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Chapter one

Summer camp from Hell

The sun shone brightly thought the window of the high apartment buildings in Odaiba. On the twenty-fifth floor in a large bedroom standing beside a bed with an open suitcase was a young girl of twelve wearing a knee length black and red skirt with a flower belt and a black and red-stripped tank top with off the shoulder sleeves. The spaghetti straps tied around her neck. Her hair was pulled into a low ponytail; red streaks could be seen through the black.

Her name was Yumi Yamamoto; she was preparing to go to summer camp that her mom was forcing her to go to. The two of them never really saw eye to eye that much since the move from their old place. She felt since that was happening this was one of the reasons why Hitomi (Yumi's mom) wanted her out.

While she was packing away a few of her clothes and books, she was talking with her close friend Victoria Sato by headset phone. Victoria was the same age as Yumi with an inch between them. As a young child Victoria saw more foster parents than she did her own mother after she gave up. Victoria now lived with her new adoptive parents Akima and Yamato. Both were complaining about the whole trip each parent was forcing them to go to.

"I still can't believe we are being dragged to this, I rather be at school writing an exam or hanging here and not actually interacting with other kids," complained Yumi as she folded her pair of jeans and placed them in the suitcase.

"I hear you, Akima is not giving me a choice in the matter, I have to go if I like it or not. She actually threatened me she would come with me on the bus and actually go to the camp site if I refused again," Victoria replied, footsteps sounded in the room. Victoria was one of those people where she would call Akima by her first name if she was ticked off at her or she didn't have things go her way.

"Oh gods, please tell me you're kidding me."

"I wish I were. So I basically kept my mouth shut to keep from dealing with the embarrassment of Akima coming with us. I'm reluctantly agreeing to go on this thing, thank gods I'm going with you. Promise me you won't leave my side during this entire trip."

"Done deal!"

Yumi paced back and forth in her room constantly grabbing more clothes or books or kept thinking she forgot something. She finally stood in the middle of the partially messy room and looked around confused.

"Hey Victoria are you bringing that black bag of yours? The carrier one?" Yumi asked.

"Yeah, why are you not?"

"I am, it's just the problem that I can't find it," Yumi responded turning on the spot.

"Please tell me your room is not a mess again."

"Oh no, but it's going to be if I don't…ah ha, never mind found it, I'm just blind."

"Very smooth Yumi."

"Have you gotten hold of Kiva yet?" Yumi asked placing the carrier bag on her bed.

"She emailed me earlier saying that she would rather killer herself now than deal with this shit. But she prefer to get out of the house for the two weeks."

"Has she said anything more about her reasons behind her wanting to be away from her house?"

"No, I'm not going to ask her. If she wants to talk she will," Victoria replied grimly. Kiva had been their friend for four years, and they only knew pieces of her past, mainly that she refused to speak, and that her father had died in a car accident.

Yumi could hear footsteps coming from Victoria's place; she knew that Victoria would still be gathering everything. Yumi picked a few things off the ground to put away in the drawers. As she was doing that, Victoria started to talk again.

"Oh I tried to talk Akima into allowing me to go to that art camp, the one where you can express yourself."

"There was what?" Yumi asked slowly lifting her head up from the suitcase and stared into space, horror written on her face.

"You didn't know? I'm surprised. Well any way, I begged Akima to let me go, but she refused."

Yumi placed the final pieces into her suitcase with a sigh as she fell back on her bed. Sneezing could be heard from the other side of the headset, Yumi raised her eyebrow in wonder.

"Who was that?"

"Danielle…" Victoria said turning her head to look at her cousin who was lying next to her suitcase half on the bed. "Wait, she's not coming with us?" Yumi asked shocked.

"No, she pretended to be sick so she could stay home the other day. Unfortunately it came back to bite her in the butt and she's actually come down with a cold today. She is not a happy camper; she wanted to be home and healthy."

"Aw poor Dani. This is going to be really weird." It didn't matter where or what the two girls did Dani was always there with them.

A few minutes later, both closed their suitcases at the exact same time and let out a sigh. Without warning voices called from the other side of their rooms.

"Yumi, I'm leaving!" called Hitomi.

"Victoria, let's get a move on, you don't want to be late," called Akima.

"More than she knows. Well I guess I'll let you go and see you shortly."

"See yeah."

Yumi turned off her headset after taking it off and set it on her bed beside her suitcase and duffle bag.

"This is going to be a long week."

Picking up her belongings, Yumi left her room with a sad look before going into the hallway where her mother stood with her keys in hand waiting for Yumi.

"You all set?"

"Unfortunately," Yumi grumbled.

"You better lose the attitude young lady, this is one of the reasons you don't make too many friends."

"I'm sorry I didn't know that you actually have a problem with my attitude and I already have two friends: Victoria and Kiva. You remember them right?" Yumi fumed.

The two of them already made their way to the car and were already on the road, the conversation kept getting more heated.

