The Good Old Buggy Days

By PaBurke

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I own neither of the universes nor the characters. I'm just playing because my beta is a cruel person who likes to throw ideas at me just to see what story splashes out and . . .

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Spoilers: None really.

She was a beautiful woman and she had aged better than most. Her hair was still a vibrant red and her green eyes still sparkled like emeralds. She had been waiting for a contact to show. Her contact had picked this spot. She frowned, if she had been given the choice she would have most certainly picked the park.

But no, she sighed, she was stuck waiting in the middle of the city with barely a weed to keep her company. A bee captured her attention, flitting by her, flirting with her really. She smiled at it, bees were the friends of plants. It buzzed toward a window, bumped into it and then buzzed off. Her eyes followed. She looked into the Pawn Shop window and frowned.

That antique ring reminded her of someone from so long ago. He had been very young, but then so had she. As children, they had knelt in the dirt poking at whatever bug that happened to crawl by. They had enjoyed learning together. He had opened her eyes to the world of science and of bugs. Through the bugs she had found her love of plants.

She thought about buying, or rather stealing the ring in the window.

"Poison Ivy," a man quacked beside her.


"The arrangements have been made. All is going according to plan."

Ivy nodded and turned away from the window, the antique ring and the memories it had unearthed. "Good." She had changed since those bright summer days. Gilbert Grissom was sure to have changed as well. She wondered what he would think about this latest escapade.


prompt: Coroner: "You ever think about getting married?"

Grissom: "Once. She loved bugs, and she liked science. I gave her my grandmother's ring, but my mother made me get it back." Beat. "I was five."

Episode: Up In Smoke (Season 6)

Pairing: Gil Grissom (CSI)/ Poison Ivy (Batman)