Ellen Foster wasn't exactly in the best of moods lately. Mr. Shine hasn't contacted her headquarters and funding for the project is beginning to dry up. See, her original intention was to create a lasting power source through the use of the blue creatures, however, a couple of crazy teenage kids called the Supernaturalists foiled her plot and now here she is, stuck in the South Pole to continue working on her project from beforehand. It seems the boss was satisfied with the results, but feels they need to be a bit sneakier about it. Ellen was sitting at her desk in the bare room and just closed her eyes as the engineer in the middle of the room was explaining the status of the generator.

"Are you telling me, these generators are useless?" Ellen angrily asked the man in her office.

The engineer glanced towards the window and looked down at the generators, which was hidden deep beneath the ice. As the turbines moved at a steady, yet slow pace, he answered, "Ms. Foster, you don't seem to understand, this isn't what we were working with before".

She took a long pause and surveyed her bare office. A wooden table with a laptop sat in front of he with the company logo on the main screen, her chair wasn't exactly the newest office chair, but it would do. Aside from that and an empty bookshelf on the left side and the door on the right leading out to the underground factory, there wasn't much to look at.

"Listen, we have bigger things to worry about for the moment, the generator can wait." Ellen sighed.

"Are you talking about—"

"Yes, the unusual reading we've been getting deep beneath the surface of the planet. I'm beginning to think its something worth investigating. Before, we were focused on our little project so I couldn't really look into it."

"I'll get right on it miss."

And after the engineer said those words, a man in a black ski mask opened the door and walked in without so much as a glance towards the engineer. He looked towards the lady siting in the office chair.

"I have some news to report on the children" the man grunted to Helen.

"Go on."

"We've been watching those children for you and they seem to be heading downtown, though the bus lost the connection and plummeted to the bottom."

"I see, did you learn anything else?"

"Well, they went to the Thieves' Guild in the middle of the night, but just the girl and the boy"

"Interesting, probably just looking to get some money."

"Yes, some of my men are scouring Downtown looking for the brats, do you want me to continue looking?:

"Not right now, I'm going to put you on a special assignment. But I'm sure you'll meet up with them soon." She ordered.

"Yes ma'm" and the man left without so much as a look back.

"You know, I've been noticing something strange about the Un-Spec four creatures." Ellen stated casually to the engineer in the white coat. He had stayed silently in the room throughout the conversation.

"What's that?" He inquired, but it wasn't the best response. Suddenly, Ms. Foster pulls out a gun from the drawer and shoots him the leg. The Engineer howled in pain and fell quickly to the floor and began to curse at her with tears in his eyes.

Ellen, looked around for a few minutes and simply glanced at the man as he squirmed on her floor. After what seemed like forever for the man, she got up and walked casually to his side and said "They don't seem to be helping people quite like they used to."