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Rap. Rap. Rap.

I was startled from my nap in the rocking chair when there was a sudden knock at the front door and the sound of two pairs of tiny feet running across the hardwood floor racing to get to the door first.

"I wanna open it." Tucker said in a shrill tone.

"I got here first and I'm older. Now get out of the way." Anna barked.

The next thing I knew Tucker and Anna were yelling "mom" in unison from the foyer.

I got up and turned to check on little Madison sleeping soundly in her bassinette and then went to break up the fight. When I got there Anna had her brother in a headlock while he was throwing tiny little fists anywhere he could get a hit in.

"Hey knock it off you two and go play in the other room". The knocking came again and I turned to answer the door.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Cullen this came for you today and it was too large to fit in your mailbox. When I knocked I heard the kids so I knew someone had to be home. That's why I waited. Well here you go and have a nice day." Mark Johnston was our streets mailman and also happened to be our neighbor. Very nice man.

"Thank you so much Mr. Johnston. Sorry I didn't get to the door sooner. You caught me in the middle of a nap. Anyways I don't want to keep you from your job. See you tomorrow." I watched him walk back to his truck before I shut the door, package in hand, to go reprimand my little hellions.

The package was addressed to the both of us so I would wait to open it until Emmett got home. The forwarding address was from Edward and Shannon. So I knew it had to be something important. I placed the box on the table were we put our keys all the other junk that had piled up throughout the years and went to go check on the children who happened to be a little too quiet for my morbid curiosity. I found them curled up on their bean bags in front of the TV watching Scooby Doo and Madison was awake now.

Emmett happened to be at the gym today and wouldn't be home until about six o'clock so I was home with the kids all day. I was still on maternity leave for another three weeks and boy I couldn't wait to get back to work. Madison was almost three months old already and growing like a weed. She takes after Emmett, piercing blue eyes and a tuft of brown curls.

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, feeding the kids and making sure Anna didn't rip her little brother's head off. Around 5pm I started making dinner; breaded chicken, mashed potatoes and spinach salad. Most every meal was home-cooked. That's what you get when you live with a culinary enthusiast.

Dinner was on the table by 6:15PM and Emmett walked in right as I finally got the kids to the table to eat. He walked right over to me and wrapped his arms around me and said, "I see everyone is in one piece. How are my favorite girls and little man doing?" And gave me a chaste kiss on the lips before walking over and kissing the kids on the head before sitting down to dish up a plate of food.

Tucker and Anna both replied with a loud "fine" and Maddie cooed from the swing I set up by the dining room table. I told him about my day and remembered the box from his brother.

"Oh by the way Edward and Shannon sent us something it's on the table in the foyer. Want to open it after dinner?" I said while dishing up some food for the kids and myself.

"After dinner will be fine. It's probably that project we were working on." He said through a mouthful of mashed potatoes.

"Eww dad that's gross! Chew with your mouth closed." Anna exclaimed and then giggled.

"Yeah didn't your mother teach you to not talk with your mouth full? And what project were you working on? Emmett Dean Cullen, what are you hiding?" I pried.

"Oh it's just a little something Edward, Shannon and I worked on together. You'll see." He replied and went back to his meal.

After everyone was finished we all went and sat in the living room while Emmett went to retrieve the box from the catch-all table. Madison was gurgling and moving around on my lap and the other kids were glued to the TV each with an ice cream sandwich in their hands.

Emmett snuggled up to me and kissed me on the temple. "Hey where's my ice cream sandwich?"

"In the freezer. Go get one yourself." I said as I put Maddie back in her little swing with a pacifier and her favorite rattle.

"Ooh feisty tonight are we?" He replied while nibbling my earlobe. I shoved him away and glanced at the kids and then back at him. He got the message and backed off a little.

He tore the box open and inside was something rectangular. I couldn't tell what it was due to the wrapping paper it adorned. But I knew it was getting close to Emmett's birthday. In a few days he was going to turn 35. Holy Shit his birthday is literally days away. I was drawn back to reality with the sound of ripping paper. He opened the card that slid out of the box next and read it aloud.

