The Wedding

By PaBurke

X-over: X-Men

100 Words, rated PG

Distribution: TtH, for the TtHdrabble livejournal.

Summary: Just something that can happen when the Scooby family is gathered. Drabble

Disclaimer: No one belongs to me.

The maid of honor dress ripped along the seam and revealed a shapely pair of legs. Logan glanced around the corner at the mutant that crashed the party then back at the legs.

"Your sister goin' to get mad if I trash the wedding tent, darlin'?" he asked.

The blond pulled out a long, sharp knife from... somewhere with a soft curse. "Nah, Dawn knows better. Damn, I hate losing."

"Huh?" Logan was confused. They hadn't started fighting yet. Chances were that they would win.

"A bet. Now I have to pay for Dawn's honeymoon."

Logan suddenly liked Bobby's bride.