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Arising Akuma

"Hee hee! This is gonna be great!" Kira and Kikyin were hiding in a pitch-black room, where Kira couldn't wait for what was about to happen. A creak sounded, and out stepped Lenalee, peering into the room. "Hello? Kira?" She flipped the light switch, and just as the lights turned on, Kira and Kikyin jumped out from their hiding places, Kira almost tripping from the jump. "SURPRISE!!!" Lenalee was shocked from surprise and disbelif. The room was covered in streamers, and several balloons were tied on her bed, some floating to the ceiling. "Wh-what is all this?" "Happy Birthday Lenalee-chan! ^.^ " Lenalee was delighted, and joined the sisters who were throwing streamers at her and each other. They laughed, out of breath, after Kira won. "I knew it! I am the reigning streamer-attack champion!!! Wooo!" They all burst out laughing even harder. "Hahaha! So what now?"

" about the presents, Lenalee-dono?" "P-presents?!" "You bet!!!" Kira exclaimed. "First mine Lenalee-chan!!!!" "O-ok..." Lenalee sweatdropped at the bouncing figure in front of her, and Kira handed her her present. It was wrapped in a bright, lush green colored gift wrap, with a big blue ribbon, with a bow tying it up. Lenalee pulled the two ends of the ribbons, and opened the box to see a 2-Pairs Coupon Book lying on the bottom. "Um.....what's this...?" "Oh, you know, it's a coupon book, so you and him can, you know, eat at a restaurant, or something...=P" Lenalee sweatdropped. "What...?" "You know, someone starting with an A.....L-L-E-N-kun....!" Lenalee's face turned a bright red. "Wh-what?! How could you say that?!" "Ha ha! C'mon Lenalee-chan!!!! You know you liiiike him~." "N-no I don't" Kikyin stared at the two girls bickering at each other, as if they were married. Tora said in Kikyin's mind. 'Now, the only question is, which is the husband and which is the wife?' He smirked.

"Ano.....Lenale-dono? Onee-san?" They stopped their chattering to look at Kikyin. "Could you please be so kind as to open my present for you?" "Oh! Of course!" She handed her gift to Lenalee, which was wrapped in a pretty orange gift wrap, and a red ribbon. Lenalee opened it, and found the dazzling gold butterfly pigtail tie that Kikyin had bought a few days before. Lenalee looked overjoyed. "Oh, Kikyin-san! You shouldn't have! 'Yeah, you shouldn't have.' Tora rolled his eyes. "Do you like it, Lenalee-dono?" Kikyin said, pushing Tora's remark out of her head. "Of course! Thank-you!" Lenalee threw her arms around her, and Kira joined, creating a huge group hug. "Thanks you guys! This is the best birthday ever!" She said as the group separated.


Suddenly, a big explosion resounded throughout the whole school, and everyone rushed to the grounds to find huge, weird, floating round-things with cannons sticking out of them approaching. Everyone except for the school exorcists-Lenalee, Kanda, and Allen- Kira and Kikyin evacuated the grounds to the back entrance where Mr. Kuchiki and others set up a barrier. Inuyasha ran towards the 'things', but Kira stopped him. "Hey! Even a demon can't take these down! Leave it to us!" "Yes! These are called Akuma, and if one of them hits you, you'll die and your soul won't rest peacefully in heaven!" Allen shouted. "Ok...and what the HECK are you TALKING about?!" Inuyasha was stubborn and reluctant, but Kikyin eventually pushed him away. All of the exorcists and the exorcist in training shouted. "INNOCENCE...ACTIVATE!" Lenalee flew through the air, while a green light spouted from her boots, Kanda trailed his finger along his blade, and Allen's arm transformed into a claw-ish like shape. (1) Then, Kira released her innocence.

She drew her sword. It was pitch-black, and when she activated it, it shone a bright light, and when the light faded, a glowing green stripe could be seen dividing the blade from the dull-edge.

There were 7-no 8- akuma charging at them. Allen and the other official exorcists took down about five, while Kira crouched low. "Shoten Shinzui Ryu. " She stuck a bit of her blade into the ground. "Dragon Nest Strike!" Suddenly, she darted so fast that you could only keep track of her from the trail her sword was leaving on the ground. Allen stared. It seemed that she was creating some sort of pentacle around the akuma, but it didn't have 5 points, it had 7. When Kira completed it, it glowed a mysterious green, and engulfed everyone inside it, which was Allen, Lenalee, and the akuma. As soon as the light touched the akuma, their pentacles shattered, and all of the akuma were defeated. Allen could see-all of the souls departed safely.

Suddenly, he felt a strong headache bursting in his head, and fell to the floor. "Hey what the- Allen? What's wrong?" asked a worried Lenalee, crouching beside him. "Umm....oops. Sorry, I forgot you were cursed...." said Kira, looking worried and embarrassed. "Huh? What does that have to do with anything?" "Well, you see.....that move can only hurt akuma, by creating a 7-point pentacle to overtake the 5-point, thus leading it to shatter. But, I forgot Allen is cursed....which gives him a pentacle.....but don't worry! It won't kill! It won't!!!" Kira pouted. "Oww...." Allen said as he collapsed.

"Tora! Please would you kindly give that back?!" Kira heard Kikyin's voice. 'Great.' She stuck out a hand, and grabbed a whizzing figure that was running past her. "What did you do this time?!" She said as she pulled him up by the collar so she could stare at him angrily eye-to-eye. "Uhm...Kira-chan! H-how's it going?" She punched him. Hard. "Man, she's brutal..." He mumbled as he got to his feet. Kira frowned. "So?" "Uhm..." It was then that Kikyin came out of breath. "Aw fine! Here!" Tora said, as he stuck out a hand with a golden, translucent orb resting on his palm. "Th-thank you Tora-san..." "Psshaw. Not that again." Kira said, rolling her eyes.

Meanwhile, everyone was staring at them, wide-eyed. "Kira-chan? Uh....who's that?" Kira heard Lenalee's voice directed at her, then whipped around. "Heh heh....uh....this is Tora-baka....uh.....I guess you could call him Kikyin's darker counterpart?" Lenalee stared blankly at Kira, then moved towards Tora. "Don't even think about it. Take one more step and-" "And what, you stupid cat? Eat her? Psh. You would have been better off GONE like you usually are." Tora glared at her, then disappeared into black mist.

"Ok everyone! How's about playing some party games for Lenalee-chan! And Lenalee and a certain white haired person could put that present I gave her to good use, right?" Her voice had a dark edge to it. Lenalee blushed madly while Allen looked at her questioningly. "Ano-" "NO! Kira have some common sense!" "Eep!" "Well, Lenalee-chan, who's the one without common sense? It's quite obvious what you think~." "NO!" Kira burst out laughing, while everyone but Lenalee was confused. "Aww, anyways, come on! Let's celebrate!!!

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