Viva La Vida Loca

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Ugh... is it time to wake up already? I know what you're thinking. Max, don't you have like a built in alarm clock from being on the run? Good question. No. We are no longer on the run! Yippee! We defeated Itex about... 3 months ago. It wasn't easy, let me tell you. But we did it. Now we're crashing at Mom (a.k.a. Dr. Martinez) and Ella's house. They had an extension built on just for us! We call it the Flock Wing (ha! Get it? Flock WING? Yeah... okay never mind). I have this HUGE bedroom right next to Fang's and Iggy's is on the left. Across the hall are Angel, Nudge and Gazzy's rooms. Of course Fang's is all black and as big as mine. Iggy's is all white so he can see it. My room is a orange (yay orange!) and Gazzy's room has all this camflouge in it. Nudge's room is mostly purple and Angel's is pink. I couldn't be any happier that they all get their own rooms again that they can decorate. But right now I would love to stay in my beautiful orange room and sleep, sleep, sleep away. But nooooooo. Of course Fang has to wake me up. All I did was groan when he called me.

"Max, wake up."

"Shmrrmphmrm." I said into my pillow. I don't think he understood me. I meant to say leave me alone.

"You want me to get Nudge and have her talk you awake?" he threatened.

"NOOOOO!!" I immediately rolled over and sat up and almost fell out of the bed.

"That's what I thought." God, I hate when he smirks. If only he smiled as much as he smirked maybe I would like him more than I do now. Oops! I did not just say that! Fang brother! Not lover!

I rolled my eyes and stood up, then stretched. I threw on my red hoodie. It was little cold this morning.

When I walked into the kitchen I was greeted with tons of rounds of "Morning Max!"

"Morning all. What's for breakfast Ig?" I said as I sat down next to Fang.

"Hard scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. Oatmeal for the vegetarian of the house." He said glancing at Nudge. She was still in the whole 'I don't eat meat' era.

"Hey! It's not my fault that eating squirrels and desert rat and racoons and mice and a whole bunch of other animals in question made me not want to eat meat anymore! There's a lot of people who vegetarians! Like hippies! Ooo Max, can I be a hippie? I could totally wear all this tie die and stuff and a peace necklace and-"

"Somebody tape this child's mouth!" said Total.

"Sure. You can be whatever you want, Nudge."

"YAY!!!" She said while squealing and clapping her hands.

"Breakfast is done!" Iggy called. We all attacked it like we'd never seen food in our lives.

When breakfast was done, we sat down on the porch outside. Angel, Nudge, Iggy and Gazzy were playing tag. Fang and I were sitting on the porch on the swing. I still hadn't figured out things between him and me. I knew I loved him more than a brother. That I have to admit. But if we don't work out, I would die if he left again. Maybe if he just promised he would never leave, we could try to be together. Well, I guess you never know if you don't find out.

"Hey Fang,"