A/N: Thank you for your support! There is a possibility of a sequel, I admit. I've got a rough plot and a few scenes written, but I doubt that I'll ever get around to writing it (there would be slash; also, it would explain why Alucard could turn Harry despite him not meeting the requirements). I'm waiting to see how the rest of the OVAs will go, but don't hold your breath.

Since there's one major plot issue that's remained open, I have decided to post this. It's a spoiler for the sequel, but go ahead and read. Warning for a 'slashy vibe' (as coined by a reviewer), although there is no actual slash present.




"Does Integra know what you're doing?" Harry asked, baffled by the amount of time Alucard dared stay away from the Hellsing Manor.

"Integra is dead," Alucard informed him.

"Dead…" Harry repeated, trying to remember what it was like to care about such things as someone being dead. Still, there had to be an heir, right? The Hellsing Organisation could not just stop existing. "Children?"

"She had none."

"Then the Hellsings are-"

"No more," Alucard filled in. Then he smirked and leaned forward, deep into Harry's personal space. "However, there are Potters yet – and your geas is as intact as ever, Harry, even if you personally cannot control it anymore. You have children-"

"Leave my kids alone," Harry hissed in a low tone that would have frightened any hardened criminal, but Alucard didn't seem to have noticed.

"The eldest is out of question," Alucard continued, alluding to the fact that James had married just out of school, like both his grandfathers. "The youngest also, but the middle one… the white one…"

"Albus," Harry whispered. He hated himself for knowing that Alucard was right. Someone had to do it; there had to be a family that understood duty, accepted the life full of pain and violence that would come with it – a family of strong men and women who wouldn't choose the easy before the right and who would always see to it that Alucard's leash had not become too loose.

It was anyone's guess whether Alucard had, back in 1999, chosen Harry to be Integra's successor, if he had somehow suspected it would be necessary, or if it had been a mere precaution… Maybe even what Alucard had told him then was the closest to the truth, and this situation was a lucky (for the world) coincidence. The only one who knew was Alucard, and if he ever chose to answer a question pertaining to his motivation, he was liable to lie. Harry accepted that he would never find out.

It hurt him that he had essentially damned his descendants to the kind of brutal existence Integra had led; even harsher and more demanding than Harry's own; however, it couldn't be changed, and the most Harry could do was stick around and aid them in any way possible.

Besides, Alucard was staying whether he wanted to or not (though he did want – that was one of the very few things about Alucard that Harry didn't doubt), and Alucard wouldn't let Harry leave before he got thoroughly sick of him.