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Zoe Orimoto was a typical girl at Shibuya MS. She is head cheerleader and known by everyone. She is basically known for her beauty inside and out. She has many friends. Takuya goes to East Kentori MS and is also very popular and known. His three friends Jp, Kouchi and Kouji are very close to him. Every girl falls head over heels for Takuya and his friends (Yeah, even girls like JP too…) Sorry, I didn't add Tommy in this because well, he was too young. Anyways, let's get to the story.

Zoe is 13

Takuya is 13

Kouchi and Kouji are 13

JP is well…umm I don't know! If anyone can tell me the age difference between those guys and JP it would help!

Zoe's POV

As I headed to school I saw my best friend Clare catching up to me. "Hey Zoe!" she said "I can't wait for that special meeting after school today, and remember you're school president, don't be late!"

Being school president and Clare as vice president is fun, that's how we bonded so well together.

"Yeah I can't wait" I said. It was true; I am so excited for the meeting, because the principal said it was 'the most top secret of top secret meetings in the history of secret meetings'

While we were walking Clare was babbling on about this boy she saw at school, yet she doesn't even know his name!

As we finally reached school we made our way inside.

Shibuya Middle School was remodeled last year so everything is practically new and very modern looking. It looked very ship shaped and nothing looked rusted or old at all.

Clare and I walked inside and the halls were practically crammed with so many people! Of course, they all were divided according to clique/status.

Ring! Ring!

"Well that's the bell better get to class!" I said

"Yeah me too if I get late the teacher's will totally freak out!" Clare laughed.

"See you in class!" I said as I headed to my locker

"Later!" Clare yelled back as she turned around and walked to her locker

I opened my locker and a neatly folded note immediately slid down. I unfolded it and it said:

Dear School President,

Please make sure you are at the after school metting at 2:30pm at the conference room today. Our meeting is very important and it is important you come.

Wow, important huh? This meeting sounds pretty cool.

I headed toward class as I crumpled the note and threw it away, I knew I could remember that, and it didn't seem so important to keep it.

I headed to class and sat down in my front seat. Behind me sat Clare and she tapped my shoulder.

"Hey Zoe did you get that note?" Clare asked

"Yeah about the meeting right?" I answered

"Yeah, whatever it is about, it must be a huge fuss, I mean the principal would never keep reminding us about this unless it was SUPER important! It might be about the school's lunch menu being changed, or about the trip to America next year!" Clare said excitedly

"Calm down Clare," I said, Clare was started to twitch all over in excitement

"Oh don't you worry about me!" Clare said happily

"Anyway," continued Clare, "Did we have homework last night in this class?"

"Yes…Did you forget to do your homework again?!" I said

"Well…" Clare said

Ring! Ring!

"Oh darn, talk to you after class Zoe" Clare said, she was starting to calm down more. Clare always gets over excited and is super optimistic, it was something that Zoe just loved about her.

I turned around to see our teacher, Mrs. Katana; she was a pretty young for a teacher, but really strict.

"Okay class settle down, please open your textbooks to page 101 and we will start learning about our new unit" Mrs. Katana said, with no emotions what so ever.

"Oh and by the way, please turn in your homework from last night; if you didn't do it please see me after class" Mrs. Katana added

"Uh oh, I'm in trouble now" I heard Clare say behind me, I couldn't help but giggle a little bit.

I turned around, "Here's my homework, just hurry up and copy it down" I sighed, Clare would always forget her homework and I saved her butt always.

"Oh Zoe you're the best friend ever!" Clare whispered back and took the paper.

I turned around and opened my textbook and started to read.


At lunch, me and my friends were talking and laughing so much. Especially when Clare did her impression on ."Okay class hurry and do this! Do that! I am assigning 1 billion pages of homework!!!" Clare yelled mocking our teacher. It was so hilarious I almost chocked on my milk.

After lunch I headed to Math, ugh, the dreaded boring class with numbers! And, apparently our teacher felt it was important to give a ton of homework because it is "good for us". My next class was Art. I had that with another best friend of mine, Courtney; she is one of those super talented artists.

