Note: For those of you who are confused, i'm going to clear up a few things. Ichigo is still a hollow. His zanpaktou is different then most, due to the fact that he was originally a shinigami before becoming a hollow. And yes, he does still have resurrecion...and bankai. And don't worry about Aizen.

I have my own plans for him...

Midway through their walk, they passed a room.

Out of mild curiosity, Ichigo poked his head in.

Ying and Yang did so a second later

"Ow...Started the redhead-

"That had to hurt." Finished her sister.

Ggio shook her head, and Luna rolled her golden eyes.

"Fool. He had it coming, underestimating a shinigami."

Ichigo could not help but grimace at what he saw.

It was Yammy.

The brutish man was holding one of his arms.

In his hand.

It had been lopped off.

"Oi, Grimmjow, Lillenette. I'll catch up. Tell them to wait."

"Tch, whatever."

"Sure thing Ichigo!"

Shall we, Ichigo?


Healing this wound is well within the range of my power. Are you sure you want to help him?

"He's my comrade, isn't he? Its the right thing to do."

"Dude, what happened to you?" He asked, entering the room.

"Shinigami." Grumbled the decima, clutching the still bleeding stump of his arm. It had been completely severed, leaving very little of the limb under the shoulder. To top it off, the remains of the arm was covered in ice.

"You were overconfident, fool." Ggio admonished him. "You overestimated your power, and this is what happened to you." A glare from her master caused the tigress to fall silent.

"Here, lemme see." Prodded Ichigo, holding a hand out to Yammy.

Yammy blinked stupidly, turning to show him the wound.

"Good. Now hand it over."


"He means your arm, stupid." Luna all but snapped.

"What're ya gonna do-

Ichigo snapped his fingers.

"Ying, Yang."

The former smote the decima hard over the head, dazing him. As this happened, the latter leapt over his shoulder, took advantage of the opportunity, then snatched the dismembered limb away.

Yammy spat a curse and swiped at them with his remaining arm. But by the then, the twins had already returned to Ichigo's side. He was given the

"Stupid. I'm gonna reattach it."

Yammy wasn't that dense.

"Dumbass! What makes you think you can-

Faster than the eye could see, Luna's hand lashed out to seize his collar. With a sharp tug, she brought him down to the primera's level. Ggio followed this up by pulling the long ponytail in which he kept his hair. Her actions jerked his head back, and gave him a good look at what Ichigo was about to do.

"I said...

The espada drew his blade, and Yammy stiffened. "W-Wait a sec!" Like liquid metal, the zanpaktou flowed over his hand, forming the glove. With a visible effort and a grunt, the espada did not move.

"Hold still."

A white light crept up from his hand, breaking the ice apart. Brown eyes closed as he began to form some semblance of a spell deep within the confines of his mind. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Ichigo inhaled deeply, then exhaled.

"Alright, I want to heal his arm...

A painful jolt shot through him, traveling up and down the lenght of the steel. His arm, abruptly moving of its own accord, slapped the limb back into place, as if was going to be glued there.

This is my second ability. Say:

"Weep: Endriago." He uttered the words slowly, and it sounded almost natural to him. The glove abruptly extended its mesh-like material to the arm of Yammy, then to the espada's shoulder.

Wires or pure energy sprang out of the steel, and fastened themselves to the split.

And just like that, it was over.

Ichigo pulled his arm away, and Endriago returned to her sealed state. He slid her back into her sheathe, and sighed. Yammy stared down at his arm, dumbfounded. He flexed the fingers into a fist, then uttered a surprised curse.


But Ichigo was the one who was truly surprised.

"Wait, was that your final release?"

She laughed.

Far from it. You have much to learn before I release myself fully....

It was reattached.


Yammy's response was to swing at the wall.

It crumbled before his fist even hit it.

"Haha! Its even better than before!

Ichigo was met with a lopsided grin, one he returned in kind.

"Thanks, Kurosaki. Yer not so bad, I guess."

"Meh, no problem." Its what friends do."


Ichigo sweatdropped.

"Oh come on! Don't tell me you've never had a friend?!"

"No." Muttered Yammy darkly. "I haven't."

