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Not long after I woke up, Edward came into the bedroom with a breakfast tray.

I smiled at him as he walked across the room and sat down on the edge of the bed with the tray on his lap, while I adjusted myself and sat up in bed, pulling the comforter up to cover my naked torso. Her had obviously been up for a while. I could smell the fresh scent of his shower gel and he was fully dressed.

He set the tray on my lap and took the extra cup of coffee and set it on his nightstand.

"I take it you've had breakfast?" I asked looking down at the tray set for one.

"Yep. I had breakfast a while ago with the family." He reached over to me and kissed my cheek as he made himself confortable on the bed beside me. "Rose has taken my car back to Seattle. We'll have your car back today to use, while we stay here." I raised my eyebrows at him. This was new information.

"Sorry, you were asleep when we got home last night. Dad organised for me to have the rest of this week off work. He suggested that we stay here for a few days while you catch up on your rest." I nodded as I listened, enjoying my toast.

"Mom spoke to Alice and Jasper, yesterday." I looked over to him, with raised eyebrows once again. "Alice is fine, Bella. Apparently she had a dream about you being in some sort of danger but then you were rescued by wolves. I've come to the conclusion that Alice is just slightly weird." He smiled. "And when she has dreams like that I think we might very well, have to listen to her. Anyway Jasper has volunteered his and his firms services to everyone concerned, including Jacob and the rest of the search party." I nodded understanding what that conversation would have been about. Going to court.

"Mom will be contacting Jess today. She's going to need the family's support as well. No doubt the Police will want to interview her to see if she can add any information that might be relevant." He took another mouthful of his coffee.

"She'll be heart broken, Edward." I managed to whipser.

"I know, Bella. There's not a lot we can do about that apart from reassure her that she won't lose her job. I'm sure she'll get over the shock once she hears the truth about the whole incident. I'm relieved that she didn't get anymore involved with him than she did." He was right of course.

I finished my breakfast and really did feel very much better for it. I seemed to be getting my appetite back. Edward seemed very pleased that I had eaten everything and smiled at the empty tray, removing it from my lap and carefully reaching down to place it on the floor next to his side of the bed.

He took my hand in his and kissed the back of it. "What would you like to do today, Bella? We could go for a walk if you want. The weather isn't too bad, as long as you wrap up. Or we could just stay at home. Oh, one thing we do need to do is ring your parents." I looked down at the bed blankly. How on earth could I begin to explain what had a happened to me over the last few days? I just didn't know where to begin.

It seemed that Edward sensed my panicked state. He kissed the back of my hand again, reassuringly. "I'd be quite happy to do that for you, Bella. I'll explain that you just need a little more time to recover and then you can talk to them another day." I nodded to him. That felt like the best way to handle the situation. I really wasn't ready for the twenty questions routine that was bound to happen.

"Right, I'll go down and use the phone in dad's office. You get yourself ready for the day and I'll see you downstairs in a little while, okay?"

I nodded to him and reached over to kiss his cheek. He had been absolutely amazing over the last few days. I was really proud of him. And he had been so patient with me.

I knew that being able to cope with the whole incident would have been down to his training and how much he loved me but I just couldn't help feeling that he had done more than any man would have.

I watched him as he left the bedroom, taking the tray with him and I prompty got up and made my way to the bathroom, got myself ready, dressed and made my way downstairs. As I reached the kitchen, Angela was preparing another pot of coffee for us. She turned to me and gave me a sypathetic smile.

"How are you feeling, Bella? Would you like another cup?" She asked, gesturing a cup towards me. I nodded. I certainly needed all the help I could get with waking up this morning.

"The workmen are coming by today. They have one or two things to do to the attic rooms. Apparently Alice has finally decided on the colour scheme for the nursery. I'll make sure that they're out of the way and don't stay too late while you're here." She poured out another cup of coffee for me and poured one for herself. "I'll leave you to get on now, Bella. I'll make some lunch about one o'clock if that's okay? Relaxing is all you need to worry about right now. Don't even think about doing anything else, okay?" I nodded. I wouldn't dream of crossing Angela.

