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Chapter 18- Revival of the Warrior

Drome was standing in a large, circular room. This room was surrounded by a strange green liquid. Several large statues of a dragon lined the walls. Spyro was held in the center of the room, chained into a kneeling position, his mouth tied shut. He was bound in position by chains nailed into the floor.

Spyro started to stir as he woke from his unconscious state. His head was pounding due to the fact that Glament knocked Spyro out with a blow to the head. He looked around and noticed where he was, and Drome was standing in front of him.

Spyro tried to move, but couldn't due to the chains. Drome smiled and said, "Hello Spyro, I trust your restraints are to your liking?" Spyro tried to talk, but his voice was muffled due to the fact that his mouth was tied shut. Drome continued to talk, "Do you know where we are? You should. This is the very arena that you killed my father. But that is not why I have captured you. I realized that you would be a better key to my puzzle than Rayde, since you are the purple dragon, and so is he."

Spyro couldn't make out what he was saying, something popped into his mind. He tried to say it aloud, but it came out as, "Molofer?" Drome smiled and said, "If you meant, 'Malefor', then yes indeed. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to tell you of my plan now, since you will be dead when he comes back."

Spyro's eyes widened in realization as he caught his meaning. Drome laughed and said, "Thats right, he is coming back. And now there is no way to stop it. This time, it wont be Cynder that will concede to his temptation, it will be you."

Drome started to walk backward, his hands glowing a dark green color. He thrust his hands outward, sending streams of green into Spyro's head. Spyro started to feel as if his very conscious was being altered, everything he thought changed. When he tried to fight it Drome would suppress those thoughts with his power.

Spyro couldn't defend himself, he had never been taught how to fight in his mind. At last, Spyro's very will began to alter, Spyro began to believe what Drome was doing was for the best, and Drome was his master.

Spyro screamed as loud as possible when his final force of will was eliminated, breaking the rope around his mouth, and shattering the chains around his body. Spyro lay on the ground breathing heavily. Drome walked over to him and asked, "Can you hear me, Spyro?"

Spyro looked up, his eyes were a pure white color, as if his eyes rolled into his head. Spyro replied, "Yes Master."


Meanwhile at the White Isle

Cynder jolted awake to a strange smell. Rubbed her neck, which was still numb. She then realized what happened, "Spyro? Spyro!" She called out. She noticed Ignitus standing next to her, holding a cup that was steaming. "Good to see your awake." Ignitus said. Cynder looked up at Ignitus, fear in her eyes and said, "They have Spyro, at the Well of Souls! We have to get there as fast as we can." Cynder tried to stand, her legs were weak due to the effects of the tranquilizer.

Ignitus pushed her back down and said, "You are in no condition to go anywhere right now, drink some of this, it will give back your strength faster." Ignitus handed her the cup he was holding earlier, which she took.

Cynder noticed they were back in the library. Ignitus found them lying on the ground and took them inside.

Ignitus then walked over to Rayde who was lying on the ground unconscious. Ignitus pulled out a small plant, which he singed with his fire breath. He brought the plant down in front of Rayde's nose. Rayde stirred and jolted awake, his reaction was much like Cynder's.

Ignitus walked over to a boiling pot and filled a cup up with the same liquid he gave Cynder. Ignitus then walked over and said, "Drink this, it will give your strength back." Rayde slowly took the cup, he stared at the liquid for a second before drinking it. He frowned deeply and swallowed hard. "Bah! What is this stuff?" Rayde said.

Ignitus replied, "A mixture of herbs that increase stamina, and caffeine." Rayde shook his head and said, "That explains why it's so bitter." Rayde took another drink, and swallowed hard again. Cynder looked down at the liquid and also took a drink. As he said, the medicine was very bitter. No forms of sweet, tangy, salty, sour, or any of that existed, Just bitter. But Cynder noticed a sudden change in her exhaustion, she felt more awake and less sore.