"Its true." Luna replied. "As menos, gillian, even adjuchas, most of us strive only to get stronger. We do not care for the bonds of friendship. It is only when we reach the state of vasto lorde-

"That you actually have any sort of positive emotions?" Szayel must have mentioned to him at some point. But now, given the time to actually think of int Ichigo was repulsed by the fact. "That's a load of bull!"

"Not really." Murmurred the twins. "Regardless of our class, once we become arrancar, a hollow acquires not only human form, but some semblance of human feelings as well."

"And besides, like any other being, we wish to live." Ggio mumbled this under her breath. Her cheeks turned a bright pink as the gaze of her master was directed her way.

Under his scrutinizign stare, she felt this big.

"Say...that again." His tone held an air of surprise to it, as if he had stumbled upon some sudden revelation.

"Live. We simply want to live, just like anyone else."

Ichigo extended his hand in a fist, looked at it, then shivered.


He was beginning to see things in a different light.

Perhaps not all hollows were as bad as they seemed. During his month with Rukia, the hollows he had come across had been anything but kind. It led him to believe that they were inherently evil, and therefore needed to be destroyed.

He hadn't known what to think when he became a full hollow in the shattered shaft. One minuted, he'd been screaming his lungs out, then he came out of the pit. Hell, it was a miracle in of itself that Urahara took pity on him to send him here.

He hadn't even thought about it until just recently.

Orihime's brother, Neliel, Barragan, Stark, his own fraccion...

They were all prime examples of simple, ordinary people, the few among many, that possessed even a shred of decency. Sora hadn't wanted to become a monster, but was turned against his will. His fellow arrancar were likely not such a case, but unless they were putting up a very clever act, then it was quite likely they were just in this because they had simply had nowhere else to go.

Maybe it was the Soul Society that had it all wrong. They killed hollows indiscriminately, even going as far as to come from behind and lop of the head. Rukia had told him that it spared you the pain of knowing your victim's identity. Granted, they did purify them, but in doing so, the soul would likely be lost from his loved ones...


He seriously needed to rethink things.

But now was not the time to do so.

"Alright, we've kept Aizen waiting long enough."


"Ah, there you are Ichigo." Spoke Aizen from his throne. "And I see you have brought Yammy as-

A silence fell in the throne room as everyone saw the perfectly reattached limb of the decima espada. It had been made common knowledge that Yammy had gone and got his arm sliced off, but even their best medic would have taken a week to sow back on the arm.

And yet here he was, entirely alright.

Shaking it off, Aizen spoke again.

"Alright Ulquiorra. Please show us what you experienced in the world of the living."

"Yes sir."

Ichigo arched an eyebrow when he reached up to his eye. With a sick, wet plopping sound, he removed the eye, and held it out in his hand. Clenching his fingers into a fist, he crushed it into the palm of his hand, and a fine, grainy powder sparkled about.

"Please...see for yourselves."

Ichigo looked on in amazement as the dust flitted about.


A grainy image now appeared before everyone. After a moment, it focused into crystal clear clarity. He watched as Yammy sucked the souls of several humans, then complained at their taste. This caused him to frown slightly.

The pictured zoomed in as Yammy approache done of the humans. She had gotten up on her hands and knees, and looked about to pass out. She stared up at Yammy with raw terror in her eyes.

"Trash." The imaged projected sound as well.

Brown eyes tripled, as he recognized just who it was.

"Tatsuki! That's Tatsuki!"

Ichigo, calm down!


He looked on in muted horror, as Inoue and Chad arrived to stop Yammy from killing her. Orihime now took Tatsuki and ran away. Chad raised his arm, and the limb transformed.

"This one is trash as well." The image boomed out in Ulquiorra's voice.

Yammy laughed and came at Chad with incredible speed. They exchanged some blows briefly, with Chad even socking him hard in the face at one point-

But a simple hit from a bala enhanced fist ripped his arm off. He fell to the ground, and not a second later, Orihime came running back into the video.

She deflected a punch with a technique she called Sante Kesshun, then used something called Sonte Kesshun to place what looked to be an orange dome around Chad.

As he looked on, the lost arm began to actually regenerate.

For a moment, Ichigo relaxed.

