AN: I really really meant to write more earlier, I really did. But...stuff happens. I started behind the wheel, had a few tests in school, projects, and college decisions came out. I got into 3 of the 4 I applied to, and the 4th one, which was my top choice, put me on the wait anyway, I haven't really been in the mood to write some cute stuff lately. So hopefully you all enjoy this one.

Most anyone else in my situation would be nervous. Well, nervous for reasons much different than why I am. They would be nervous because the entire town is talking about them, wondering why they are marrying their high school sweetheart so quickly. I am nervous because I am scared that Bella may change her mind. I know her, though, and I know she won't, but...I suppose the wait is getting to me.

I can't believe she's actually marrying him now!

How did she get so lucky?

Is this a shotgun wedding? I suppose I'll have to check Bella out later.

He looks calm, like he knows what he's doing. I hope they make it.

The thoughts...most of them weren't helping. I fidgeted slightly, and swept my eyes across the room. It was almost full, just a few final guests needed to take their seats.

Finally, the last person sat.

Don't worry, Edward. She looks gorgeous. Alice told me.

I smiled then, and Rosalie began playing. Alice came down the stairs and down the aisle, and then I heard Bella and her father start walking as well. When I saw her...if my heart was still beating, it would have stopped. But I could have sworn it tried to start again at the sight of her. I smiled, and stared at her.

I was aware, in some part of my mind, of the minister speaking. But most of my mind was focused solely on the angel in front of me. I repeated my vows, and clearly said "I do", and I swear my heart did beat once when Bella said "I do" as well.

"You may kiss the bride."

Finally. The wait for this moment, our first kiss as man and wife, had been killing me. So I kissed her, and for a second, I was not Edward the vampire and she was not Bella the human, we were Edward and Bella, husband and wife, together now, forever.