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Chapter 61

Return to Hell

Aug. 4th (Midnight)

The streets were dark, desolate and barren. The usual rush of cars seemed to disappear altogether and the party goers and tourists all dispersed of the streets and opted for the sanctuary of their houses. Only the street lamps provided light for any weary traveler. The full moon held her sway high in the sky surrounded by the twinkling stars. Down the quiet, abandoned streets, a single silhouette of a man strolled down the sidewalk dressed in a classy looking black suit.

His strides held a purpose the further he traveled down the street to his destination. The hideout was far behind him and the hospital still a distance away. Vlad Masters was out on a hunt; even though the prey wouldn't put up much of a fight. That was not style; he would prefer to go after someone who would attack back. It made the fight more interesting.

"I still don't understand why you have to come with us again," Phantomon grumbled floating next to Vlad; his scythe was resting very close to Vlad's head. Annoyance filled the Digimon's eyes as he eyed the halfa. It didn't take much to annoy the Digimon around the older ghost.

"Because unlike the two of you, I happen to know exactly what room the boy is in and what equipment to bring," Vlad shot back as he glared at the Digimon with fury. He easily pushed the scythe away from his neck, a mere joke in his mind.

Heavy footsteps sounded behind the two, indicating SkullMeramon was still trailing behind them. For a time, the two thought he disappeared somewhere. Just like Phantomon, SkullMeramon was another that despised having the halfa join with them. This was their mission first, their priority, their problem.


The hideout turned quiet as the Digimon and Ghost took off not wanting to be on Myotismon's hit list at the time being. The only ones that remained behind as instructed by the vampire were Phantomon, SkullMeramon, DemiDevimon (although it was more his choice in the matter), Kudamon and Vlad Masters. Phantomon, Kudamon and DemiDevimon were still recuperating from the ice attack the other day.

As for Myotismon, he thought it would be an opportune time to pay Constantine a visit. It had been over three hours since he left the quivering boy. Smirking, the sadistic vampire opened the door leading to Constantine's cell. A sickening grin came over his features as he saw the broken boy. The left eye was still just as puffy and black and blue as the other night if not worse. A growing bruise on his right cheek from where Myotismon punched his cheek catching him off guard. His nose was broken and bleeding from the assault. Dried blood ran down the front of his face and down to his chin. Multiple bite marks ran from his neck, along his shoulder and on the other side. The boy looked like he was a blood whore with all those marks.

The bruises on his arms, torso and legs differed in shade from blue, purple and black to yellow and green to those that had time to heal. His torn and tattered shirt became a mere loose fabric hanging precariously off his shoulders. The sleeves were ripped off leaving the arms bare. The pants that were once in tact were torn and ripped. Blood splatters could be seen on the fabric.

The boy was currently in a fitful slumber, he managed to get some sleep after the monster left the room. It wasn't much but it was enough. Constantine had no idea what was in store for him at the moment; his mind was far from the room as possible. He didn't realize the danger he was in the longer he stayed slumped against the wall.

Myotismon stared down at the teen's unconscious form. So weak, so fragile. For sure he thought the boy would put up more of a fight. What a typical weak human, even with the unique background of his. It became no fun when he could not enjoy some fun. Moving back his foot, Myotismon gave a swift kick to Constantine's sides earning a yelp of pain as the teen woke up with a start. His breathing was heavy and ragged as the sharp pain radiated through his system. He learned that any tears would result in even more pain.

"My dear, Costica, it is time to wake. I think you've slept long enough," Myotismon sneered.

Constantine groaned as his dull eyes looked up at his captor, he hoped his dreams were true that he was far away from the wretched place. Fatigue and weariness were sunk into every line of his body. Although it hadn't been very long since he was brought to the cold, dreary place; in Constantine's mind it felt longer. What the psychotic vampire was doing to him was enough to make him physically sick.

Scoffing at the sight, Myotismon sunk low on to the ground in front of Constantine. He knew that the boy still held on to a portion of his will and spirit. No matter how many times Myotismon attacked, he couldn't break his spirit. He took the boys chin into his hand and lifted it so Constantine's now pale eyes were facing him.

"You are just like the other pathetic, weak humans in this city."

"If I'm so weak, why don't you just kill me?" spat Constantine weakly glaring at the vampire.

"You are too valuable to me, my dear Costica. Your blood is enough to satisfy my hunger. And trust me, I will soon find out those hidden images. Meanwhile," Myotismon said smirking. "I require something of you now."

