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Chapter 7

Dean and Sam stared down at the hole at the tree's base as if it were a gate to Hell. The brothers were covered in a thick layer of dark soil, and Dean held a cloth bandage against the nail mark at his neck. Blood stained through the white, but he didn't seem to be worried about it.

"I was bait!" he snapped, not for the first time.

The brothers had travelled up to the tunnel and out the barely large enough hole to find a grinning Nick standing with his arms crossed. Sam had attempted to explain Nick's plan without completely blaming the other hunter for their situation. It hadn't worked too well.

"Sorry, lad," Nick said, chuckling. He approached them from behind, pulling a small, child's red wagon behind him. It looked to be overfilled with square, carved stones. "Here's the last of what we need," he said, motioning for the boys to go to work. "When this is done, we won't need the poles to hold them down there."

"So, the Church didn't mind you taking their extra bricks?" Sam asked, picking up two and tossing them into the hole in the tree.

Nick chuckled, looking over his shoulder. The Church was less than a hundred yards away, looking like a steeple-topped cottage amongst the other buildings surrounding it. It was neighboring the park, just as Nick had said. Since it was still the wee hours of the morning, it was empty. As was the park. Thankfully, the city of Florence was too small to have a significant number of bums to play witness.

"For the greater good," the small man answered. "Now, you lads look a bit worn. Why don't you go sit in the van. I'll finish up the marker here."

"This is supposed to stop the fairies from coming up?" Dean asked, somewhat skeptically, as he picked up a stone and tossed it in the hole. "How's that work, again?"

Nick tutted. "Sure, the fae may be attracted to markers from their homeland, but to have one over them puts them to their sleep. This morning will be the last waking one for those three."

"That makes no sense," Dean said. He preferred things that ended with a fire. Fire was absolute.

"These matters rarely do, lad."

Sam stopped what he was doing, his brow furrowed. "Nick?" he asked, turning back to the other hunter. "How'd you do it?"

Dean raised a brow, trying to understand the question.

"Do what?" Nick asked.

Sam frowned, looking around the park at the poles spaced out around them, marking the borders of the fairy nest beneath them.

"We only had three of the poles driven into the ground when we heard the scream." Dean opened his mouth to comment, and Sam cut him off. "I know it wasn't you, Dean—I guess it was when one of the fairies screamed. I went down to get you. But, Nick, how'd you get the other two in the ground? How could you have reached the top of the pole to dig it in?"

Nick's eyes narrowed. "You're saying, then, that a man of my stature couldn't do such a thing? Is that what you're saying?"

Sam looked down, his face abashed. "Well. . ."

"Wait." Dean raised a hand, pointing at his neck. He looked down at Nick. "One of those fairy chicks tried to suck my blood and screamed, said it was poisoned. You do that, too?"

Nick's face was blank for a moment. Finally a small smile grew at his lips. "Say I did," he answered.

"You put something in my drink at the bar?" Dean asked.

Nick didn't speak at first. Sam looked up at the silence, his eyes clearly puzzled. Nick hadn't mentioned anything about poison.

"What, you give me a mega iron pill or something?" Dean added.

Nick sighed. "You two have much to learn about the fae," he said. "I'd never get enough iron in you to harm one of them. But they're deathly allergic to the blood of their own kind."

Dean blinked once. Then twice. "I'm not a friggin' fairy, dude."

"Not you , lad," Nick snorted.

Sam's eyes widened. He had stopped to lay the last brick in the hole. Now he looked back at the small hunter.

"You're a . . ." he began.

Nick smiled brightly and held up a hand. He gestured towards the hole at the tree's base. In an instance, a popping groan rang out and the bark began to move, shifting to cover the hole. Nick's eyes sparkled. He reached up, tipping his green hat to the boys.

"It's been fun, lads, truly," he said. "But I have a job to attend to. After all, the fairy, they take care of their own."

Nick snapped his fingers and faded before their eyes. The Winchester's stared on in stunned surprise.

"Are you kiddin' me?"

Sam nodded in agreement. "That was a leprechaun. That. That was a leprechaun."

"Crap. That's a twist. Or not, considering what we came here fore." Dean looked to Sam. "So. . .what do you think?"

Sam cocked his head slightly, as if still in his own mind. "He's still a hunter, Dean."

Dean raised a brow in agreement. "Yeah. I guess we shouldn't hunt him."

The brothers shook their heads in sync.

"The hotel?" Sam asked.

"My baby where I left her?" Dean asked.

Sam confirmed that the Impala was safe, and the brothers stepped out toward the sidewalk surrounding the park, moving slowly. They'd silently agreed to leave the poles and supplies for the city. Or whoever else came to clean up fairy messes—they didn't want to think too hard on pixie pick-up crews.

"Dean," Sam said, suddenly breaking out of his thoughts.


"You were totally kidnapped by fairies, dude."

"Shut up."


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