken...shin?"

She opened her eyes and there was a pair of a purple eyes staring back at her. 'This must be a dream... This must be a dream. I'll probably wake up and Kenshin is actually calling me to eat breakfast.'

"Oh... my... god..." It was Kenshin saying, trying to look under the covers. Kaoru slapped his hand.

"Don't you dare, mister!" Kaoru took a deep breath. "Did we...?"

"Do it? Sessha is not sure... Sessha can't remember much what happened. But Sessha sure feels naked..."

Kaoru bit her lip. This wasn't much help. She had the covers wrapped tight around her, so she couldn't feel if she was naked or not.

"I guess I can take a look..." Kaoru said, beginning to lift the covers.

"What???" It was Kenshin's turn to freak out.

"I don't want you look under the blankets if I am naked!" Kaoru's face was red as a tomato.

"Sessha thinks Kaoru-dono has a point... Though..."

"Close your eyes, Kenshin!" Kaoru commanded.

Kenshin did what she said, though he really thought there was no need to do so. He was beginning to have some flashes from last night. It wasn't a surprise at all when Kaoru almost yelled:

"I...! I...! I am..."

"Naked, Kaoru-dono? Sessha thinks that's the word for it."

"What the hell happened?"

"I think it has something to do with that sake Sano bought..." Kenshin began. "Sessha thinks we might have drink a bit of it..."

"A bit?"

"All of it, maybe... It would explain Sessha's headache... It wasn't good sake at all..."

Kaoru took a deep breath. "I don't care if the sake was good or not! How the hell did we end up here, in your room??" She shouted at him.

"Sessha remembers Kaoru-dono... I mean... Sessha remembers we playing a drinking game..."

"I remember that" Kaoru said. "Then what?"

"Sessha believes we got a little carried away. I think I might have kissed Kaoru-dono... One thing led to another and here we are... Sessha is very sorry, Kaoru-dono. Sessha didn't mean to ruin Kaoru-dono's reputation."

What was Kenshin talking about? Kaoru couldn't make much sense of it. She was still thinking and trying to remember exactly what had happened.

"But Sessha is willing to make amendments."

"What are you talking about, Kenshin?" It finally hit her.

"Sessha will marry Kaoru-dono. It seems the right thing to do."

"WHAT??" Her face was red from anger. "What makes you think that I want to marry you??"


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