Percy's POV

Though I hadn't talked to her since she left me alone on Half-Blood Hill, I was thinking about her every hour, every minute and every second. When I was at school, I was but at the same time I wasn't there. My body moved and was there, but my mind was constantly thinking about Annabeth.

I still couldn't believe that she still hadn't IM-ed me. I didn't have the guts to IM her. What if she didn't want to talk to me?

Throughout the months that we hadn't talked, I realized that I love Annabeth, more than anything. She is my best friend. Am I his? That is the question that bothered me. What if she got mad at me? What if she doesn't consider me her friend anymore? That would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me. My life without Annabeth would be… I can't even describe how my life would be. It would be horrible, terrific, non-sense.

And now, here I am: writing- no- TRYING to write a letter for the girl I love. As I said, I don't have the guts to Iris Message her.

Dear Annabeth. Is that too formal? I have never really written a letter before, except for English.

I decided I would keep the beginning-

I really miss you- no, that's too… true?...

I really want to see you. We haven't talked to each other for three months. I can't think about anything else but you. I'm really sorry for what I told you about Luke. I don't regret my words, but I really need you Wise Girl.

Please write me back or IM me. But I really want to hear from you.

Now, I have to write the end. What should I write: "Love" Or "Your friend?"

I finally put "Your friend, Seaweed Brain."

'Percy! It's dinner time!' called my mom from the kitchen. I closed the letter and took it with me.

I descended the stairs and went to the kitchen where my mom was waiting me with dinner.

'Mom, could you please send this letter?' I said as I gave it to her.

'Is it for Annabeth?' she asked. Sometimes my mom could be really perceptive and observant.

'Yeah' I just answered and shrugged. I didn't want to start talking about my life with my mom. It's not that I don't love her or anything, it's just weird to open up to my mom with situations like that.

We ate and luckily she didn't bring up the Annabeth conversation. We talked about school, Mr. Blofis (my mom's boyfriend) and random stuff.


'PERCY! Wake up! You are late for school.' My mom whispered me in the ear. It's not like I wanted to go to school early, but I didn't have many available schools in Manhattan- I've destroyed most of them, or I've been expelled because of some other reason- but in this school I had to last a little more time. Though monsters were more abundant than usual, I could keep them out of my school. I attended to the school were Mr. Blofis taught Language and I didn't want to give him a bad image.

I showered myself, ate some breakfast and when I was ready, I went to the car, where my mother was waiting.

'Did you send the letter?' I asked her as I opened the passenger door.

'Yes, I've sent it before you woke up.' She said while she started the car and started heading to school.

'Okay, thanks.'

'Percy… about Annabeth…' I cut her before she could even finish the sentence- 'Please mom, let's not talk about it, okay?'

'But it is really necessary Percy. You are not the same since you came back from Camp Half-Blood last summer. I can tell it because you are always thinking, you don't respond to your surroundings, and you never talk about her. Just tell me please what happened.' She whispered the last part, and I could tell she had been thinking about that situation before.

I knew my mom was a very trustworthy person. But I've never really told her ALL the things that happen to me every summer, or on every quest. I think that I even haven't told her about the prophecy.

'Mom, look, we- all the half-bloods and the gods- are going through very difficult times. Kronos, the titan lord, has been reborn, and Luke, Annabeth's former friend/crush is the one who helped him to rise. Kronos, Zeus' father, wants to destroy the gods. But he can't, at least I want it…' I trailed off thinking about the prophecy.

'Wait, wait, wait. You are telling me that you are the only one who can destroy the Olympus?' she asked and almost her eyes bugged out from her face.

'Well, kind of. There is a prophecy that says that one child of the Big Three will have to decide whether the gods or the titans, and I am the guy in the prophecy. But I've made the decision: I'll stay with the gods, I don't even doubt it. But he can still destroy the Olympus starting a war, which has already started.' I kind of explained her. If she knew the kind of danger I was going through she would never let me leave the house again.

'So you are in danger.' She stated when we arrived school.

'All the demigods are in danger. But I'm probably the one who is in most danger, because if I die, Kronos has more chances to have the power.'

'Oh Percy… but why you and Annabeth don't talk to each other now? You have to be together in this times, when you are all in danger.' She said, taking my hand in hers.

'I know mom… but… we kind of had a fight the last time we saw. And that's why I sent her the letter. I told her I was sorry.' I answered her, suddenly finding my hands very interesting.

'But why didn't you IM-ed her?'

'Mom, I gotta go. See you later' I told her and hopped out of the car.