Constantine tried to fight to get away from the horrible creature but it was a losing battle. His body was so exhausted, moving was impossible. He felt the two sharp teeth penetrate his neck before the creature's tongue lapped against his skin. Over the past few days, Constantine saw a pattern with Myotismon's visits. If someone from his army was killed by the Digidestineds, Constantine was beaten and whipped. If one of them failed he was beaten. Boredom- Constantine shuddered at the thought. It was only when the rest of the army was gone that Myotismon would take a better interest in the boy. The feeding was something he could actually handle.

Unlike the other feedings, this one seemed to be a quick one. Constantine didn't argue over it, he was just glad he could rest after all this. Weary eyes gazed up at his assailant seeing him leave the room once more.

Myotismon returned to the open area once more where Phantomon and Kudamon stood in the open area along with SkullMeramon. Soft voices spoke amongst each other over planning how to take on the Digidestineds if any of them decided to intervene. Their voices slowly died off at the entrance of Myotismon. Turning slowly, the three dropped to one knee before their Dark Lord.

"Listen up; I have a new mission for the two of you. There has been sighting of Kota's whereabouts. He is in a hospital not far from where we are. I want him back here now. Phantomon, SkullMeramon, I want you two to go to the hospital and bring back my pet," ordered Myotismon.

"Yes my lord, we won't fail you," Phantomon replied bowing. A hint of malice lined his voice as a cruel smile formed on to his face hidden behind the cowl.

Footsteps echoed along the cold, concrete flooring behind the three Digimon. While the other Digimon were out patrolling the streets along with the ghosts who didn't want to stay inside. It took a moment to register who the footsteps belonged to before the three turned to face Vlad. He was wearing his trademark black suit and white dress shirt with his hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

"May I suggest for myself to go along with the two Digimon? I have a better grasp on the city; I can easily get to the room without any questionings. And I know exactly what needs to be taken for his current situation, better than what these three can pull off," Vlad replied in a very bored tone.

SkullMeramon and Phantomon growled at the tone and undermining of the newcomer. How dare he take over their mission? He should have backed off and let them handle it. They weren't stupid; both could pull off the mission without a hitch.

Myotismon didn't miss a beat at the hostile reaction of his second in command and brute force. A dark grin formed over his face as a plan came to mind. "Fine, go with them. But there is to be no harm to my pet."

Quiet curses sounded from Phantomon and SkullMeramon as the two turned back to face Myotismon. Looks of shock and disbelief were revealed on their faces. Was he kidding? How could their Dark Lord do this to them?

"What are you three waiting for?" Myotismon snapped. "I gave you three an order! Go!"

Not wanting to anger Myotismon even more, Phantomon SkullMeramon did a quick bow before leaving the room with Vlad. Vlad only smirked at the vampire Digimon before following the other three Digimon.

~End flashback~

Phantomon stopped in front of Vlad wanting make his point very clear. He highly doubted the halfa was even listening. "Just remember halfa, this is our mission, not yours!" Phantomon hissed deadly. "You can stay out of our way."

"Don't worry, I will. I'm just here to assist, not take over," Vlad replied hotly.

Once more the three began to stroll down the street as silence followed them. Vlad couldn't help but chuckle inwardly. How territorial could these Digimon possibly be? He could easily get into their heads and really mess with them. How could he be viewed as a threat by them? Oh well, it wasn't like he was going anywhere any time soon.

Clouds began to form in the sky covering the stars and slowly over the bright moon. Only the street lamps remained shining the way for the time being. Block after block leading from the lair became greater the further they got to the hospital. While the rest of the city shut down for the night, the hospital was lit up like a Christmas tree.

"All right, this is what I want you to do, SkullMeramon. I want you to take out the streetlights; I don't care how, just do it. In fifteen minutes I want you to take out the power of the hospital. There is a power supply along the east end. You will find a power generator, easy way. Phantomon, go locate an ambulance; I'm sure you will find something in the garage on the West side. When the power goes out, bring it up."

Phantomon glared at the halfa, he refused to listen to him. Besides, was he insane? Him getting a vehicle? He would barely reach the pedals.

"Unless you have something better, let's get to work."

Phantomon let out a sigh as he nodded toward SkullMeramon to go do his part of the plan while Phantomon flew toward the garages on the other side of the building. He would rather be anywhere else other than there.

While the Digimon did that, Vlad headed into the hospital casually. It could have been easy to simply fly up to the hospital room and take the child that way. No one would be the wiser. However, in Vlad's mind, there could be different mistakes, and bad scenarios. There were nurses on rounds and no doubt nurses constantly checking on Kota.