That is, until Orhime fired off what looked like a small dart like object at Yammy. It broke quite easily when blocked, and Yammy now stood over her menacingly. "Should I rip her arms off and bring her with us?" He asked.

"No. Kill her."

Yammy lunged towards her with an open hand and Ichigo was certain that Orihime was about to die. Closer, closer still, the offending limb came, and Orihime closed her eyes, screaming someone's name-

It was all he could do to not leap up right then and there.

That is, until a pure white blade stopped Yammy's hand.

"That's as far as you go." Snapped a voice.

The vision angle did not allow him to see who it was, but her voice made her a dead giveaway.

Yammy stepped back, and his suspicions were confirmed.

"Rukia! When did she get her powers back?!"

"That's her. It seems your senseless floundering has lured her out." Stated Ulquiorra.

"So, you're the one who took Yastura's right arm?"

She held out her blade.

"Then I'll take your arm."

What she said next surprised Ichigo, and would be scarred into his mind for eternity.

"BANKAI!" The word ripped from her mouth!

The ground beneath her feet abruptly froze in a mile wide circle, forcing Yammy and Ulquiorra to jump back a step. Less than a second later, the ice itself drew in from the circle, and swallowed her up in the thick, opaque crystal.

Both arrancar landed, and looked on.

Ichigo was fearful that she had just killed herself.

For a second, she just remained like that.



She barked an unheard command behind the ice, and the iceberg exploded.

Steam, dust and snow were flung everywhere

When Rukia was revealed, she now stood a good head or so taller, around the 5'10 mark.

Clutched tightly in her right hand was a massive, double edged scythe with a blood red edge. Her hair had turned lavender, as had her eyes. Her sandals had dissapeared sometime during the transformation. Her hakama was no longer black, instead it was the purest shade of white, and red on the inside. It was far from natural, tattered at the sleeves, shoulders, and even more so at the bottom, showing off long and slender legs.

If anything else, her body had grown as well.

She had...


She now looked like a full grown woman. A tattered yellow sash was tied around her waist, which now strained against the kimono-like robes she was wearing. The upper half of her new attire was pushed out quite a bit as well. Basically she now rivaled Rangiku in that department.

"Sode no Shirayuki: Kyousei Koori-hime."(Great flowing Ice Princess) She murmurred, as the snowflakes stopped falling. She rose off her knees, and stood tall, with a confidence she had never displayed before.

A small smile curved her full lips upward.

"Now, about that arm-

For the next ten seconds, Yammy was vastly overpowered. Less than a second after she spoke, his arm was lopped off, and she appeared behind him, to viciously kick him in the face.

He fired off a cero, but she screamed and it bounced right back into his face. The impact created a cloud of smoke, and Yammy staggered at it. Rukia smiled that sarcastic smile of hers, and hefted her scythe to the right.

"You're a sturdy one. This might take-

She suddenly stiffened, and grasped at her face.

From there, Yammy proceeded to violently beat her, as she was now not even moving. Every hit hurt Ichigo emotionally, and with every cry of pain, his reaitsu went just a little higher. By the time Urahara and a tan woman whom he did not know, came to rescue Rukia, he was exuding a massive amount of killer intent.

"Bastard bastard bastard!"

Luna cast him a glance, as did the rest of his fraccion.

They all shared one thought.

'Why is he so angry?'

His power died down only slightly when Yammy was summarily owned by the tan woman. When he was made a fool of for everyone to see, Ichigo felt just a little bit better.

"I see. So you decided she wasn't worth killing."

As Ulquiorra spoke, Ichigo's blood began to boil.

"Shut up you fucker! You say one more bad thing about her and I'll-

Enough Ichigo! Don't pick a fight with him!

In the background, Grimmjow began to argue with Ulquiorra over not killing Rukia. Now Ichigo was all but furious. He was barely suppressing his reaitsu, and if not for Endria's Kido abilities, everyone would have noticed it.

"The hell?! I can kick emo boy's ass into next week!"

Trust me, you do not want to fight him.

"But you saw what they did! The-

Not yet. She stated with authority.

His body was suddenly no longer his own to move. It felt as if he was afire, and the air refused to pass through his lungs. He was beginning to suffocate, but he was released from the mysterious bind a second later.

