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The next couple days passed by so fast, I hadn't realized it was check-out day until I woke up to Edward's eyes staring directly at me, with the most adorable boyish smile I had ever seen plastered on his face.

"Mmm... morning," I said groggily as I rolled from my position at his side to my back and stretched. He said nothing, but his grin grew ten fold. I quirked an eyebrow and looked at him questioningly. "Is it Christmas or something?"

"Better." He leaned over with half his body hovering over mine as he kissed my morning breath tasting lips. "You get to leave this sterilized prison today."

My lips formed a gigantic smile before fading quickly. Would this be his cue to leave again? Now that I was all better, there was no reason for him to be concerned. He could go back to his life without me to hold him back.

"I am also happy…" he whispered into my ear, kissing softly down my neck. "Because that means I can taste, smell and explore your beautiful body, without the faint hint of ammonia, and constant fear of interruptions."

. Yeah, okay I was totally ready to leave too – pronto, and get to the part where he did all of those things.

He pulled away and gave me the infamous crooked grin of doom. That fucking look would do me in any time, any where. And it was, right now. As damp as my underwear had been before, they were nearly soaking now.

"Plus there's a lot to talk about. Like where we're going to college and what we're doing this summer."

Where we're going to college and what we're doing this summer…he was staying. He was trying to figure out our future.

I smiled and he slid off the bed and into the chair beside me just as Charlie stepped through the door.

"Hey kids," he greeted in a cheerful tone I had never heard from him.

"Morning." We replied in unison. Aww we were so cute; I'd be gagging if it was anyone else but us.

"Bells, I'm sorry, but I gotta head back in to work. I really wish I could drive you home but Mrs. Flemming thinks there's another intruder… god forsaken woman, it's probably just another one of her cats that she's lost track of. Anyway, I was going to call Jacob-"

"That won't be necessary Mr. Swan. I'm already here; I can drive Bella home."

Charlie turned his focus from me over to Edward. "Oh, right. Okay then. But Bells, call Jacob. I know he was really worried about you and he wants to spend some time with you before things get crazy with you packing up to move."

Edward turned and looked at me with a questioning gaze. Fuck. College.

"Sure dad, I'll call him later."


"So I assume the move your father was referring to was the big college move?" Edward asked as we drove to my house from the hospital. I had been so relieved that I was leaving that I had completely forgotten my dad's little reminder.

"Mhm, I have to be settled in by August 10th."

Edward turned to me, his fucking sexy smirk spread over his face. "So are you going to tell me where you're going, or do I have to guess?"

"I like the idea of you guessing."

"Okay, hm…" Edward looked back towards the road and bit his lip as if he was in deep concentration.

"Well, I can't imagine you wanting to be too far from Charlie so I think Seattle Pacific University."

"Good guess."

"Does that mean I'm right?"

"No." I smiled brightly, though it quickly faded. I should have been thinking of Charlie when I got my acceptance letters; I should have chosen to stay closer. Hell, I had gotten into the University of Washington and that was relatively close.

We pulled into the driveway and despite my protests; Edward carried my duffle bag up to my room, as I slowly hobbled my way up the stairs. Thank god for walking casts. I'm pretty sure I would have died if I had been forced to walk up the stairs using crutches.

I flopped onto my bed as soon as I was close enough, my head hitting the comfortable pillow. "Ahhh, no more paper sheets," I sighed, hugging my pillow and loving the feel of the soft cloth against my face.

Edward chuckled and moved to lie beside me. "I must say, it's must more comfortable lying with you in a normal sized bed." I released the pillow immediately and snuggled up to his chest. "Agreed."

He ran his fingers through my hair, occasionally stopping to twirl a strand around one of his fingers. "So, college… Where are we going?"

I was embarrassed to tell him. To admit that I had accepted an offer from the school he and I had discussed attending at length multiple times prior to him leaving. I had decided to go there holding out hope that I would see him there. God, I was pathetic.

"University of Alaska," I mumbled into his chest. I felt his body stop moving. I knew he didn't need to breathe, but he always did when I was near him. I think it made him feel like less of a monster –even though he clearly wasn't– or perhaps the reaction was contagious, like yawning.

"Bella, tell me honestly, why did you choose that school?" His voice was low and questioning.

I could feel the blush covering my cheeks and I continued staring out the window as one cheek pressed against his chest. "It's an affordable school and they gave me a very generous scholarship and Charlie mentioned that he always wanted to go ice fishing and I thought he could do that when he came to visit and they have a great Biological Sciences program and I would get to take advantage of a lot of – …"

"Bella…" He cut me off, pulling my chin up to look directly into his incredible topaz eyes.

I looked down. If I was going to be honest I couldn't look at him, even if his gaze was burning holes into my face.

My voice was a quiet whisper, the sound barely escaping my lips. "I hoped you would have continued on with your plan, and would be there."

He dropped his hand from my chin, and looked away towards the window. "I should have never left Bella. You will never know how sorry I am for putting you through that."

"Edward look at me," I demanded sternly. His gaze returned to my face, his eyes full of sadness.

"You regret leaving, yes?"

"Every second of every day."

"And you aren't going to leave me again, are you?"

"Nothing could keep me away."

"And you love me?"

"More than anything in this world."

I smiled softly, and kissed his lips quickly. "Then we're okay. Stop fretting over it. You're here now. We're here, we're good." I rested my head back on his chest, snuggling up even closer.

He sighed and pressed a firm kiss to the top of my head. "You let me off the hook too easily Bella."

"No I don't, I just love you."

"You shouldn't; I don't deserve it."

I twisted around so that I could look up at him, and I traced the line of his jaw with careful fingers.

"How can you say that?"

He quirked an eyebrow at me, "Bella... we've been over this--"

"And I've repeatedly said that you're wrong."

"Just because you say something, doesn't make it so."

Well, if that's not bullshit on ice. I wrenched myself from his grip so that I could sit up.

"So what Edward? Why is it so hard for you to believe that I'm in love with you? That I'm going to stay in love with you? What the fuck is with you sometimes?"

His eyes went to a dark coffee, and it made me want to back track a little. What the fuck just happened?

"Bella, my mere presence around you puts you in a constant state of danger; not just from... others, but from me. What if I snapped one day, and bit you? What if I couldn't stop? Do you not consider these things?"

I rolled my eyes and scoffed, "How many times do I have to tell you that I trust you? And what the hell would be so bad about changing me anyway? Huh? I thought you were back for me; i thought you never wanted to leave me! Well, guess what? When I fucking die, I'll be GONE, Edward! Then what the fuck are you going to do?"

He sucked in a strained and unnecessary breath as his eyes swirled back to a burnt gold. Then he lifted himself from my bed, running a hand through his crazy mane and stood facing my window.

"Bella, maybe this was a mistake; I think I should go."