Well, thank you all for reading my first Twilight/Sweep fanfic! As for all, I mean my cousin! Who was alive but died again! But at least we died together!

Notice that at the end the pool house was on fire. That means that everything carried out the way it was supposed to if you're wondering.

So…thanks for reading. And feel free to copy my idea and make it better, like anything I say will stop you.

And Loren…get your chapters up faster!!!!

Disclaimer: In the past fifteen chapters most of the stuff was thought of by the amazing Cate Tiernan and Stephanie Meyer. And I mean AMAZING! The only thing I really made up was Kayleigh and Loren and the plot. The rest is not mine.

Just so I don't get sued.

Stay tuned to see if I have more stories! (Which I will)