I sat for a while in the breakfast room, looking out onto the garden and the forest beyond. I was completely lost in my own thoughts. I didn't hear Edward enter the room.

"I've spoken to your mom, Bella." I nearly jumped out of my skin as he spoke. He reached forward and wrapped his strong arms around my shoulders. My heart beat so fast in my chest that I had to take a few deep breaths.

"Are you okay, Bella. I didn't mean to frighten you." He said softly, kissing my temple.

I shook my head and then finally spoke. "It's okay, Edward. I was a little too lost in my thoughts."

"What were you thinking about, Bella?" I smiled at him to placate him. Now was not the time to talk about James. Although it was still so fresh in my mind, I needed to focus on the fact that I was okay and now safe with my family again and in Edward's arms.

"Could we go for a swim, Edward? It would do me good and I wouldn't be using up too much energy." He nodded.

"That sounds like a great idea, my love. I'll get your bikini and meet you in the pool room." He kissed my cheek and left the room.

I finished my coffee and made my way to the pool room. It was lovely and warm and very relaxing in there. I sat down on a chair for a moment while I waited for Edward.

When he joined me he was already changed, carrying my robe and bikini over his arm. He handed them to me and I quickly made my way to one of the changing cubicles in the corner of the room.

In minutes I was ready. I made my way over to the ladder at the deep end of the pool as I secured my hair in a ponytail. Edward was already making the most of the water, swimming the width of the pool.

He made his way over to me, watching me intently. As I lowered myself into the water, he wrapped an arm around my waist from behind. My breath hitched at the close proximity of him. I realised that it had been a few days since he held me so close. I shut my eyes for a moment enjoying his touch. I was beginning to think that somehow it would take me longer than this to respond to him. I had been taking baby steps but now it seemed that I was ready for a slightly larger step. I turned in his arm as he wrapped his other arm around me, holding me in a firm grip.

Even though he had been swimming, I could still smell a hint of his shower gel from his morning shower. I rested the side of my face on his chest, inhaling his scent and relishing the warmth of his body. But that would have to wait.

I looked up at him from under my lashes and kissed his chest.

"Would it be very boring of me to say that I would like to have a swim?" I asked coyly.

He smiled down at me shaking his head from side to side slowly. He slowly released his grip on my waist.

"Absolutely not, go right ahead. You lead and I shall follow." He smiled and watched as I pushed myself away from the end of the pool.

I swam gently down the length of the pool the whole time feeling stronger and more confident. I turned in the water and began to make my way back to the other end of the pool, Edward following close behind.

I swam another two lengths of the pool and then stopped, back at the deep end again. I gripped the side of the pool with outstretched arms, facing the water, watching Edward swim another two lengths. He cut through the water with very little effort, his arms breaking the surface and arching; executing a perfect front crawl. He was beautiful, gliding through the water, causing very little disturbance. Just the rhythmic sound of his arms rising and falling.

He finally made his way over to me, swimming under the surface. When he reached the place I was occupying, he placed his hands either side of my body, gripping the drainage lip, around the edge of the pool, pulling himself up through the water. His head slowly rose up to face mine. The smile he gave me made my stomach flutter and I immediately smiled back at him.

"I've missed that you know." He said gently, focusing his attention on my mouth.

"Missed what?" I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about. It could have been a few things knowing how Edward's mind could work.

"Your smile." He said, simply. "For the last twenty four hours whenever you've smiled, it didn't reach your eyes, this is the first smile that has." He leaned in closer to me. I knew he was going to kiss me and I really did want him too.

He tilted his head slightly to his right, his eyes still focused on my mouth. I shut my eyes as I felt his breath fanning over my mouth. My heart beat faster in response to the nearness of him. As our mouths came together, mine tingled gloriously. It was as if he was bringing me back to life again with that one kiss. The CPR that I needed so much. I felt his torso gently touch mine, the lightest pressure possible.

