The Gotham Connection

By PaBurke

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own neither of the universes nor the characters. I was curious to see if a NUMB3RS / Batman crossover was possible and this is what happened.

Summary: Is it possible to steal for good? If so, what would be in a Vigilante's shopping cart?

Distribution: The Nook, The CalSci Library

Spoilers: None really.

Word Count: 300

"Don," Charlie's breathless voice said as soon as the FBI agent opened the phone. "I need your help."

Don spoke slowly to calm his brother down. "What's wrong?"

"Someone had a spybot on my computer."

Don frowned. "You got a virus and you're calling me?"

"This is no ordinary spybot," Charlie warned. "It wasn't tracking my Internet usage. Well, it was but it wasn't."

"Charlie," Don warned.

"It was very specific in what it wanted from me. It tracking all my analysis work for the FBI. All the equations I've developed to solve cases, it copied and sent somewhere."

"It was stealing your math?"


Don smirked. "Okay," he drawled. "What could someone do with it?"

"If they understood it, they could apply some of it. Others, they could work backward and figure ways to circumvent my math next time around. Don, it's everything from handwriting analysis to organizational charts to tracking money flow. There's a lot of information there, some the FBI is starting to regularly apply to cases. If they sold the information, or published it, it would be a compromised tool."

"But it would be useless to someone who didn't understand it?"

"For the most part."

"So how many people understand your math to begin with. There can't be that many."

"Funny Don. Oh and Amita tracked the spybot transmission to Gotham but lost it in the city."

"Really," Don couldn't resist teasing. "Gotham? Maybe Batman is using your work."

"Please," Charlie scoffed. "He's nothing but a two-bit vigilante who spends all his time building muscle. There's no way that Batman could understand this."


Batgirl and Robin shared a motorcycle as they sped after the Batmobile. "How do you think he always knows where the bad guys are?" she asked.

"I have no idea. He just does."