Hey Emmett,

Well it's finished. I know Bella will get a kick out of it. I still can't believe it's finally finished. It took a lot of work but here is your copy signed and everything. Of course my beautiful fiancée gave you the first autographed copy. I got the second. Anyways it's set to release around your birthday. So happy early birthday bro. Oh and we set a date. June 15th is the day. So get your tux tailored and guess we'll see you soon.

Edward and Shannon

Shannon is Edward's fiancée of two years. They met at a sports conference there in Chicago and that was it. Shannon just so happens to be an award winning sports author. She's done everything from interviews to writing books. You name it she has probably written about it, well sports wise anyways. I could only guess what was in the box now. Emmett slowly tore the paper back and revealed a hardback biography of himself. The picture on the cover was his Chicago Bears profile picture. The title was in bold yellow lettering it read "Emmett Cullen: La Vie Est Bella" and at the bottom was 'A Biography by Shannon Spencer' in smaller yellow lettering.

I sat there in awe for a moment just taking in the cover. Then Emmett flipped it open and read the autograph Shannon wrote. It was scrawled in the corner of the title page.


It was great working with ya. Had a blast. Enjoy the final product.

With love,

Shannon Spencer

The next page was Emmett's dedication page, which of course after reading out loud, had me reaching for the tissue box.

To my parents for always supporting me and steering me down the right path. To Edward, best brother there is. To Jasper for being the most honest friend a guy could ask for. To Shortstuff for always having my back. And my beautiful Bella, without which, none of my dreams would have ever come true. You are my soulmate, my love and my friend. You mean the world to me and this book is for you. I love you. And of course our three beautiful children who make my life complete.

While Emmett was reading aloud the kids came and sat on my lap and I laid my head on his toned shoulder. We skipped the first 20 or so pages which was his childhood in Chicago and then went straight to where he met me.

Emmett Cullen. Big city quarterback drafted to the Chicago Bears in his junior year of college. All star and winner of super bowl XLIV. Partial owner of one of the largest gym chains in North America. This is how the world sees Emmett Cullen. The ultimate man's man. What they don't see though is the man he really is. The loving husband of famed pastry chef Isabella Cullen. The father of Anna Lynn, Tucker Jonathan, and Madison Grace. The family man…

Excerpt from Emmett Cullen: La Vie Est Bella

In 2001 Emmett Cullen graduated high school with a scholarship for football and decided to attend Illinois State University and attain a business degree along with playing college football. In 2004 the Chicago Bears sent a few scouts to one of ISU's games to check out the new talent, where they found the gift that Emmett had. The Bears made a bold move that shocked the National Football League. Emmett Cullen was drafted into a five year contract at the ripe old age of 21. Not having completed college yet, Emmett completed practices with his new team on weekends, in between doing homework and preparing for an early graduation taking on extra coursework. Even going as far as to take a few online courses so he didn't miss anything vital to his degree in business.

In the five years that Emmett Cullen was with the Chicago Bears, he was seen numerous times in the tabloids, but never for scandalous things. Emmett Cullen was always one to donate to charities and attend fundraisers with his parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen, also big donators, even lend a hand to a good cause or just be an average human being. He never let the fame get to his head.

It wasn't until he started dating a no name girl from rainy Seattle, Washington, did his name start crossing the front pages of magazines and newspapers alike. While in Seattle for a game against the Seattle Seahawks in August 2009 Emmett came upon the beautiful Isabella Swan who worked at the Monaco Hotel where he was staying. "They hit it off right off the bat." Former football teammate Zak Newfield explains. "You could tell just by looking at them that they were meant for each other."