Cynder looked around to notice that Sparx was nowhere to be seen, "Where is Sparx?" Ignitus chuckled and said, "He saw everything, he thought it was necessary to get back to Warfang and inform the Elders of what has happened." Cynder rolled her eyes as Rayde said, "That sounds like him, at least he didn't run solely out of fear." Ignitus shrugged and said, "He said he expects every detail of what happened, and his apologies to Spyro for not being there."

After they finished their bitter beverages, and felt much more rejuvenated, Rayde got down to business. "Ignitus, they got Spyro, they are at the Mountain of Malefor. We need to get there as fast as we can."

he said. Ignitus held his hand up and said, "I know of the situation. Still, I can't figure out what Drome intends to do. You must get there as fast as you can, and I can help you.

Ignitus walked over to another side of the room and said, "I took the liberty of getting your glider inside, you will need it." Ignitus walked behind the hourglass and pulled out Rayde's glider. "Strap yourself in." Ignitus said to Rayde.

When Rayde put on the glider correctly he said, "Ok what now?" Ignitus smiled as he started glowing again. The Hourglass in the center started to move, revealing a large hole underneath it. When the Hourglass stopped, Ignitus told Rayde and Cynder, "This tunnel will guide you to that cursed mountain. It will take you there much faster than the long way around."

"Thank you, Ignitus." Rayde said. Rayde looked over at Cynder, who was very worried, she had tears in her eyes, and was very quiet. Rayde placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "We'll get him back, I promise you. This war ends tonight." Cynder nodded and offered him a wan smile.

Rayde gave his last thanks to Ignitus before he jumped into the hole. Ignitus stopped him and said, "Can you give this letter to my son, Flame, please Cynder?" She nodded in response. Ignitus sighed and said, "Thank you very much, if anyone should know of my situation, it would be him. Rayde said his final goodbyes as he jumped into the hole. The tunnel was long and had a log of stalagmites hanging from the ceiling. Cynder followed close behind him. "Lets get going, Cynder. We have a friend to save."

About an hour later, Rayde and Cynder saw the end of the tunnel, at first it was only a hole of black and stars of the night, but later exposed the broad side of the mountain. As Rayde stared in awe of the mountain, he forgot to watch one of the stalagmites and scraped a portion of the fabric. Rayde couldn't hold the glider in the air for long, it was already starting to descend. Rayde guided the glider out of the tunnel and onto the ledge at the end.

Rayde hit the ledge hard, shattering the glider and sending him rolling. Once he stopped, he noticed Cynder hurrying towards him saying, "Oh my god! Are you alright?" Rayde stood up and brushed the dust off of his pants and said, "I've had softer landings, but that was kinda fun!"

Rayde turned to look at the Mountain. It was night at the time, but the mountain was perfectly visible due to the glowing green water that surrounded it. The mountain was huge, stones and ledges jutted out from the sides. The top is what caught Rayde's attention. It was a face of stone, the head of a dragon mouth open towards the sky. Rayde pointed at the face of stone and said, "Now that is freaky, do these guys always have a bad sense of decoration?" Cynder shook her head and said, "No time for sightseeing, we have to find Spyro."

A voice spoke from behind them, "Then follow me." They turned to see the Assassin staring at them. Rayde reached for his sword when Assassin said, "Don't worry, I'm not here to fight you, only to escort you to Drome." Rayde stopped reaching for his sword and said, "Well then, lets get this over with." The Assassin smiled and said, "Yes, lets." Cynder growled and demanded, "Where is Spyro!" The Assassin responded coolly, "All in due time, at the moment he is with Drome. That is all I will say." Cynder growled again when Rayde whispered to her, "Patience Cynder, he will take us to him."

The Assassin led them through Drome's very army. Each ape was staring at Rayde and Cynder, some were snickering as they passed by. One ape even spat in the path of Rayde. Rayde whispered to the ape, "Your lucky I cant kill you here, or you would already be in pieces." The ape gulped in response to his threat.