Ring! Ring! School is over! I went quickly to my locker and got my things. As I walked to the meeting room I saw my other best friend, Amy.

Amy has an amazing personality, and loves shopping and clothes.

"Hey Zoe, look at my brand new boots!" Amy squealed as she pulled me aside the halls.

"They are super cute!" I said, Her boots were white and had cute silvery snowflakes imprinted on them.

"I got them at this sale, but this other girl wanted them, sovI had to teach that girl a little lesson…" Amy said as she gave an evil smirk.

"Amy, you know you should really control yourself at sales!" I joked

We were talking for about ten minutes, and then I realized it was 2:40...Wait! Isn't the…Oh shoot!!!

"Hey I'll catch you later, gotta get to this meeting" I said quickly

"Oh wow sorry! Oh my gosh you better hurry! Later" Amy said as she began to leave.

I speed walked to the conference room hoping no teacher will catch me. So far so good, I said to myself.

I finally came to the room and entered it. There sat just about everyone except me. My seat was at the head of the table since I was president and Clare was looking at me like I should hurry up and sit down, so I did. I hurried and took out my pencil and notebook, when I looked up everyone was staring at me.

"Sorry I was side tracked by my friend in the halls" I smiled sheepishly as my cheeks flustered with embarrassment.

"It's okay Zoe" said the principal who was standing up beside the projector as she readied herself for the presentation.

The principal was old, but a really kind and fun going teacher. It's funny, her and Mrs. Katana are exact opposites!

"Now, as you know" The principal began," we have some very important information that I had to make sure all school representatives were here." The principal stated.

"Please be new lunch menu! Please be new lunch menu!" Clare whispered excitedly as she crossed her fingers.

She showed us a slide of the school population of a regular school and the school population of our school. Our school had about half of a regular school population.

The principal began to speak again, "As you can see, our school population is pretty low and since we have been trying to find ways of saving money in the district…" The principal was cut off by Clare.

"Then if we combined two schools together that had low student populations it would help us save more money for things!" Clare said, realizing quickly. She easily figured out things.

"Precisely" The principal said as she turned to the next slide.

"Oh darn, I really wanted new lunch menus…" Clare whispered sadly.

"Now, we have decided to combine schools with East Kentori Middle School because they have a low school population as well." The principal said happily, I bet she really like this money saving plan. She probably thought of it herself.

"And I also have the school president of East Kentori to come speak with us so we can hopefully be able to come to agreement with the school." She said.

"Wait" I asked, "Why do we need to come to an agreement? I thought this was already said and done."

"We need both schools to agree and I'm not sure what their school thinks of this. Hopefully they will agree, I mean they already got the letter I sent them about this plan." The principal explained

"Oh" I said

"Well because you are the school president Zoe," The principal said

"Are you interested in this idea?" She continued

"Uh, of course, this idea sounds great and I back it up 100 percent" I said, this plan did sound cool; I really wanted more kids at this school.

"What about you Clara? You are our Vice President" The principal asked

"Of course, miss, I agree with this because it seems like a great opportunity for my peers to meet and understand students from another school" Clara stated profoundly. I was shocked, I never heard her speak like that before.

I was looking at her in awe and she spoke again as she bent down and picked up something. "Hey look! A nickel! " She started examining it with curious eyes as she smiled. Everyone fell down anime style.

"Um, anyways" The principal said, also in a bit of shock too, "Let me introduce you to the School President of East Kentori Middle School,"

A kid my age stepped into the classroom. He looked amazing and his eyes would melt any girl's heart… "Students say hello to Takuya Kanbara" The principal said

"Hello" everyone greeted to him

Takuya Kanbara, I'm gonna need to remember that cutie's name…

"Hey!" He smiled to everyone His eyes suddenly stopped at me and smiled, I smiled back fighting the blush that was trying to sneak into my cheeks.

He made my heart melt just by that smile…

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