Edward Cullen, Emmet's younger brother and former manager grew wary of Emmett's odd behavior and questioned him about his weird vacations and absences. Not soon after that, Emmett came out with the big secret he was keeping from Chicago. He was retiring after his final game for the Chicago Bears and moving to Seattle to start up his own gym. Emmett took the Bears all the way to the super bowl and won his first and last game of his football career. Super Bowl XLIV the Bears defeated the Dallas Cowboys 39-19.

After moving to Seattle the plans to start up his own gym came to effect. He was so overwhelmed with the paparazzi and other factors that he asked his good friend Jasper Whitlock to aid him in the gym construction, paperwork and hiring of employees. Emmett didn't want his fame to be the only factor that got him members for the gym so Jasper became his so-called 'partner in crime'. Later that year the gym "Heaven and Hale" opened up but of course not without some mishap. James Winston, manager of the Monaco Hotel and Isabella's former employer, was arrested due to stalking of the couple and many other charges. This made life for both Emmett and Isabella quite difficult. To the point where he hired a bodyguard for fiancée Isabella until things cooled down in late August 2010. The trials for James Winston went by without a hitch and he is now serving 20 years for all the crimes he was charged with. But, we will not go into that story because this is Emmett's story.

On September 4th, 2010 Emmett and Isabella wed, bought a new house, and after coming back from their honeymoon on the beautiful Santorini Island in Greece, they announced to the world the unexpected surprise that Bella was pregnant with their first child.

On March 16th, 2011 they welcomed baby girl Anna Lynn Cullen to the world with open arms. Four years later on June 26th, 2014 they welcomed their first son Tucker James Cullen. And earlier this year they welcomed their second daughter Madison Grace on February 17th, 2018.

Isabella went back to school after their first daughter was old enough for daycare and quickly got her culinary degree. She is now the famed pastry chef of her own bakery 'Beautiful Confections' in downtown Seattle a mere couple of miles from the gym. Everything is handmade and old recipes passed down from generations of Swan's and Cullen's. They not only serve tasty treats but also nice dinner dishes as well. The Cullen's have their hands full with the gym, a restaurant and three little ones. What a wonderful life.

Throughout the book there were a bunch of pictures of his family friends and of course our little family. Pictures of him as a baby all pudgy and toothless smiles made me wish for another son, but I kept those thought to myself for another day. This was Emmett's time to shine so to speak. There were pictures we took on our day in Seattle when we went to the Troll under the bridge and pictures from our time in Yosemite. The picture that took my breath away though was our wedding pictures. Every time I saw the look of adoration and love on Emmett's face when he looked at me, I melt. Those piercing blue eyes get me every time.

I sat there after he finished reading, with the kids asleep on my lap and Madison playing with her rattle in her baby swing. I turned to Emmett and gave him a big sloppy tear-filled kiss before waking Anna to go to bed and carrying Tucker to his bed as well. Thank god the kids were already in their pajamas. Tucker wasn't going to wake up for any reason. I laid him in his little fire truck bed, kissed him on the cheek and turned on his night light before closing the door behind me. Anna was already in bed when I went to tuck her in. Light snores radiating from under the covers. I turned her light off and crept back out quietly.

I went back downstairs where Emmett and Madison were still at and walked in to find Emmett cooing at her while she was squirming around in his lap. I overheard him talking and it was the cutest thing ever.

"You're daddy's little girl, aren't you. Yes you are. Don't tell the other but you're my favorite. I can already tell you are going to be my sporty kid. Look at these long legs. You are going to be a fast runner I can tell."

I cut in right there and said "Yeah I can already tell the boys will be lining up at the front door."

"And I will be waiting there with my trusty baseball bat shooing them away." He said with a smirk.

"I bet you will." I went and sat next to Emmett and kissed him passionately. "Ready for bed baby, I know this little one is." As I finished there was a synronized emission of yawns starting with Madison.

"Guess that's our cue." Emmett retorted.

We walked up the stairs and to the bedroom. After quickly changing I came out to find Emmett rocking Madison to sleep. "I love you Em." I said crawling into bed.

"As I love you Bella. Goodnight my love. Sweet dreams."

The End!

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