The Assassin eventually led them inside the mountain. The inside was no more appealing than the outside. A statue of a dragon was visible every 20 feet, and the halls had a strange green glow to them. The Assassin led them to the lower levels, and from there to a large wooden door. "In there." The Assassin said as he left Rayde and Cynder standing at the door.

Rayde looked over at Cynder and asked, "You ready for this?' Cynder looked up at him and said, "Just a little scared to see whats behind this door. What if we're too late? What if Spyro is..." She choked on the end of the sentence. She shuddered and said, "No, I have to do this. Lets go." Rayde nodded as he kicked open the door, sending it wide open.

Rayde and Cynder jumped the same room that Spyro and Drome were in earlier. Drome was standing near the edge of the arena, hands behind his back, facing the wall. Cynder looked around and said, "This is where Spyro killed Gaul. Why here?" Drome turned and said, "It is the only spot suitable to use as an elevator." Rayde drew his sword and said, "Well then, lets but to the chase, where is Spyro?" Drome laughed and said, "He has seen it my way." Rayde cocked his head in confusion, as he saw Spyro walk out of a shadow in the corner of the room and stand next to Drome. Spyro had blank eyes, the only color in his eyes was white. Spyro's wound he got against Glament healed up as well, all that remained was a white scar..

Cynder watched Spyro, eventually asking, "What have you done to him?" Drome laughed as he pushed a button on the wall. The floor began to shake and slowly descend. Drome made his fathers grave an elevator. "My father used his magic to beat you into submission, Cynder. I took it a step further. I changed his very will, his every thought into following me as my servant." Cynder stared in fear at Spyro and whispered, "No! It can't be! He managed to change his will."

"SPYRO!" Cynder shouted. Spyro didn't respond. "SPYRO!" She shouted again. He didn't respond. "Spyro..." She said to him. Spyro shook his head and said, "That Spyro is long gone. That fool was too soft, afraid of his power. That is why he lost against Glament, he feared fighting. His will was weak which allowed my master to change him into me."

Cynder gasped in horror, tears streaking down her cheeks. At this time, the elevator passed the planets crust and was past the molten rock. They seemed to be free falling in open space. Rayde looked around to see the bottom of the other continents around them. Rayde looked over at Drome and asked, "Where does this thing lead?" Drome laughed and said, "Where? To the core of course! The source of all dark magic, a black crystal miles long, thousands of feet thick, power no one man can posses, or try to. That is where everything will begin."

They eventually reached the bottom of the elevator. They landed on a large, dark purple crystal, miles long on either side. Above them the sky was visible in the gaps of the continents. Rayde looked around and noticed that a large block of this crystal was pulled out of it. The gem was about 17 feet tall, and about 6 feet wide. A dark outline of a dragon was inside of the gem. Cynder gasped and said, "Malefor!" Rayde's eyes widened as he realized the situation. "You plan to bring Malefor back don't you!?! Use him to obtain power for yourself."

Drome held up a hand and said, "Not for myself, for my people. For too long we have been the most hated, least powerful race in the world. I plan to change that. My father waited for this to happen, I will MAKE it happen." An ape with a staff walked out from behind the gem, walked up to Drome and said, "Everything is ready. Just strike the gem, and he will be freed."

Rayde got really angry at this, "Craitiku!" He shouted. His sword and clothes began to glow a dark blue color. A quick flash revealed Rayde in his shadow form. Only his clothes were a bit different. Instead of a hooded shirt, he had a muscle shirt, with a blue cape draped over his shoulders. His sword was the same though, an arm-blade that stuck a few feet in front and in back. Rayde charged at the Sorcerer so fast, no one had time to react. Rayde decapitated the ape and said, "Not if I have to say anything."

Drome jumped back and drew his sword saying, "Spyro, deal with Cynder. I'll take care of Rayde" Spyro nodded and lunged after Cynder, she jumped out of the way and said, "I'm not gonna fight you Spyro!" Spyro replied, "Good, then stand still and this will be much easier." Spyro then fired a fire bomb at Cynder, which she jumped to avoid, "You cant dodge forever girl!" Spyro shouted. Cynder smiled and said, "Watch me!"

