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Lawrence had lived in +++++++++ all his life. It was a small village barely large enough to even be called a village. It was made entirely of farmers who spent their days in the field and the mountains. It was a wild place the little village was set in, surrounded by mountains, tall fields, and forests. It wasn't all that odd or interesting and they almost never had visitors. It wa steh type of place people moved away from not into. It was the perfect place for people who wanted peace.

Not to say it wasn't dangerous. Most of the village wa as safe as could be and no one with common sense wandered alone at night anyways. But there was one place every villager dared not go The forest on the west side of the village. It was the oldest one around for many a mile, filled with large gnarled trees and thick underbrush. The forest spilled over the plain they lived on, down into a valley and stretched a long distance.

This forest just…was, really. It was like a wild sleeping beast. You didn't bother it, just ignored it and hurried past. No one could say why they really feared the forest. Sure it was darker then the others, and larger. But logically there should be no more different animals, nor darker traps. But the people feared it for that reason. It appeared normal. But it just gave a vibe, gave you this chill. You'd look at it and think about going in and a second later you'd be scared spitless for no reason and swearing never to go near it.

Most of the older folk said it was filled with magic, filled with faeries and trolls. Things that would steal you away. Lawrence, having grown up with it had never once considered entering it. Even the children of the village didn't dare one another to go to it, as if sensing it was far to ….dangerous.

That was why when Lawrence saw a skinny boy on the cusp of manhood standing gazing at the forest on the edge of his field he gave a shout.

"Son!" he shouted stranding up from where he had been tossing some hay to the sheep.

The boy didn't seem to hear him and as Lawrence approached he wondered when the boy had even arrived.

"Son." He called again as he drew upside the stranger.

Now the boy heard him, looking up at him. And Lawrence's breath was stolen away at the image. The boy had midnight hair and poison green eyes set in a pale face. He looked like a fae and Lawrence took a step back without even noticing.

"Yes?" the boy asked eyeing him.

"If you're considering entering the Forest I wouldn't." Lawrence said catching himself from staring.

"Oh?" the boy asked turning his gaze back to the forest. "Why?"

"It's not the place for men." Lawrence said truthfully.

The boy turned an amused smile on him.


"It's a place of darkness and magic." Lawrence said softly.

'Yes. Yes it is." The boy smiled again. "Do all you villagers believe it? You can see it?"

"We all know not to enter." Lawrence said slowly. "And course we can see it. Shouldn't we?"

The boy hummed again and said something softly about blood having lived in a shroud of ….magic for so long they had adapted.

"I mean, sometimes visitors ignore it like they can't." Lawrence felt obligated to add, getting more confused by the minute with this conversation.

"Interesting. I suppose that makes this village mine also." The boy smiled.

"Pardon?" Lawrence blinked.

"Do not worry." The lad smiled at him, the smirk twisting his lips. "I take care of my things."

Then he turned and strode towards the trees.

"Wait! Son, don't!" Lawrence said reaching for the boy's back.

Somehow (like magic a small part of him whispered), the shirt slipped between his fingers as if it were smoke. Lawrence stumbled half a step and the lad laughed, dancing around him and to the edge of the trees to meet five more people. Lawrence stared at the five newcomers with wide eyes, all of them having suddenly just…appeared. Lawrence shuddered softly as the gloom about the trees seemed to deepen and a black mist crept from the bushes, brushing at him. Lawrence froze like a rabbit and felt even his heart still.

Four were men, all tall and dark haired. The first was a pale man with a hooked nose and black eyes. The second was of mocha skin and rich caramel eyes, slender but built. The last two, twins he noted, could almost have passed as a tw-triplets to the lad he had just been speaking to if not for the bloody red eyes. The last was a small girl of all things, the fairest he had seen with creamy skin and long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, no older then fifteen, standing smiling amidst the indifferent men.

"Lord Harry." The twins hissed in spooky unison, giving what seemed mocking bows.

"Tom, Marvolo." The lad greeted holding out his hands.

The first, or maybe second, presented what looked like a wreath to the lad. Lawrence stared at the …thing with wide eyes. It looked to be made of shards of glass and bright red roses. The lad smirked and set it on his head gently as if it were a crown. Lawrence expected blood but saw none.

"Milord." The last two men said as the crown settled.

"How was your visit with Dumbledore and Granger?" The swallow man sneered.

"Same as always." The lad said. "And it's Krum now."

"Of course." The man sneered. "The werewolves need you attention."

"How was she?" The mocha skinned boy asked politely elbowing the older man. "And Dumbledore?"

"Fine." Happy." The lad said. "And Dumbledore is cleaning the Ministry up very well. Everyone else of mine is doing well also. Dumbledore watches them. The Weasleys and Sirius, Remus, Nymphadora, and Teddy especially. How is the rest of my kingdom?"

"Smooth." The other teen smiled politely.

"Perfect. Hello Gabrielle."

"Harry!" the girl finally squeaked out, unable to contain herself as she hugged the lad, kissing him then running off with a giggle and vanishing amoungst the trees.

"She couldn't wait at the Heart of the forest like the rest." The tall man sneered.

Thee lad merely smiled.

"Let's go home."

The four men vanished as abruptly as they had appeared but the lad stayed, looking for all a lost soul beneath the deadened black branches about him, a mist swirling at his feet. He turned back to Lawrence and Lawrence was sure for a moment he had died looking into those poison green eyes. Then the lad smiled, white teeth glinting against pale skin and bloody red lips. He gave a mocking wave of his fingers and the mist pulled him into the trees.

Lawrence collapsed to his knees shuddering and panting as if he had worked all day and night, sweat on his brow. He was somehow sure he had escaped with his life only out of mercy. He was also sure he had a new landlord.

His wife found him four hours later, still trembling and muttering prayers to the forest and the King of the Dark.




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