"Yumi, it's attitudes like those that won't get you far in life."

"Maybe this is how I am, and the way I'm going to remain. If you have a problem with that deal with it."

"I don't understand what your problem is; you never acted like this before. Is it because your father and I divorced?"

"No mom, you never put it into consideration that maybe it was the whole thing that I was removed from my old friends back in Highton View Terrace, or the fact that I had to start fresh, meet new friends start a new school. It's not that simple for a child. Thank gods Victoria has always been there, and now Kiva."

Hitomi didn't say another word, only sighed. Yumi stared out her window at the passing cars. She so desperately wanted to be out of the car, away from her mother and far away from the camp as possible.

It was five minutes later when the car finally came to a stop. Hitomi turned the ignition off, opened her door and got out. Yumi stayed inside for a few minutes refusing to leave. A knock sounded on the glass startling her out of her daydream. Looking up at the noise she saw Victoria standing there.

"Hey, am I ever glad to see you," Yumi said opening the door and embracing her friend.

"Let me guess, Hitomi driving you insane?" Victoria guessed.

"Yes, it was 'let's play 20 questions'. You have no idea how annoying it is."

"You still haven't told her the actual reason have you?" Victoria asked

"Not all of it, but unfortunately I'm not really sure I can actually tell her," Yumi sighed taking her suitcase and carrier from the trunk. "Where's Kiva?"

"I haven't seen her yet, she might be on one of the buses already."

It took five minutes to get everyone officially on the bus and get on the road. Yumi nor Victoria could find Kiva in all the hectic array of kids, but they were certain she was somewhere. A non-stop array of chattering started up with all the other kids. Yumi and Victoria who were now sitting in the back rolled their eyes and just sighed. Obviously the two girls realized that Kiva was not in fact on this bus.

The bus ride went smoothly; Yumi rested her head on the glass and closed her eyes. Victoria kept her head back against the seat while listening to her music. Yumi couldn't get the concept of her mom re-dating out of her head. The last guy her mom was with was a major ass who had a habit of hitting her for no apparent reason, but her mom never noticed or paid attention. She had prayed for years during those times that she was with her father, it would of saved her so much turmoil.

The trip itself took five long hours; the girls fell asleep while everyone else continued their long conversations. Slowly their voices became only murmurs as the two went into a deep sleep. The anxiety of going to the camp stayed at the back of their heads; it was going to be a very long and painful two weeks. The two were just lucky to have another friend who could help with the problem.

A screeching sound of breaks jolted Yumi and Victoria out of their sleep. Looking around both realized they were at the campsite, a disgusted look spread across their faces when both were finally wide awake.

"Oh goody, a full week here with all these annoying preppy people. This is going to be torture," groaned Yumi angrily.

"I hear that. I say we stay away from them as long as possible and do our own thing. They can't tell us what to do," Victoria declared.

Exiting the bus with their belongings, everyone headed to just outside the bus waiting for the rest of the kids to get off and their teacher to give them instructions. A sense of annoyance and irritation built up inside the two friends as the others kept talking or reuniting with old friends from the other bus.

"Please just kill me now, or I'm going to kill them myself," Yumi vowed crossing her arms and leaned against the bus beside Victoria who kept her head down.

After the teachers gave the instructions from what was going on and where exactly everyone was suppose to be for cabins, everyone headed in their directions. Yumi and Victoria took their suitcases and carrier bags and followed behind a group of girls heading to one of the cabins.

"Oh god, I think the freaky Goth chicks are with us," said one of the girls with curly blond hair.

Yumi and Victoria both rolled their eyes as they continued to walk past them.

"How immature can you get?" Yumi asked.

"Where is Kiva?" grumbled Victoria searching the crowd ignoring the girls altogether.

Entering one of the cabins, first thing Yumi and Victoria saw were five doors, each leading to a room. One of course led to the only bathroom in the entire cabin, the others led to bedrooms with bunk beds. Some held three bunks others four.

Without moving an inch from their spot the other girls raced to the four rooms and picked their beds for the two weeks. Yumi and Victoria took their sweet time heading into the third bedroom surprised to see five bunks, there were two beds left, and thankfully it was an empty bunk. Placing their things on the beds Yumi and Victoria sat on the bottom bed cross-legged.

"This is going to be one long and pain in the ass time here, I already want to go home."

"Then why don't you? You don't fit in here any way," replied one of the girls, she seemed to be friends with the first girl. She had light brown wavy hair.

"Why don't you bite me? Trust me I would love to go home right now, but unfortunately my mom won't let me."

The rest of the day consisted of playing games outside, which Victoria and Yumi stayed away from and sat underneath a shaded spot merely watching them. Victoria decided to bring out one of her books to read to keep her mind occupied while Yumi decided to head down to the water to go for a swim.

As much as the two weren't keen on any fun activities or sports, they weren't picky when it came to swimming. It was the only thing the two loved to do.