Drome charged at Rayde and lunged to Rayde's right, his bandaged arm. Rayde turned to the right to avoid the blade, and swiped at Drome. Drome parried his blow with his arm, which was covered in metal. Drome then swiped at Rayde's side, slicing his skin slightly. Rayde grunted in pain as the blade slightly cut his flesh. He jumped back and thought, He is faster than before. Drome then shouted to Rayde, "Did that fool feline find his brother?" Rayde replied quickly, "You set up those riddles for Hunter didn't you?" Drome laughed and said, "Indeed, I thought I should have a little fun with the las prisoner we captured. And thanks to him, we got all the information we need to wipe Avalar off the map."

Rayde was now angry, he lunged at Drome's sword hand. Drome parried this move with a flick of his wrist, sending the sword into the ground (or gem). Drome then uppercutted Rayde right under the chin, then roundhouse kicked him in midair. Rayde was sent flying across the crystal, his back hit something hard as he fell to the ground.

Drome quickly picked Rayde up by the neck and placed him against the gem that Malefor was inside of. "Give it up, Rayde. You've lost." Drome said. Rayde smiled and replied, "You think I'm finished here?" Rayde then disappeared out of nowhere. Drome released his grip and looked around for Rayde. "Another useful ability of Craitiku, I can vanish into the ground below you." Rayde said. Drome looked down to see Rayde punch him directly in the face when he popped out of the ground.

Drome was sent flying straight up. Rayde jumped on top of the stone and lunged at Drome. Drome held up the Fang sword in defense. But, the force of the impact sent Drome flying into the gem, cracking it slightly and leaving a small crater. When the dust cleared, Drome was laying in the center of the crater. He grunted and slowly stood up.

What does it take to kill this guy? Rayde thought. Drome smiled and started firing lasers out of his eye. Rayde easily sidestepped to dodge them. Drome decided to use a different tactic, His hands started glowing a black color. He clapped his hands together, sending a black shockwave towards Rayde. Rayde jumped the blast, but Drome was expecting this.

Drome fired a laser again at Rayde, which hit its mark. The laser cut the sling off of his bandaged arm. His eye laser can cut through the fabric? Rayde thought. Rayde realized, that he was exposed to Drome when he landed. Drome quickly struck the flat of the blade against Rayde's wrist, making him drop the Craitiku. Drome then kicked the sword away.

Drome smiled as he went to stab Rayde in the chest. Time seemed to go in slow motion as Rayde held up his bandaged arm in defense. The Fang Sword pierced the fabric of the bandaged, but didn't go forward.

Rayde stared in amazement as his arm started to glow a purple color. Drome tried to pull out the sword, but to no avail. A bright flash and a rush of wind pushed Drome away from Rayde. When the light dimmed, Drome looked at Rayde and couldn't believe what he saw.

Rayde changed back to his normal form, but there was one thing different about him. His bandaged arm was revealed. His arm had mutated, it looked like a Dragon's arm. It was purple, the arm of a purple dragon. Rayde was holding his sword, not the Fang sword, but the one the elder gave him.

Drome picked up the Fang sword which was thrown towards him by the rush of air. Drome stared at his arm and said, "Thats a strange sort of mutation. How did that happen." Rayde looked at his arm and said, "I don't really know myself. It happened right after I fought you at Warfang."

Drome looked surprised and replied, "Is that so? Well, lets see if it increases your fighting ability."

Drome charged at Rayde and fired a laser. Rayde sidestepped to dodge, and Drome swung his sword towards Rayde's head. Rayde used his sword to block Drome's, and punched him in the gut with his mutated arm. Drome was sent flying across the field, eventually hitting the ground hard.

He slowly stood up and started shouting. "No! You will not ruin everything I worked so hard for!" Drome paused for a second and smiled. He grabbed the hilt of the Fang sword backwards and said, "Lets see you dodge this." Drome threw the sword as hard as he could at Rayde, like a spear.

