by PaBurke

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Spoilers: Season Four of The Batman, specifically the episode Artifacts

Summary: It's all in how you define the terms.

Word Count: 400

Gord hung up the phone chuckling to himself. His father walked into the room, at the age of one hundred sixteen, he needed the cane in his left hand.

"That was Moira," his father assumed.

Gord nodded. "Thrilled beyond words, all her work paid off. Her team definitively found the cave of Batman."

"And this Mr. Freeze character?"

"Batman had inscribed an extensive computer program in binary code on the titanium in his cave. It contained an interactive program. Once they had it up and running, a recording a Batman gave them an answer to the Freeze problem. He even had a stash of weapons in his cave in the event of this emergency."


"Yes. Moira is bubbling over; her childhood hero was Ireally/I a real person and he saved the day one thousand years –give or take a couple decades- after he died," said Gord. "She's trying to piece together Batman's history. She thinks that Bruce Wayne was Robin and that his parents were Batman and Bat Girl."

"What is she going to do when this latest hundred years is up?"

"Scream probably." Gord smiled at the possibilities. "The vault will be open right near her birthday. I have it all planned; a nice dinner and then we wait with wine until the vault opens. Then she finds out why I read 'Tales of the Bat' to her every night. And insisted that they were true."

"It was –will be- quite the thrill. I remember when my dad waited with me to show me the open vault," reminisced the elder.

"I'm looking forward to it," Gord confessed. "The diary of Bat Girl? To learn why you named me Gordon? I'm going to be as giddy as Moira is now. You'll be there, I assume?"

Richard Mac smiled. "Yes. I'm looking forward to it. I told you that the Batman was real and you told your daughter the truth. Soon, she'll see for herself just how close that truth is. Her grandmother –several generations back- was Bat Girl."

Gord warned his father. "She'll want to keep the diary out."

Richard shrugged. "So has every previous generation, but we can't. The Bats made sure of it."

The two men sat and waited. Soon Moira would be home with tales of the Bat and tales of the Batcave that they had only heard about from a book and elder family members.