by PaBurke

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Spoilers: Season Two of Justice League

Summary: It's all in how you define the terms.

Word Count: 450

"Tell me about my son."

Shayera Hull was not ordering or pleading. She was entreating. She looked vulnerable.

The Thenagarian should not look vulnerable in front of Batman.

Bruce hated John Stewart in that moment. Shayera would only know about the son from Green Lantern and she should have been asking him If John was not currently telling her the details, than he had decided to stay with Vixen for the time being. It was the ultimate act of stringing a girl along. Batman had seen the footage and had interviewed HawkMan concerning memories of his past life. He knew that the point of contention between 'Past Shayera' and 'Past HawkMan' had been when to start a family.

Shayera wanted children. It was a desire that she hid from everyone, including herself. Now her hope for a son had been dangled in front of her like a carrot.

"Shayera," Bruce whispered her name with compassion.

Then Batman shook his head and said, "He shouldn't have told you. It was bad enough that we knew."

Shayera waited. Hoping. Entreating.

"No," said Batman

"What if it was your son?"

Bruce didn't think he had reacted, but Shayera chuckled with irony. "The other –young- Batman? He's yours?" Batman was not the only person keeping up to date on others' mission reports.

"I don't know that. It's highly unlikely."

"But you do know," Shayera insisted.

Batman huffed with impatience. Inside he remembered the brief look Older Him had for the young Batman. It had been close to the look of approval he had once bestowed on Dick or Tim, but different. Older Him had nodded at this Batman and yes, Bruce knew about his son. He knew not what the young man looked like, but he knew the sound of his voice.

Shayera didn't know that.

In the deepest part of Batman, the voice of his son was treasured. He didn't admit to himself the desire for progeny either.

"He had John's coloring and your wings," Bruce relented. "His Codename was WarHawk, but he was a peacemaker –a mediator- among the others. He was a team player."

Shayera waited and then knew that she would gain no more information. "And your son?"


"Bruce," she chided. She knew and she wouldn't let Batman deny it.

"He had yet to grow into his frame. He's different from me. He's good at his job."

"Let me guess," Shayera teased. "He's not much of a team player."

Amusement. "No."

"Do you know his mother?"

"No. I don't know his name."

Shayera nodded. They were in similar boats. She touched Batman's shoulder in commiseration and left the control room. Silently, they agreed to never speak these secrets again.