Rayde smiled and leaned down to avoid the sword. Rayde looked behind him and realized that Drome wasn't aiming for him, he was aiming for Cynder, who was dodging Spyro a short way behind him. Rayde panicked and shouted, "CYNDER MOVE!" but there was no way for her to dodge it.

Back with Cynder.

Cynder heard Rayde shout her name, she looked towards him, to see the Fang sword flying straight towards her. Cynder couldn't move out of the way in time, she would be killed. Just before the blade struck, she felt herself being pushed out of the way. She looked over to see Spyro push her away. His eyes were back to normal.

Cynder watched in horror as Spyro pushed her away. The Fang sword pierced his flesh, ebbing itself in his stomach, and the front of the blade piercing out of his back. "SPYRO!!" Cynder shouted as Spyro fell to the floor. Cynder ran up to Spyro, tears streaming down her face. She knelt down next to Spyro and said, "Spyro! Spyro! Look at me!" Spyro looked up at her weakly and said, "I'm sorry.....I couldn't control....myself."

Cynder shook her head and said, "It's not your fault. Drome forced you to serve him. Just stay with me, don't close your eyes! You can't leave me here!" Spyro coughed and said, "I...know, I'll try."


Rayde saw the whole scene unfold before him, Spyro pushing Cynder out of the way, and Spyro taking the fall for her. He looked at Drome, infuriated and said, "You will pay for that Drome."

Rayde started to glow a white color, The same as when Rayde fought Drome at Warfang. Rayde started to hover in the air slightly as the gem he found with the journal floated above his head. Drome realized what was about to happen and charged at Rayde.

Drome was nearly upon him, when the gem merged into Rayde's head. He started to flow brighter, pushing Drome away. Drome covered his eyes due to the light.

When the light dimmed, Drome looked over his arms and beheld what he had unleashed.

Rayde was wearing a white A-shirt, and dark gray pants, same combat boots. His hair had turned a silvery-white color. His weapon is what commanded Drome's attention. Instead of a sword, Rayde held a long Scythe, about 5 feet long. The blade was about 4 feet long. The blade and shaft of the Scythe was a pure white color. Rayde smiled and said, "Behold! You have unleashed my Lumanex! (Loo-muh-nex)

Rayde charged at Drome, who couldn't defend himself well due to he threw the sword away. Rayde slashed at Drome's chest, leaving a long gash. Drome grunted in pain, and tried to punch Rayde in the face. Rayde simply caught his fist in his palm. Rayde smiled and threw Drome skyward. Rayde jumped and kicked Drome in the back, sending him higher.

Drome looked above him after he was hit, to see Rayde hovering about 10 feet above him. Rayde held the Lumanex out in front of him, it started spinning very fast, leaving a low humming sound in the air. Lumanex started to glow as it was spinning. Rayde eventually punched the spinning scythe, sending a large beam of white energy at Drome, who was still in midair.

The beam was as wide as the Lumanex. The beam covered all of Drome's body. He screamed in pain as he fell to the ground. He hit the ground so hard, it left a 10 foot crater when he landed. Drome lay in the crater, motionless.

Rayde reverted back to his normal form and ran towards Spyro and Cynder. Spyro was still alive and breathing. Cynder had already pulled out the sword, and had her hand pressed on the wound. Blood lay on the ground, and quite a lot of it. "How long has it been since he was injured.?" Rayde asked Cynder. Cynder looked up at him, eyes red due to crying, "Its been about 10 minutes. I managed to slow the bleeding, but I don't know if we can get back in time." Cynder started to cry as Rayde knelt down next to Spyro, "How are you feeling?" Spyro looked at him and replied, "I've been better....Listen, take Cynder and get out of here. Malefor....He is coming back. Nothing can stop it."

Rayde shook his head and said, "Drome is dead, he can't bring him back." Spyro shook his head and said, "I don't know how he intended to do it, but he nearly succeeded. But it's good you killed him." Rayde looked at his Fang sword on the ground and said, "Maybe if I get my memories back, I can save you." Cynder nodded and handed the sword to Rayde.

