"Who requests entrance to this sacred place?" Headmaster Hathaway thundered.

"Eager minds in search of knowledge." Was the reply.

"Then you are welcome."

Marc Alberro and I walked in through the chapel doors carrying old volumes used in the fist day services since who knows when. As I walked to the front of the chapel, I noticed the awe on the freshman faces. Most of them had their eyes glued to me, wonder sparkling in their eyes. I held my chin up high, channeling my inner Noelle Lange. I could hardly contain my smile when Marc and I reached Headmaster Hathaway.

"Tradition, honor, excellence." We said in perfect unison.

"Tradition, honor, excellence." The student body echoed. Marc and I took our seats, mine in front of the girls, Marc in front of the boys. I glanced back at the Billings girls, and Amberly's jealousy was obvious, but as soon as she noticed my pointed glare, she smiled so widely that I thought her mouth might literally rip. But nobody was going to ruin this moment for me. Not Missy Thurber, whose face was redder than a tomato because she wasn't chosen to represent the senior class. Not Amberly's friends in Pemberly, who glared at me, but mostly at Amberly for ditching them for Billings last year. Not even thoughts that last year, on this exact date, I met the second girl who attempted to murder me. This was my day. But what made me feel like I was on top of the world was when I saw the juniors, the Billings hopefuls, holding gifts, bribes, for the Billings girls.

I was Reed Brennan, president of Billings, Senior Rep. Reed Brennan, Thomas Pearson's girlfriend and attempted murder victim was no longer here.

Or so I thought.


"Nice job in there!" Amberly Carmichael said, sidling up to me. "By the way, what's the deal with all the vultures?" Ever since Noelle decided that the ex-president appoints the new one, Amberly had been kissing my butt. More like making out. This girl took it to the extreme.

"Vultures?" I asked, throwing a glance at the Easton Academy gates. Sure enough, reporters and cameramen were everywhere, barking questions at any student clueless enough to walk by. Right now they were all over a girl exiting a black car. "God, I thought they were gone!"

"Me too. Something must be up." She agreed. "So, I was thinking. You came into Billings sophomore year. Me freshman. Do you think we could… maybe let in a younger girl, like us?"

I actually thought about this. It was a good idea, but Amberly Carmichael had thought of it.

"Maybe." I said finally.

"Come on, Reed. It would be so much fun!" she shrieked, grabbing my arm. I winced and pulled away.

"Maybe." I repeated. "I was actually thinking of inviting a certain freshman…"

"Who?" Amberly practically screamed. I winced again because her face was inches from mine.

"Not telling." I smiled. Amberly pouted, but then remembered she was kissing my butt this year.

"Okay." She filed as we walked up the path to Billings. "I completely respect your choice not to tell me. Oh crud." She said, looking in her Marc Jacobs bag. "I completely forgot my phone in the chapel. I'll be right back."

Crap! The word is crap! I wanted to scream, but instead I just shrugged and nodded. I opened the door and stopped dead in my tracks.

"Oh my g-" Was all I managed before I lost my footing and crashed to the hardwood floor. Two piecing blue eyes were staring back at me.

It was Ariana Osgood.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sorry its so short! The next are going to be longer! Oh and thanks a billion times to ilovebabypegasus for answering a few of my questions.



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