A/N- Okay, so this was inspired from two things. First, I was re-watching the episode in season 2 where Kenshin and Saito fight, and I found myself more intrigued than usual in the scene where Kaoru reaches for Kenshin. Secondly, I was piddling around at about three o'clock in the morning, listening to music, and caught the lines that I used below as a quote. Well, hope you enjoy!

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And I'm sorry, so sorry
I'm sorry it's like this
I'm sorry, so sorry
I'm sorry we do this

--Jem, "They"

Beyond Reach

They thought he couldn't hear them. Couldn't hear her. But Kenshin heard. He always heard. Whether he was Battosai or not. He always heard her voice.

He heard when Kaoru's legs gave way, and she collapsed to the floor. He heard her begging someone to stop him and Saito. And he heard every tear that hit the dojo's wooden floor.

And the sound of it all was deafening.

He wanted to break away from the fight. To stop the bloodshed and the pain. The want of his wanderer self, however, was not as powerful as Battosai. Battosai, who had been forged in blood and chaos. He heard Kaoru call to him again. But Battosai couldn't stop. He wouldn't allow this wolf to devour him. Battosai was good at justifying things. He was doing this for her. To keep Kaoru safe, alive. Even if she didn't know it.

He tore his eyes away from Saito for only a moment—a dangerous move. But it was just long enough to see Kaoru, drenched in her tears, reaching for him. It tore at his heart to see her like this, to know that she wanted to save him just as he wanted to save her. But there was no salvation for a tried and true murderer. For Hitokiri Battosai.

"Those two aren't fighting in Tokyo in the Meiji era," he heard Sanosuke say as he entered. "They're fighting in Kyoto in the Revolution."

And he was wrong as well. They didn't understand. They didn't know that Battosai was only doing was necessary. For them. They were grieving, and they didn't know that it was all okay.

As Kenshin readied himself to continue the fight, to finish it, it was for that alone that he was sorry. He had never meant to remain so far beyond his friends', Kaoru's, reach.

End Notes: Okay, so random drabble. I hope everyone enjoyed it!