Rayde slowly reached for the sword's hilt. Stopping just inches before it. His heart was pounding. This is it, all of my questions are about to be answered. Here goes everything. Rayde thought as he grasped the hilt of the sword.

Rayde felt a splitting line of pain through his skull, he grasped his head, and threw his head up. His memories were indeed returning, every last bit of them. His childhood, when he first held a blade, when Kaze first took hi as an apprentice, the downfall of the Humans, and sealing himself in the crystal prison.

When it stopped Rayde lay on the ground panting heavily, his head was still slightly throbbing. Cynder looked at him and asked, "Now Rayde, who are you?" Rayde looked up and said, "I am Rayde of the Gems. I am the Crystal warrior, I served under Kaze in a false dream. And I am the last Human alive."

Spyro smiled and said, "Welcome back." very weakly. Cynder then asked, "Can you get him back to Warfang in time?" Rayde thought for a moment before saying, "Yeah, I can. Give me a second." Rayde then his arms out parallel to the ground, he breathed in deep. The crystal started to move, some of it attacked itself to Rayde's back, forming two light green wings.

Rayde looked back down on Spyro and Cynder and said, "I will carry Spyro. Cynder, I'll need you to hang onto my arm, very tightly. Rayde picked up Spyro bridle-style (closest thing I could think of). Rayde heard a something moving a ways behind him. He turned to see Drome crawling out of the crater, buried and cut up.

Rayde stared in amazement, "How are you still alive!?!" Rayde shouted. Drome only laughed, and laughed. Rayde grunted and said, "I don't have time for your, I'll deal with you later. Cynder!" Cynder nodded and grabbed onto Rayde's arm. Rayde started to glow a green color, he bent down to jump. When he did, there was a loud bang when he instantly broke the sound barrier.

Cynder couldn't really see much, only a blurr of colors as Rayde flew through the air. "We'll be at Warfang in about 5 minutes, just hang on!" Rayde shouted to Cynder.

As Rayde predicted, When Warfang was in sight, Rayde slowed down so they could fly at a regular speed. Cynder looked at Spyro who appeared unconscious, Rayde placed a hand to his neck and said, "He still has a pulse, but barely. Where is the hospital?"

Cynder looked around and pointed at a four-story building with a red cross on it, "There, lets go! We don't have much time." Rayde nodded and started flying towards the hospital. Once they neared it, Cynder noticed that Rayde was becoming very tired. "Are you ok, are you gonna be able to make it?" Rayde nodded and said, "Yeah, just using that speed ability wears me out, I'm gonna need to rest when we land." Cynder nodded and kept on going.

(this happened as Rayde, Spryo, and Cynder left)


Drome watched as they flew off. "We will see who wins this war." Drome said. Drome smiled and continued, "Time to free my master, once and for all."

Drome limped over to the large chunk of Crystal that Malefor was sealed inside of. Drome smiled and held his hand in the air. His hand started to glow a yellow color. He pulled his fist back and said, "My Father did nothing to help your arrival. Because of me, you will return. I only ask one thing. GIVE POWER TO MY PEOPLE! AND I WILL SERVE YOU TILL THE END OF TIME!! Its time for the Revival of the Warrior!"

Drome punched the crystal as hard as he could, putting a scratch in it. After a moment, the gem started to glow a yellow-gold color, tracing the cracks that Drome put in. After Drome stepped back and knelt down, the gem shattered. In its place, a purple dragon stood. This dragon was a full adult dragon, red horns that curled around the back of his head.

Drome smiled and said, "Welcome back, Lord Malefor." Malefor looked down on his subordinate and started laughing. Drome smiled as his plan finished with a bang.


Back at Warfang Hospital

Cynder and Rayde are sitting in a waiting room. It has been about a few hours since they brought Spyro in, but it felt like an eternity. Cynder was in bad shape, she was usually crying, or thinking of the worst outcomes.

