Authors note- Just a heads up, I'm not to good at the "romance" thing, so don't expect lemons out of me till I get used to this, after all this is my first story.

3 years after Dawn of the Dragon- New Year of the Dragon (Kinda like our New Year's Day)

Spyro and Cynder are about to celebrate the 32nd Year of the Dragon. Spyro has been made Fire Guardian due to Ignitus's death. Terrador is the leader of the guardians, due to age restrictions. Spyro and Cynder have been together ever since Malefor's death. The other Guardians know of Ignitus's demise, but no one knows he is the Chronicler. Sparx now has a job in the Dragon City of Warfang, he seeks out the other Guardians when meetings are called. Cynder still feels like its her fault over what happened while Malefor controlled her. Spyro is having very strange dreams about the past that aren't even recorded. Things get even worse on the Eve of the Year of the Dragon. To top things off, remnant Apes controlled by Drome, Gaul's son, are hell-bent on destroying the dragons.

2 days before the 32nd Year of the Dragon.

Sparx is flying through the streets of Warfang with a panicked look on his face early in the morning.

"Come on where is that house?" Sparx whispers to himself. A mole that overhears him points up saying "You know if you want to find it, why don't you just look at the city from the sky, that should help you find it." Sparx, with a stupid look on his face, follows his advice and flys up.

"Ahhh.....HA there you are!" He says as he points at a high class building. Charging to the building's window, he looks inside. He sees Spyro and Cynder curled up together sound asleep in their bowl-shaped bed. "Oh figures, looks as if I wake them I'm gonna get burned, but if I don't, I'm gonna get smashed by Terrador." Sparx said, "Well, better 3rd degree burns than to be a red and gold smear on the ground"

Reluctantly, he opens the window and flys inside. The room is very wide, with a few different assortments of ornaments on the walls, as in paintings, and a few scrolls lying on the ground due to Spyro's studying. The walls are a base of tan colored sandstone, in the middle, a large stone bowl about 8 feet in diameter, about 2 feet deep and filled with cushions. In the bowl, two dragons slept peacefully, one black, the other purple. Sparx flys up to the bowl with a reluctant look on his face. "Well, here goes" he said.

Meanwhile in Spyro's dream: All that can be seen is a dark room, with wall-mounted torches on the walls. The room itself seems to have an atmosphere of fear and hate in it. In the middle, you see a creature standing in the middle, the creature stands on two legs, and wears a silver-based armor with black stripes down the side; the creature has no scales, or fur, but skin of a light tan color. He is looking at a particularly shadowed portion of the room with a look of defeat on his face. In the area he is looking you can see a shape of a dragon looking at him, its eyes glowing blood red.

"It seems you are taking more time to create the 'weapons' you have promised me, tell me, does everything you promise take longer than expected." The shadow said, his voice cold, unloved, as if his very soul was constructed by the demons of the dammed. "If so tell me this, is the reason why is because you are ignorant and cant carry out what he has promised to fulfill, or do you intend to delay what you do only to succeed your own goals, ANSWER ME!" The shadow demands.

The creature in the center flinches at his powerful speech, it is clear he serves this being. "Forgive me my lord, I did not intend to delay, its just the resources I need to create these two creatures are very scarce, and there is also giving them life so they can function correctly..." The creature said "Yes, that was one thing I decided to look into for you, and I think I may have found the solution to that problem." said the shadowy figure.

The shadowed figure suddenly starts to move his hand, and plants it in the ground. As he raises it back up, a dark crystal rises up from the ground, he breaks a piece of and throws it at the creature in the center.

As the creature caught it, he flinched as a huge wave of power surged over him. "Yes this is exactly what I will need, thank you my lord, I shall repay you, and never fail you again." He said as he examined the crystal closely.

"Yes, you better not fail me again Rayde, or you will be standing in your afterlife after you finish this task." The shadowy figure declared.

"Yes, lord Kaze, you shall not be disappointed" said the creature referred to as Rayde. Rayde turns around and leaves the room with a determined look on his face.

"Spyro, wake up........SPYRO!!!!!" Sparx screams in Spyro's face. Spyro wakes up screaming, causing Sparx to scream, causing Cynder to wake up.

"Mmmmh.... whats all the yelling about?" Cydner asked while yawning. "My god Sparx you nearly gave me a heart attack!" Spyro said while trying his best to wake up.

"I could say the same buddy." Sparx says "But we don't have time, you two have to get to the Elder Chamber, Terrador says its urgent."

Spyro and Cynder's sleepyness seemed to go away instantly as they heard this news. "Do you know what its for Sparx?" Cynder asked him. "No idea." Sparx replied. "Some help you are." Replied Cynder jokingly. "No time for jokes Cynder, we gotta go now." Spyro explained.

With that, they took off towards the center of the city, where a tall tower stood.

What was with that dream? Spyro thought, I may need to talk to Volteer about he, he seems to be the smart one.