The School

By PaBurke

X-over: X-Men

100 Words, rated PG

Distribution: TtH, the livejournal.

Summary: Drabble, prompt: creepy

Disclaimer: No one belongs to me.

Buffy thought it could be all schools; they were creepy, even ones without just cause. The first Sunnydale High's just cause was the Hellmouth. The second one could claim the same.

Xavier's School for the Gifted? No Hellmouth or ghosts; too new.

"Hey darlin'. Miss…"

Buffy whirled around and kicked the quote-teacher-unquote in the chest and he went flying.


Xavier did have its share of creepy teachers. "What's with stalking? It's so non-attractive to me."

Dawn coughed, "Since when?"

Logan brightened. Dawn scuttled away, leaving Buffy with the consequences. She glared at Xavier's sole source for the high creep-factor.