The Gotham Connection VI

By PaBurke

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own neither of the universes nor the characters. I was curious to see if a NUMB3RS / Batman crossover was possible and this is what happened.

Summary: Is it possible to steal for good? If so, what would be in a Vigilante's shopping cart?

Distribution: The Nook

Spoilers: None really.

Word Count: 400

"Dr. Eppes," Charlie turned in surprise. Why would Millie be so formal? Then he saw who the Department Dean was dragging his way. That face…?

Beside him, Amita breathed in surprise. "Bruce Wayne?"

Wayne grinned at Amita since she recognized him. "Yes. Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?"

Millie took over the introductions. "Bruce Wayne, these are two of our star professors, Doctors Charles Eppes and Amita Ramanujan. They have just returned from conducting a study aboard the Orbiting Justice League Watchtower."

"Delighted." Wayne never took his eyes off Amita.

"Mr. Wayne is here to investigate our Non-Traditional Student Program. Dr. Eppes recruits and runs the vast majority of it."

Wayne briefly glanced at Charlie. "Can you send the info to this e-mail address at Gotham U? We need something like it."

Millie was nodded urgently, so Charlie said, "Sure."

"Thank you." Wayne once again focused on Amita. "Are you interested in dinner? I'm sure that you have many interesting stories from the Watchtower."

Amita was irritated at this rich man's forwardness, and she didn't appreciate flattery. "I'm sorry, but Charlie and I have a lot of data to correlate."

Wayne's face fell. "I'm sorry. Well, if you're ever in Gotham or wish to teach on the East Coast, I'm sure that I can get you a position at the University."

"Thank you," Amita attempted graciousness.

Wayne turned back to Millie. "Thank you for your time as well."

Millie beamed. "Always a pleasure. Will you be back to cut the red ribbon at the new building with your name on it?"

Wayne shrugged. "It all depends on what else is scheduled for that day." He glanced at his watched. "I've got to go; Alfred will be waiting for me. It was nice to meet you all."

The three watched him go. Charlie unrolled his suddenly tense shoulders. "I don't know if he could have been more abrasive if he had been trying. He just doesn't fit in at CalSci."

The females nodded in agreement.


Waiting in the car was more than Alfred, Wally West was shaking his head in disgust. Bruce Wayne sat beside the Scarlet Speedster and held out a hand. Wally reluctantly handed over a fiver.

"Not even suspicious," he moaned.

"You know how the second identity works."

"But you do it so well. In a city filled with Hollywood actors, you can beat them all."