'Hey' someone greeted me from behind. I turned back and Rachel Elizabeth Dare was in front of me. She was a good friend, but not as much as Annabeth. Since I didn't speak to Annabeth (or she didn't speak to me) I didn't speak much to Rachel either. I felt like I was cheating on Annabeth if I had a friendship with Rachel.

'Hey, what's up?' I told her with an ordinary voice.

'Not much and you? Did you speak with Annabeth?' she still had the same attitude: always questioning.

The bell rang and my only thought was saved by the bell. 'See you in class' I told her.

Unfortunately I had the first period with her, so I knew that I was going to have to answer her question sooner or later.

Talking about Annabeth with somebody else didn't make me feel good. It made me feel worse.

First period: History. We were studying Greek Mythology, so I didn't have to pay much attention. When you live it, you know it.

I was making random sketches on my notebook when I heard a new voice.

'Mr. Gates, could I take Percy Jackson one second please? The headmaster wants to talk with him.' A strange man said after he knocked the door.

'Sure.' Said Mr. Gates, my History teacher 'Mr. Jackson, you should go with Mr…' he looked to the man waiting to tell him his name.

'Mr. Hoffins' said the man.

'Sure' I said and got up from my seat but someone stopped me.

'He's a monster' Rachel whispered me.

'What kind of?'

'I don't know, but it is very weird. I have never seen it.'

'Okay, I guess I'll have to handle with it' I said and went outside with "Mr. Hoffins". I put a hand on my pocket to see if I had Riptide with me and of course my loyal ball pen/sword was there.

Mr. Hoffins/the monster didn't leead me to the principal's office (of course I had expected that, the monster wasn't stupid enough to lead me there), instead he led me to the outside.

'Well Son of Poseidon, here we are. Someone has sent me to kill you.' Meanwhile the man was turning into a kind of Lastrygonian. I say "kind of" because it had something more: it had like a horn on his forehead.

'The one who will be killed is going to be you' I answered back while I uncapped Riptide.

'We'll see that' It said.

I went towards the monster and I tried to stick my sword into his chest, but I couldn't because of two reasons: one, because his skin was impenetrable, it was so think, that no sword could break it. And two, it kicked me and I flew twenty feet and hit a wall.

When I got back to where the monster was, it wasn't there anymore.

I checked in my surroundings.

Not there.

Though the "fight" (or confrontation where a stupid monster kicked my ass) had been short, I was very hurt.

I first went to the restrooms to clean up my face a little; I felt that I was bleeding.

After cleaning my face, which was covered in blood, like I had predicted, I went back to class.

'What did the principal tell you Mr. Jackson?' asked Mr. Gates.

'Not much, he only wanted to know if I was going well at school.' I lied flawlessly. After so many secrets in my life, I could probably win an Oscar. I could lie and not even my mom would realize.

'Oh.' That was all he said. He looked a little disappointed, but I didn't mind it.

When I went back to my desk, the moment when my butt touched the chair I received a letter on my desk. It was from Rachel, of course.

"So? Could you defeat it?"

Before answering it, I ate a little of Ambrosia and Nectar. I soon recovered.

"I don t really know. It was like a Lastrygonian but it had a very thick skin and a horn on his forehead. When I reached its skin it was so thick that my sword couldn't penetrate it. And then it kicked me off. When I got back to where it was, it was gone."

She read it and sent me another paper.

"Do you think you destroyed it?"

When she looked at me I shook my head. I really didn't think that I had killed the monster.


School passed quickly. I couldn't get my thoughts off Annabeth. I hoped she would IM me, or answer my letter.

I was two blocks from home when I noticed something behind me.

I turned back and Mr. Hoffins/the monster was standing right in front of me. And I was trapped. In my left it was the street, and in my right, there was an alley.

'So, here we are again Perseus Jackson.' He said and immediately ran towards me, trying to attack me.

I uncapped Riptide and attacked back.

I stuck my sword at its chest, but again, it didn't work.

It kicked my ribs causing a few bone fractures; I could hear the Crack that they made when the monster hit me.

Then as I lay on the ground, I thought of the monster's weakness. But I couldn't find anything.

Then, suddenly I thought about the extraordinary horn on his forehead. That must be his source of power, or something like that. If I cut it off… then I got up and went towards the horn. But something went wrong, really wrong.

When I cut the horn, it stuck in my arm.

And then it disappeared.

I had never felt a pain similar to this one. I wanted someone to kill me, it was a torture.

I tried to think.

I needed to get some of the gods' food. But I didn't have anymore; I'd eaten it all this morning. So I ran as fast as I could to my flat.

The last thing I remember is that I couldn't reach for the door. Instead, I fell when I was going to enter my hand touched the doorknob.