Mona pulled a starter card from her pocket.

"We have the pigmobile."

Ditto nodded. "It's a start."

"Hold on now, we don't have any equipment, Stefan is gone and through all of our mishaps, I have yet to see a single other monster out there besides those parasites or whatever and they aren't even malignant!" Cosmo said as he heard the conversation between Mona and Ditto.

"Listen kid, you're a fourteen-year-old who hasn't seen the world as this Bartoli baby has. I've seen more this last week than you have seen your entire life, so trust my gut when I say, there are other things out there that I can feel…things only we can stop." Ditto snapped as he ate his sixth pazza, an easy to make food with hardly any nutrition.

Mona walked over to the Bartoli baby and looked at him inquisitively. "I don't care about anything else; I just want Myishi to pay for what they have done to Stefan."

"Listen Mona, I understand how you feel, believe me, but we can't just go guns blazing against a corporation of that magnitude without help."

Mona's curiosity forced her to ask, "What help?"

"We'll talk about it in the morning, in the mean time; see if you can get the pigmobile operational." And Ditto walked off to take his evening nap.

Mona gave a quizzical look towards Cosmo's way, but his blank stare forced her to sigh and she strolled towards the garage to work out her frustrations on the beat up vehicle. The lone teenager stood still and observed his surrounding to see what exactly could be salvaged from this mere shell of what they once called their headquarters. The building was empty, with glass littered throughout the area. All of their screens, equipment and even their furniture was 'recovered' by the Myishi paralegals.

"Hard to believe this all happened to me in a time span of a few weeks. I went from being a stranger to this people, towards being the only thing they have left, God I wish Stefan was here" Cosmo whispered.

He continued to walk around the strange warehouse. The windows were broken and whatever furniture was left was torn and sparsely burned, though Cosmo didn't remember hearing any obsolete, lead-filled gun fire that night, but he disregarded it from his thoughts. The room was huge and empty. Where once stood dozens of screens and computers now stands nothing but empty glass crushed just like our aspirations for the future.

Anything is better, thought the young lad; anything is better than Clarissa Frayne, even this run down, empty building we call our home.

Cosmo looked up to see something blue on the window ceil. He couldn't believe the blue, smooth skinned parasite was there, so close and seeming unafraid of him. But there was no pain within the vicinity; he could hear Ditto snoring and Mona mutter something in Spanish from the garage. The parasite simply stood there and looked his way with its dark, almost pitch black eyes. Cosmo didn't move for fear that the creature would fly away with its long, bat-like wings, but he saw that it didn't glow blue as much as it used to before when he used to hunt them.

The parasite's eyes grew weaker and fainter and it is clearly struggling just to stay on the window. As Cosmo grew nearer, the creature began to sway back and forth until it fell forward and hit the ground with a loud thud!

"Cosmo, what is going on…oh sweet pazza, what did you do to him Cosmo!" Ditto rushed to the parasite to immediately restore his power. He knelt beside the lying beast and cut his hand to allow the creature to absorb his pain.

"Even if they are good, I still don't like'em around" Mona noted as she entered from the garage.

"Why do you have a tendency to despise them when they are nothing but trying to help us all?" said Cosmo.

"Well think about it, we spent most of our time blasting the damn creature and now we're supposed to be all free love and accepting of them? I'm sorry, but in some ways, I still don't trust the putas."

"I guess that is true, but we need to forget the past and just look forward and –"

"Hold on a sec there," Mona interrupted "I will never forget my past because those guys before I became part of this group was my family and I will never forget them for taking me in when I was nothing more than a bastard on the street and I will never forget Stefan for giving me the freedom I enjoy today."

Cosmo looked down after hearing what she hard to say. All he's ever wanted to do was forget his past and all of the torture and testing they had done to him. But was it right? What about Ziplock, how can he forget him? Or what about Stefan, who risked his life to save all of theirs? No, he couldn't forget them and he couldn't forget the place that made him who he is, even if it is about the closest thing to hell.

"This is strange" muttered Ditto, "he isn't being restored to his full energized state."

"Well, maybe the thing is just tried." Mona sarcastically answered, but Cosmo gave a slight nudge to warn her to keep the pestering to a minimum.

"No, there's something wrong out there, I can feel it. I think something is feeding off the energy from the poor thing."

"Who, Myishi?!"

"No Mona, I don't think they had anything to do with it this time."

"Than who else could have done this?" inquired Cosmo.

"I don't know kid, I really don't know."

The blue creature scurried away through the broken windows and was soon out of the sight of the Supernaturalists. They all simply stood there, with their mouths gawked at what just happened. Is this bad? Their old foe is now dyeing out, it's what they have all wanted, isn't it?

"So this is good isn't it? No more of those blasted parasites to deal with." Mona said.

"Mona, did you just forget everything that just happened? They are good, they help us!" Ditto snapped as he defended them.

"It's just hard to get used to the fact that they're our allies. We've fought for them our whole lives and just like that; we're expected to see them as our friends? For God sakes, Stefan gave his life to fighting them and now we're expected to forget that it ever happened?"

"Mona, Stefan gave his life to save us, all of us. We're here because of him. While it is true that he also gave his life to fight them, you have to realize that it was the result of a conspiracy purported by Myishi."

"Whatever, I'm going to work on the pigmobile. In the meantime, I'd look into any those "connections" that you have." Mona ssarcasticly remarked stormed off towards the garage.

"Gah Cosmo, you got quite the handful with your girlfriend there." Ditto walked off into what's left of his room and went to sleep on his bunk.

Cosmo walked over to Stefan's room and sat on his untidy bunk. It's unbelievable that he has lost his leader so quickly and tragically. He slowly got up and walked over to one of the few mirrors still left intact. He began to see that hair was actually growing nicely along his scalp, but the old bump on his heard was replaced with a new one from breaking the glass tank earlier. And also, all this running and nourishment has helped him to gain some fat and muscle. He smiled his pearly, almost unhealthy white teeth, walked out of the room and into the empty warehouse.

He remembered how all the monitors and computers were whirling and beeping with intelligence. Now all that was left was torn wires and an empty area. Cosmo headed towards the remains of the couch. It's been a long day and I need a nap, Cosmo thought and he laid down on the couch to catch up on some sleep.