The sliding doors automatically opened when Vlad got to the doors. Striding into the well lit, bright hallway, Vlad strolled casually down the halls. There were a few patients in the waiting room, some with severe wounds, others, who appeared fine externally, internally there was something very wrong.

Nurses either sat behind the desks typing away on their keyboards trying to find possible remedy's for something, or organizing patients from dire to lease concern for the doctors. There were other nurses that made their rounds down the hallway. Some went to check on the patients that were staying there; others were on missions for the doctors.

Vlad bypassed the waiting patients and the nurses' station. He never made eye contact with the nurses or any of the orderlies. He was well known at the hospital, being the CEO and a high donator. None of the nurses heeded him much attention as he continued along to the elevator. A few of the nurses strolling down the halls on the other hand waved to him and gave him a quick hello.

When Vlad got to the elevators and got into the lift, he let out a sigh as he watched the numbers move up to the fifth floor. As Vlad stood in the elevator waiting, he easily split himself into a second version of himself. The duplicate version turned itself into a shadow preparing to overshadow anyone who got in their way. This floor on the other hand would prove to be a little trickier. There were double the nurses on the floor, seeing as it was the ICU flooring. Much of the patients there were ones with serious medical problems or for some, comas.

"Mr. Masters, what an honour it is to see you. What brings you here this late night?" inquired a young nurse with long ebony hair.

"Good evening, my dear. I'm just here to pay someone a visit."

"Sir, you do realize that visitation times are long since over," the young nurse explained in a soft voice. Behind the young nurse, unbeknownst to her, Vlad's other self floated behind her before going into her body. All was quiet between the two for a moment before she opened her eyes revealing red pupils.

"Oh I do realize, but it is important."

"Right sir, I will let you be on your way."

Vlad watched the nurse step aside and make her way down the hall leaving Vlad on his own. After she turned the corner, the double ghost returned to Vlad. 'This is going all so well.'

Getting to room 1506 a moment later, Vlad turned the handle and opened the door leading into the room. The sounds of beeping could be heard throughout the whole room. The ventilator could be heard as it rose and fell, helping to keep the young teen breathing. Vlad entered the room, shutting the door behind him and locked it; he did not need any disturbances from the nurses. He gazed around the room taking everything in. Monitors remained close to the bed; there was one for the heart and breathing. IV's hung on the pole, in one of the bags was filled with nutrients. Moving some of these machines would prove interesting to get back to the lair. Each one was needed in keeping the boy alive.

His eyes flickered over to the window that sat next to the bed. Strolling over to the medium sized window; Vlad looked outside to see the streets were completely dark, SkullMeramon really moved quickly to do something. Now all he had to do was wait for the power to go out in the hospital for the rest of the plan to go underway. He hated the idea of waiting, if it were up to him, he would have gotten the child out of there already and back to the lair without worrying about anyone else. He rolled his eyes as he turned around to stroll over to the bed again. Vlad knew quite a bit about patients who were in a coma. How susceptible they were to pneumonia and other infections. Vlad knew the danger it would be to Kota to bring him to the dingy area, the child could end up getting sick, or worse. Although, he could figure out how to keep the boy safe.

Lazily, Vlad picked up the clipboard with the boys medical chart; on it was Kota's medical history and care while he had been present at the hospital. Flipping through the pages, Vlad saw a variety of notes written by the doctors and nurses that tended to him. A lot of the notes were of recorded observations, administration of drugs and therapies over time, orders for the administration of said drugs and therapies, test results, x-rays and scans. The kid for the past five years had been through a lot that was for sure. Vlad didn't pity the boy in anyway. For him to wake up any time soon would be hell. The boy's body might have been the age of thirteen, but Vlad was sure the mentality state would be that of an eight year old.

Placing the chart back down, Vlad eyed the machines, all of them were easily transportable, and keeping them operational could prove tricky. Just as Vlad went to see if everything could be moved at once, the room suddenly went dark. Obviously the rest of the hospital was plunged into darkness. He was unsure if the back of power would kick in, or if the flame Digimon took out everything.

Outside during the time Vlad was moving through the hospital, Phantomon was searching the grounds for indication of an ambulance. He still wasn't hundred percent sure what exactly an ambulance looked like. Although, being out at night searching for the Tenth Child, there were times him and Kudamon spotted different vehicles. Some of them had names on the sides, differentiating them from other vehicles. He was very cautious as he kept looking around in the open parking lot, the light from the street lamp shone brightly. If he wasn't careful, he could be spotted by the humans roaming around.

