I will never understand you readers. I pour out my heart and soul and all you want to read is more Wedding Night fluff. Very well. I give in. I'll chalk it up to a lack of Broadway fodder and intelligent Disney offerings for you B&B fans in recent years. Sigh…Well, here goes. Presenting Wedding Night3: Running Out of Ideas. Sorry, that's not the actual title, I just found it funny. Indulge me. As always…

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"Belle?" queried a deep voice tentatively from the other side of the door.

She took a deep breath before setting the book down on top of the pile beside the bed on the nightstand. After spending the five months leading up to the wedding in preparation for this night she finally felt confident and assured that she could handle it. However, she had breathed a silent sigh of relief when she discovered that she would have that much time to become accustomed to the idea of being a wife, a lover, and a future mother. Thankfully she had been allotted that time for reasons of practicality. Now that the inhabitants of the castle were no longer enchanted it took them a reasonable amount of time to do things such as plan and execute a large scale wedding.

While Belle had been thrilled at the idea of spending the rest of her life with the man of her dreams and had never even considered not accepting his proposal, or looked back since, she had relished the time before the marriage and used it well. It was no small detail to suddenly be transformed from the town oddity to a princess complete with a set of rules of protocol and decorum that she was expected to know and adhere to. Being sweet and polite was all well and good in the confines of her small world, but she had to learn the ins and outs of proper behavior before her coronation which occurred on the same day as the wedding. When she finally escaped the lessons and advice from everyone from Lumière to the Jeanne to the kitchen maid she would hole up in the library or her bedroom, finding the books she had always been to embarrassed to even remove from the shelves let alone read to see what knowledge she could glean from their pages. She wasn't sure how much he knew about what would happen tonight, but she always firmly believed in going into things with as much information as possible whenever possible. Knowledge was her key to life, books her way of understanding the world and occasionally transcending it.

Until recently, she hadn't needed her books as much. Oh sure, she still read as much, but for enjoyment, not out of the same necessity to escape the world around her and find comfort and security in a place that understood her. Now, she had found her Beast. No, her Adam. He had changed her for the better, giving her someone she could depend on, someone who didn't seek to control her or use her, but was always there when she needed him to help her and protect her. He understood her in a way no one else did, in a way no one else could. They had both been alone for so long despite being surrounded by people, creating their own worlds inside the ones they resided, separating themselves needlessly from their surroundings, feeling rejected and therefore making no effort to embrace the world that rebuffed them.

But that had all changed. Mrs. Potts had been right that night when she told her everything would turn out all right in the end. She had lamented the loss of her father, her dreams, everything she had ever possessed and known, but in the end she had gained so much more. Her father now had his own wing of the castle to conduct his experiments, prompting only amused gazes from Adam when they occasionally heard something explode, though she had worried at first about his kind offer as soon as the transformation had occurred. It also turned out that Adam had a head for mechanics and calculations and had even made some suggestions to her father that he had found incredibly useful in his work. Here she had made so many friends and gained a confidence that she had never before possessed, having instead hidden her insecurity behind her intelligence. But most of all she had gained the fulfillment of her dreams. The fulfillment of dreams she had never even dared to imagine. This new life was more than she could have ever hoped for and Adam was everything she could desire, even his flaws having become endearing to her. She only hoped that her studies would make tonight all he wished for it to be, too.


Jeanne is a little tribute to Jo Anne Worley, the voice of the wardrobe in the movie. Well, how do you adapt Jo Anne into a French name? I made it Joan like Joan of Arc which becomes Jeanne d'Arc. Ta da.


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