"Ready?" This time it was Dalziel who popped his head round the door of Pascoe's office.

"Yeah, come on then… and this time I will make sure that the petrol tank is full before we set off!"

Dalziel laughed. "Come on then."

Dalziel was relieved to be back at work now after almost a year. Pascoe could see the relief on his face that the doctors had finally let him go back to work. Dalziel was never happier than when he was working. It was the reason why his wife had divorced him, and he would never give it up now.

Well there it is, final chapter, which brings the conclusion to this story! Sorry it all seemed rather rushed. This is how my first fan fiction was written, and it was my intention to keep it as it was originally when I wrote it. Even so do let me know what you think. REVIEWS are always appreciated, and thank you!