After a little while, Phantomon located the entrance to underground parking. Moving in closer, Phantomon cautiously scanned the area preparing to attack anyone who showed up. He wasn't afraid by any means, right now; he didn't need to blow their cover after these few days of being on Earth. Entering the dark area, Phantomon floated down the ramp leading into the parking lot. The area was abandoned, during the day it was usually packed full of cars of those who worked, patients and visitors. Deciding to take a look at the place, Phantomon flew around eyeing the place, the space was huge. Other areas of the place led to different levels, more places to explore. Phantomon decided against it knowing that he was on a mission. He still fumed over being ordered around by Vlad, there was no reason for it. Myotismon was his Master, the only one to give him orders.

As he kept searching, the lights flickered off just as he came to a red and white truck at the far end of the garage. A smile filled the Digimon's face when he finally found something just in time. The only thing he was irritable about was Vlad's idea of sending him to get the transportation while SkullMeramon killed the lights. Yes, the cyborg Digimon was huge and probably couldn't fit into the vehicle, he would at least be able to reach the pedals.

"Oh bios…how in the Digiworld did I get stuck with this," sighing, Phantomon moved further and opened the door. An amusing smile came across him when he realized that the door was unlocked. Getting inside the truck, Phantomon sat on the driver's seat staring at all the switches and gear stick and wheel. There was no way in hell he would be able to get back to the front of the hospital. As he looked around steering wheel, he noticed the keys in the ignition. Now wasn't this convenient? Whoever was driving this didn't realize they left something behind. "Vlad, you better be ready."

Vlad could hear the running footsteps of the nurses as they went to investigate the problem. He knew that it was going to be crazy out in the hall. Thinking quickly, Vlad moved toward the bed and added placed the pole holding the IV on to the bed next to Kota and moved the other two machines at the head of the bed as he began to push it toward the door. Turning intangible was obviously his only option, to get past the nurses was crucial. Where most would require three or so people to move everything from point a to point b, for Vlad, this was nothing. His ghost super strength really came in handy.

Passing through the doors and down the hall undetected, Vlad noticed that the nurses weren't running around the halls any more. The halls were calm, indicating the nurses were either back at their desks after being told they needed to keep calm, or making sure that the other patience were all right.

By the time Vlad got to the stairs, he returned to normal knowing that he would be safe. Descending the flight of stairs was darker and harder to see. Vlad gave up after a certain time to go from walking to flying. This made everything so much simpler and took less time. All he had to do now was get through the first floor without problems and get outside. The main flooring turned into a ghost town compared to when he came in. This was so much better for him, all he had to do now was get through the doors and meet up with Phantomon and SkullMeramon.

When Vlad got outside the only thing that could be seen in the pitch black was the ambulance sitting in front of the doors. Phantomon and SkullMeramon stood outside the truck waiting for the halfa to get out of the hospital.

"Took you long enough to get out here," Phantomon said.

"Had a few things I had to take care of. We'll be on our way once we get Kota into the back."

"What about those?" Phantomon asked pointing to the machines.

"Coming with us. Right now, this is all keeping Kota alive."

Vlad didn't waste any more time as he pushed the bed and machines to the back while SkullMeramon gave him a hand. Making sure everything was secure and Kota strapped in safely, the two left the back of the track. Phantomon saw no other option but to get into the back while the other two got into the front.

The drive down the streets leading to the lair was faster and better. Who would suspect an ambulance driving down the streets holding a coma patient being taken to a lair? Vlad stayed focused on the road not bothering to say anything to the two Digimon. They got the child, now all they had to do was present him to Myotismon.

After some time, the three arrived half a block away from the lair, not wanting to draw attention to the certain area. Turning the engine off, Vlad and SkullMeramon left the front seats of the ambulance and moved to the back and pulled open the doors. Phantomon looked bored as he lifted his head to stare at the two.

"You have no idea how boring it is to watch over a corpse of a body," Phantomon sighed.

Removing Kota from the back along with the equipment, the three made their way to the lair. The silence that once over took the lair, beeping now filled the air from the monitors. It caught the attention of Kudamon and DemiDevimon as the three made their way into the open area. Myotismon didn't seem to be insight at the time being, it didn't take a genius to know that he was with Constantine.

"I see that things went well," Kudamon asked.

"Very much so," Vlad responded smirking at the small boy before him. "Inform Myotismon that Kota is in the cells. He is hooked up to the machines to keep him alive."

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