He forced himself to slowly breathe in and out, whereas his body just wanted to greedily gulp down the air.

"Just how many abilities do you have?"

Many. But my skill depends on your willingness to battle. If you have the willpower, I can keep you going for at least a day, but doing so would likely kill you.


Tell me Ichigo, do you know the meaning of my name?

"Your name?"

Endriago. It translates to sacred princess. That is what I am to you, correct?

"Um...yeah, I guess."

Good. She sounded satisfied. Everyone's starting to leave now. Calmly get up and walk out-


The strawberry blond froze, as did his fraccion, who refused to leave his side. Aizen descended from his throne, to approach the primera. His hand upon Ichigo's shoulder felt like ice.

"You seem troubled."


He was met with silence.

"Have you picked out all your fraccion yet?"

"Not really. I still have one more door to go."

"You'd best be careful then. She's only recently been sealed today."

He released his hold on Ichigo.

"I hope you enjoy her company."


He stood before the door, and an ominous foreboding emanated from it. He looked back towards his fraccion and shrugged

How bad could it be?

He entered-


And found himself right where he had started.

"What the-

A large tremor now shook the grounds. The door was slammed open, revealing an out of breath Grimmjow.

"Dumbass! We got company! Its the privaron!"


"The former espada! They're attacking, and some vasto lorde are backing em up!"

"Hey, wait-

"He'll be right there." Luna, who was suddenly next to him replied.

Grimmjow just rolled his shoulders and took off down the hall. He was headed towards the outer dome, where the sounds of fighting could now be heard.

"Why did you say that?" Questioned Ichigo.

"I simply want to test my abilities." Stated Luna.

He blinked, and she was gone.

"And I wish to see yours as well."


As he ran, he found the rest of his fraccion running beside him, with Luna conspicuously absent.

"When did you-


The wall exploded, and he was given an exit.


The outer dome was witness to pure chaos.

The air was rife with cero's and bala's, the likes of which stained the air in various hues of colors. Fountains of gore would spray here and there occasionally at times, indicating someone had been hit.

It was into this chaos that Ichigo and company emerged. Ggio put herself into a feral crouch, her nails digging at the ground. Clearly she was just itching to fight, and it was only her subservience to Ichigo that kept her in check.

But just barely.

"Um...Go?" He gave the uncertain command, and she pounced down to the sands below, drawing her zanpaktou even as she fell, and cleaving an unlucky adjuchas in two before she hit the ground.

Ying and Yang however, maintained cool disposition, and stayed at his side. Their green eyes looked down upon the battle with indifference, as if this was a matter of triviality to them.

Several spikes of reishi bloomed into the air, and Ichigo almost immediately recognized Grimmjow. The sexta espada was amongst the first to release his zanpaktou.

Ichigo however, was loathe to fight in a battle he knew nothing about.

Something is not right. Cautioned Endria, as the trio watched the forces of Las Noches spill out onto the sands.

By this point, Ichigo knew to listen to his zanpaktou.

"What's wrong?"

Company! She hissed, and he barely raised her in time to block.

Steel met steel, and sparks flew about.

Before him stood a woman with long flowing red hair. Her cold blue eyes reflected mild amusement, as did the slight smile she wore. Her mask fragment was a panel on her cheek, barely distinguishable from her skin.

Her zanpaktou was a long sword, longer than even his own, with a golden hilt.

"Oh, so you're Aizen's new favorite?" She purred. "Why am I not surprised?"

"The hell does that mean?!" Snarled Ichigo, as he twirled, twisting Endria free of the clash.

She shouldered her blade over a bare shoulder, as her outfit left most of her upper body, with the exception of her breasts, out in the open. The attire she wore on her upper body was almost like a towel, whereas she wore the arrancar pants.

"I meant what I said. He'll use you just like the rest of us."

He was surprise when she extended a hand to him.

"Come with me Ichigo. Come with me, and let's experience true freedom, just like before!"

Her voice was hypnotic, but he somehow resisted.

"Before?! Who the hell're you?!"

She laughed, and began twirling her zanpaktou by its long chain.

"I see you don't remember me. Perhaps a fight will refresh your memory?"

