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It was no easy task to get back to where Mina and Ruby were waiting in the car, and Rupert made a mental note to actually start working out at the gym-he was there often enough after all.

"Luke!" Ruby's panicked cry cut through the air when they came within sight of the car. She ran up to them, but stopped short, unsure what to do. Questions ran through her head, most of them obviously stupid, which she ignored, such as is he OK? What happened? The answers to these quite clearly being no, and the harpy got him, in that order. So instead, she just followed Galvin's barked orders to move, and help him get Luke into the back of the car.

When Galvin told Mina's driver to go back to the stacks, Ruby's thinking brain finally caught up with the situation. "The stacks? What good is that going to do? He needs to be in a hospital-look at him!" She exclaimed angrily, gesturing to Luke, who was currently lying across the entire back seat of the car, eyes closed and head cradled in Galvin's lap.

"They wouldn't know what to do with him Ruby!" Rupert shot back, his fingers tightening unconsciously in Luke's hair.

"You mean you don't want them to find out about the half-lives," Ruby snarled, anger clearly written across her face. "You obviously care more about your precious job than you do about him!"

"Ruby!" Rupert's voice rose sharply. "If I thought it would help him I would have phoned an ambulance. It just isn't as simple as that!"

Mina nodded. "Harpy claws are coated in a poison. Designed to kill any victim who manages to escape."

Ruby gasped involuntarily. The anger and adrenaline that had fuelled her 'til now drained away and she slumped down into her seat. "Kill him?" She whispered. The fear was building like an icy pit in her stomach, "you can save him though can't you?"

Rupert remained silent, seemingly unable to tear his gaze away from his godson. The pallor of Luke's skin was in sharp contrast to the vivid red of the blood staining his shirt.

"Galvin?" Ruby too was staring at Luke, at the wounds on his chest that were even now beginning to take on a blackish tinge at the edges. It was Mina who finally answered her question,

"Perhaps." The regret was clear in her voice. Regret for another prediction that seemed to be coming true, despite all of her efforts to prevent it.

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