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Title: Lessons in Physics
Genre: Bones; Brennan/Booth
Rating: R; rated for implied content
Timeline: Sometime at the end of, or after the fourth season

Lessons in Physics

He wasn't sure what he had expected. What he had imagined certainly, but not what he had expected. But expected or imagined, he hadn't seen this coming. This slow mapping of his soul with her fingertips, her hands, her mouth. His own lips, his tongue, his teeth, tasting the secrets of her. The way her curves fit with rough perfection into his edges. The way those edges were smoothed by her planes. Shadows and light playing a chiaroscuro game of tag over her skin. Sweat and love playing its own games over his. Lessons in physics being learned beneath the cool cotton sheets of his bed.

He wasn't sure what they had expected or imagined when they began this, but he was certain that in that moment they were more than friends, more than partners, more than lovers... they were one.