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Jasper's POV

How could she? She has no trace of a soul! I craved to go back and massacre them all! Rip their throats apart- disembody them one by one, piece by piece, slowly, then watch as the purple fiery smoke burned towards the sky. This was a cause I would be willing to die for!

My teeth chattered in my mouth, I hadn't noticed the huge pressure I had been putting on them. They may have been my elders, my leaders but I still trained their army, I could destroy them all, and if I didn't at least those who I have made suffer and be persecuted at my hands will have a gained consolation- a poor, worthless consolation, but nonetheless some small avengement.

This was my doing!

I had sentenced those innocent people to their deaths twice over! I had been the judge and juror, first as humans and then as what I made them. I felt sickened by myself, I was responsible for this!

My anger slowly disintegrated into tired sadness.

Though they were older and more experienced, I could take them- after all they trained me, and if not why did it matter? If I died it would be justice for my cruelty- I would deserve it.


Each day my depression worsened, there were no other atmospheres to feed on, no positive ones- occasionally I would feel a burst of happiness strong enough to touch my mood- but it never lasted- rather rolled off my back.

The heat reached me before the sun- good thing I had taken the path into the woods. It was befitting that I skulled the shadows like a dark figure. Even as the passion to destroy my makers burned everlastingly, I missed them. The loneliness made me require bloodthirsty company. There they wove together, embedded unbreakably. I saw Charlotte's face and...

I stopped under the cover of a tree. I leaned against it needing the mental support more than the physical. It had been so many decades since I thought of myself, but when the surge began, it broke all the barrages I had built to withstand it, my conscious fought through to a dismal victory.

My body was coiled as I crouched down ready to engage with the scent, a small millisecond reminded me, I pulled up immediately from my crouch. The smell the animal gave off tortured me, it taunted me as an open vein. My weakness was disgusting, I had no self control.

No! I would resist!

I failed.

I fed from the animal a greedy parasite sucking the life from its bones, committing the same act that I had fallen foul to. Once I was done, the accompanying guilt lingered around me, a solid wall each way I moved.

The track was parallel to the human path I was putting myself in the way of temptation. Impulsively I changed course, heading north- caution could not be taken lightly. I never wanted to bump into ...or her soldiers'.

Peter and Charlotte at least they were safe.

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