"Mind if I join you?" asked a boy's voice several minutes later.

Yumi who was now relaxing on her back flipped over to see a young boy of eight with blonde short hair. He was wearing red trunks ready to go swimming.

"I don't care, it's just water," Yumi replied going back to her relaxation.

The boy jumped in and began to play around, he reminded Yumi of Victoria's cousin Danielle.

"Hey Yumi, dinner is ready, you going to eat?" Victoria called from the shore two hours later.

"Yeah, I'm coming. Hey kid, better get out of the water, dinner is ready."

Yumi swam up to shore and walked out. Water dripped off her as she trudged over to her towel. Victoria still stood there in her black jeans and short black t-shirt with silver designs on it.

"Who was that kid?"

"I don't know, just another boy. He reminds me of Danielle though, I'll have to admit," Yumi replied wrapping her towel around her and strolled toward the cabin beside Victoria.

"How so?"

"I don't know he just does."

During dinner all the campers sat outside at long benches with their plates in front of them. On them were fish, rice and vegetables. The fish had been caught during the time that Yumi was in the water. Sounds of rushing water could be heard a few feet away from the land. Yumi and Victoria sat at the end close to the water to be by themselves away from all the talkative people. A few feet away sat a young girl about two years younger with reddish brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. She sat with her friends, the same ones who were dissing Victoria and Yumi earlier, talking away. The girl wore blue jeans and a pink tank top with flowers rising from the hem up.

Beside the little group was the little boy Yumi saw earlier now wearing black shorts and a green t-shirt. Beside him was an older boy of eleven with blonde hair; he looked exactly like the little one. Victoria pointed out that they were in fact brothers.

"Wait a minute, didn't we go to the same elementary school with the older one back in Highton View Terrace?" Yumi asked studying the boy's features.

"I think so, he does look familiar."

"I do recognize that one boy. Okay, past the group of girls the one with light brown hair, isn't that James Akimoto? He was in one of my classes back in elementary school when they decided to hold me back," Yumi explained.

Dinner went by, Victoria and Yumi did more remembrances with people. When it got late everyone headed to his or her cabins for a goodnights sleep. Yumi climbed to the top of the bunk while Victoria slid in the bottom. The other girls in the cabin were settling into bed, but weren't close to sleep yet.

"Anyone have any good scary stories?" asked the same girl Yumi and Victoria saw earlier. Yumi recognized her as Tora.

"I do, but I'm not sure any of you are actually up for it," replied Yumi flipping over to rest on her stomach.

"Try us."

"All right. It started a long time ago in a campsite just like this one. There were three campers who like to wander off a lot during the night, none of the camp advisers ever noticed. But one night it got bad, real bad. The three decided to enter further and further into the forest, just like the ones here. Weird animal sounds could be heard all around as the forest began to become thick and dark. They knew they were lost, and neither one cold remember the way back.

"Of course during this time a maniac had recently escaped an asylum and he was out to kill. He had his own ways of killing; one of his popular ways according to the police was by stabbing his victim through the heart and pulling it out before hacking away it the person.

"Branches on the ground began to snap in half, the frightened campers didn't know if it was caused by an animal or by something else. It had been hours now and terror soon overcame the three friends.

"Further and further they went from the safety of camp and further still into the thick forest. An eerie mist soon began to surround them. Weird inhuman noises sounded, and it was definitely not coming from the animals. Those sounds were long gone. With nothing else to do the three campers stopped in their tracks. Rustling noises sounded behind them, at first each one thought it was their councillors looking for them. So one of them shouted out to the unknown person.

"We're over here! We're over here!"

"It went silent. The three were terrified. All that could be heard was the racing of their hearts pounding in their chest. The footsteps got closer. Their breath caught. Why wasn't the person responding to their call? Was this someone they could trust?

"We need to keep moving. I don't trust this, if it were a councillor they would have replied," replied the second.

"But we could get even more lost," remarked the third.

"With nothing left to do, the girls split up into different sections. Heavy footsteps sounded behind one girl. In seconds a deafening cry pierced the still night air. The other two froze in terror. Taking their chance both continued to run. Once again heavy footsteps sounded again. The second girl let out a blood-curdling scream as the blade pierced her flesh stabbing her beating heart. Warm blood dripped down her body as the killer took out the bloody knife and began to slice off every part of her body, until her limbs were separated.

"What happened to the other girl is still a mystery; some say she escaped the forest unscathed. Others say she was just as mutilated at the others. But one thing for sure the killer still roams the forest. He carries the still bloody knife ready to kill again…" a bang sounded on the window causing the girls, except for Yumi and Victoria, to scream. The two just snickered when they looked over to see some rowdy boys looking in.

"Calm down it's just some arrogant jerks. Come on, it's time for bed I'm exhausted. Oh and if you girls have to talk, please be in a whisper or I swear you wish you met the crazed killer," Yumi said curling up under her blankets and closing her eyes.

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