Kyon roused to the beams of sunlight seeping through his window to lay across his bed. He rubbed his eyes and whipped his head around to sleepily gaze at his alarm clock. 5:45 am. Surprisingly he had awoken fifteen minutes early. He groaned and ran his hand through his chestnut hair before getting up to get ready for school.

The morning would have proceeded as normal as it always had. A small chat with Haruhi in homeroom about espers and what-not was normal for Kyon. Except, Haruhi wasn't present today, and that was particularily odd since she was not one to miss school.

Kyon raised a thin eyebrow at Haruhi's empty seat. Nonetheless, Kyon took his seat with no complaints. He could get used to the peace and quiet. He closed in content to catch up on his sleep.

"Hey, how's it going?"

Kyon opened one eye, slightly agitated. Itsuki sat down in front of him with that sickeningly happy expression of his.

"Ok I guess," Kyon said as he sat straight up.

"That's good," Itsuki said from his plastered smile. It was silent for a while, those brown eyes stared at Kyon casually like it was alright to stare. The other male felt really uncomfortable under the pressure of those eyes, so confusing and misleading. He tried to keep from looking into them.

The whole period went like that until the bell finally rang. Kyon let out a sigh of relief and quickly escaped from Itsuki. He got into the hall and realised that the freak of nature had caught up to him.

"Kyon, I wanted to ask you something," he said avoiding Kyon's eyes for a moment.


"Would you like to come with me after school to grab a bite to eat at the diner nearby?" he stared into the other's eyes with the same fake happiness.

"No I'm sorry, I can't," Kyon replied, even though it was obviously a lie.

"Oh," Itsuki's expression lost it's cheerfulness for an instant, "I understand."

He smiled again and walked away with the same chipperness in his step.

"What's with that guy?" Kyon thought as he stared at the direction Itsuki was going.


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