Midway through spinning her blade, she surprised him by grasping at its long hilt, then pulling. The weapon came apart at the ends, revealing itself to be connected, and not one blade, but two. Their jagged edges gleamed in the moonlight.

"Snap off: Sirena."

"You ready, Ichigo?"

Brown eyes narrowed in confusion.

"Sorry, but I've never met you!"

Two blurs darted to the left and right.

The mysterious woman smiled sadly as Ying and Yang move to flank her.

She wore a sad look now.

" really don't remember me. A pity, but I'm not surprised." Ichigo's response was to take up a stance. She suddenly seemed to be rather confident, despite the fact that it was three against one.

"Come on then! I'll make you remember."

We'll end this quickly Ichigo. Just make use of teamwork, and you'll be able to pin her down.

As if reading Endria's thoughts, Chou smirked.

"Oh? I'm afraid my fight is only with Ichigo." She turned to Ying and Yang, a smile creeping up on her lovely face. "Ah, youth, so confident. Let us see if you two are so confident after this!"

Ichigo stop her! She's going to release!

As if sensing the danger, Yang and Ying had already moved to attack-

But it was a second too late.

"Scream: Sirena!"

A wave of white light blocked her from view...

And everything went black.



All he saw was blackness.


"Its just you and I, Ichigo." She laughed at him. "I've been wanting to talk with you, ever since I found out you were alive."

He saw the massive claw coming nearly too late.

Endria cut it through like butter, but the image faded from sight.

"There's more where that came from!"

He raised his free hand to deflect whatever she was planning, and in doing so, seized her by the wrist. Dim red light began to shine through his fingertips.

This was...

Yes! Like that! Focus your spirtual pressure!

Two other lights, one a ruby red, the other a whitish blue, reflected in its eyes.

The red orb in his hand abruptly turned black.

The trio of lights merged into one, as he held out his palm, and they crossed their arms over his. The result would be a mighty blast, such that the spirit world had never seen.

The orbs became one, a blackish blue red sphere that danced and sparked madly.

NOW! While the reiryoku is at its peak! RELEASE!

He spoke, just as the orb lifted into the air.


As everything went to hell, he raised his arms to block-

The wall of black fire that rushed to consume him...

Hang on!


The sphere of black that had encased the combatants now crumbled apart. A third of Las Noche's dome had been shattered in the blast, and although the self healing stone was beginning to mold shut, it was still an impressive feat.

Revealed from the smoke was an entirely unharmed Ichigo. He sported some burns at the arms and legs, but other than that, he was relatively unhurt.

She, however, was not so lucky.

She was badly burned all over her body, and her zanpaktou lay at her feet. Ichigo looked down at her an actually sad expression marring his features.

"Ow! She gasped out. "Can't you take it easy on me?!"

"You said you knew me. How is that?"

She laughed bitterly.

"It's just like you to forget. You always forget...

"What the hell?"

Careful, she may be planning something...

To make sure she did not, he planted a foot on her blade.

"I've been human my entire life, and I've never seen you before! What's this about my past?! Who are you?!"

"Exactly! We've known each other ever since we were kids! Hell, we even grew up together! Don't you recognize me? Do you remember who I am yet?"

"No I don't!" He insisted vehemently. "Tell me who you are!"

Wincing in pain, she picked herself up, and placed one hand across her chest as she spoke. The other reached up to her hair, and he got a good look at it. Her hair wasn't entirely red, but rather a dark ebony black, streaked with red.

"How about now?"

When he still did not respond, she spoke to him again. As she did, she reached up a hand to lovingly caress his right cheek. The sensation was warm, smooth almost, similair to what he had felt before.

He recoiled from the impact, and the scenery abruptly faded to blackness.

"My name is Chou, remember? Ichigo, I've really missed you-

She brought his face close to his-

And her lips covered his own.

For a second he succumbed to the pleasureable feeling-

Then he recoiled violently.

"Whoa whoa whoa! The hell was that?!"

"Don't you remember Ichigo?" She laughed softly, moving forward to run a finger up and down his chest, an action which sent a shiver running down his spine. "You and I, we're lovers."


Lovers?! Who is Chou, and how does she know Ichigo? For a pic of what she looks like, go to: Bleach: Chou by ~Ivicic47 at deviantart.