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My name is Bella. Bella Swan. I moved to Seattle only six months ago from Phoenix.

The move from Phoenix was actually a good idea. I have no intention of going back, only for visits. I need my space to grow up and be independent. I feel like I have been wrapped in cotton wool for too long. Everything I did was easy for me. When I finished High School I decided to take up catering as I did most of the cooking at home anyway. Mom taught me the basics and then when I was given a cook book for Christmas one year and I was hooked. By the time I got to Catering College and the teachers were up to speed as to what level I was at, I was put into the year above. So you see it was all easy.

Seattle was just far enough away that my parents didn't freak out about it. I found this job the day after arriving in Seattle and found an apartment the day after. See told you it was easy. But now that I 've settled and really want to stay, I need to start looking for another job. Was that going to be just as easy?

Love, that wasn't easy. I had one 'boyfriend' in High School. That never got further than the odd kiss and holding hands awkwardly. Oh, yes and he carried my books for me. That seemed to be the signal for all other boys to keep their distance. After we broke up I just couldn't be bothered any more. I wanted to do something with my life. Have a career and be good at it. So that is where my life is, for now.

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