Rayde was sitting in a chair, recovering from his battle, and using that speed ability. One of the doors opened. Cynder and Rayde looked up to see Sparx, and the Elder walk in. The elder walked over to Rayde and sat down next to him. After a moment of silence, Rayde asked, "Have you heard anything? About Spyro?" The elder shook his head and said, "They are still trying to heal his wounds."

The elder looked at Rayde and said, "I see you have your sword, is Drome dead?" Rayde shook his head and said, "No, he was somehow still alive after I used my Lumanex. I don't see how he could have." The elder replied, "Drome has probably enforced his body with magic barriers that lessen the effects of other magic abilities." Rayde snorted and said, "That wouldn't surprise me. I also got my memories back."

The elder looked startled and said, "Well, thats good news. I bet you feel relieved." Rayde shook his head and said, "My past sins still weigh on my shoulders. And I don't know how to cleanse them." The elder smiled and said, "It takes time, I'm sure the answer will appear to you soon enough."

Rayde sighed and said, "There is something else also, it is likely that Malefor has returned. That was Drome's plan all along." The elder now looked fearful and said, "Now that is bad news. Still, we beat him once we can beat him again."

At that moment, a female feline wearing nurse clothes walked into the room. Cynder was the first one to ask, "How is Spyro? Will he be alright." The nurse replied calmly, "We have our best healer working on him now. The puncture wound cut through his stomach, and cut some muscular tissue in his back. When we are done, it will really be up to him."

Cynder looked down, tears in her eyes. The nurse saw this and said, "Don't worry, he is tough. I'll bet he will pull through this. We will let you know when you can go see him." Cynder looked up and smiled saying, "Thank you nurse." The nurse bowed and left them in the lounge.

A few hours later, the same nurse came in and told them they could go and see him. She guided them to his room. Spyro lay on a hospital bed with blankets over his body, except his head and shoulders. Spyro was conscious and fully awake. He noticed everyone walk in and said, "Hey Cynder." Cynder walked up and hugged Spyro. Spyro grunted and said, "Ow, be careful Cynder, I need to breath." Cynder smiled and let go of him. She then kissed him.

When they parted Cynder said, "I'm sorry." Spyro smiled and said, "For what? You didn't put me in this bed. You don't need to apologize." Cynder smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes. Sparx flew up and said, "Good to see your still in one piece buddy!" Spyro smiled and said, "You as well Sparx. Where did you go after we were attacked, did you run off?"

Sparx coughed and said, "Uhh, no of course not. I just went back to Warfang to inform the elders and the guardians about your capture." Spyro looked at Sparx like a mother trying to get answers out of her child and said, "You ran off didn't you?" Sparx sighed and said, "Yeah I did." Everyone laughed at this.

Spyro then looked at Rayde and said, "What about Malefor?" Rayde held up his hand and said, "No need to talk about that now, you need to focus on recovering." Spyro smiled and said, "Yeah, some rest sounds good right now."

Spyro then addressed the Elder, "Why are you here?" The elder shrugged and said, "Do I need a reason to check on a friend?" Spyro smiled and said, "No, I suppose not."

After another few minutes of talking, Sparx, Rayde, and the elder thought it best to leave Spyro and Cynder alone for a while. Since she insisted on remaining by his side.

As they were leaving the Hospital, the elder grabbed Rayde's shoulder and said, "We are going to need to prepare for war. If he is indeed back, we should be ready for anything." Rayde sighed and said, "Yeah I know."

Sparx, Rayde and the Elder eventually got back to the main tower. Rayde went up to his room, he needed a moment alone to relax.

Rayde got to his room and sat down in a chair. He pulled out the Fang Sword and set it on the table. He cleaned the blade of dried blood and rust. After his attentions to his sword, he started to recollect the past events.

Kaze is sealed inside of him, his arm has mutated as a mimic to Kaze's arm. Malefor has returned, and Drome is still alive.

These next few months are gonna be fun. I hope this doesn't end as bad as todays event. Rayde thought as he went to his bed and lied down. Eventually passing into his dreams to quell his exhausted mind.


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