His lips moved against mine softly. The kiss somehow reminded me of our first kiss. He held back the tidal wave of emotion that was in him then, not wanting to overwhelm me. And this was now the same. He was allowing me to set the pace. Holding back, asking permission and yet ready to give me all that I needed from him as only he could.

I felt my whole body begin to pulsate in response to him. I could feel my cheeks flush slightly and my lips parted without any direct instruction from my brain. My automatic reactions to him were not lost as I thought that they might have been. They had been resting.

As his tongue met mine, his torso pressed closer into mine, affording me the luxury of releasing my hold of the side of the pool and snaking my arms around his neck. I was now totally reliant on him to keep me above water.

I pulled him even closer to me, inwardly pleased that his need for me was so evident. He pressed his hips into mine and I moaned my response into his mouth. His kiss became hungry and determined. We had reached the point where there was no turning back unless I wanted to make him suffer. That was not an option.

I ran my fingers through his hair, once again enjoying the softness and density. I fisted it pulling him closer to me. When I registered that I needed more air, I broke away from the kiss but held him close. My message clear; please don't stop.

His kisses found a new direction, travelling along my jawline and to my neck. He peppered my flesh with kisses.

"Edward?" I whispered.

"Umm hmm." He mummbled against my shoulder.

"Make love to me." I breathed. His face met mine at my words and his eyes gave me the answer I needed. A resounding yes.

Without another word, we made our way over to the ladder, leaving the pool. He took my hand and led me over to where our robes were draped. He found mine first and held it open for me and secured it around me when it was on. He quickly placed a towel on the floor for us to step on, in order to dry our feet and quickly pulled his own robe on.

He took my hand and we left the pool room and walked along the hallway, to the stairs. He led the way, gently up to our room.

Once our door shut with a satisfying click, shutting out the rest of the world, he took my robe off, letting it fall to the floor. My bikini followed suit. Our eyes held each other captive, the whole time.

He began to take off his robe but I stepped forward and took over. I let his robe drop to the floor and then slid my hands between his hips and the waistband of his swim shorts. I gently pulled them down as far as my arms would reach, without having to disconnect our gaze. His shorts, still heavily saturated, slid down his legs without any help.

I took his hand in mine and half turned in the direction of the bed. He deftly stepped out of his shorts and followed me.

I crawled up onto the bed, pulling him with me. As he positioned himself between my legs, I cupped his face and pulled his face closer to mine.

"I want you Edward. Make love to me, please?" He needed no further encouragement. The tidal wave broke free and once again his mouth was on mine. No longer hesitant and soft. He was now urgent and forceful. His hands travelled the length of my body as if they were re-tracing all too familiar terrain. I writhed beneath him, my body tingling in response to his touch. I could feel my arousel building. My internal walls that had twitched sporadically, fast becoming a rhythmic pulse.

He tasted so good. He smelt so good. My fingers tingled as they traced up and down his back, feeling his muscles tense and relax as he moved against my body.

I was coming home fast. I had been desperately missed and now I was being welcomed back.

I lifted my legs, bending them at the knee. With that simple movement he broke away from our kiss and looked into my face.

"I love you, Bella. More than words can say." And in his next breath he entered me. I shut my eyes at the sensation. Everything in me, jolted back to life. The rush of energy that surged through me, made me feel every individual pulse within me, quicken.

My first high coursed through me as he set a gentle pace. I held him close enough to kiss his chest and yet see the enjoyment on his face. He had been so patient with me. Never leaving my side for longer than was necessary. Seeing to my every need and yet holding back his need of me.

This was his reward. He deserved all of me and now I was able to give it to him, once again.

"God, how I missed you, Bella." He whispered, kissing my face.

I lifted my legs further and wraped them around his hips. Our response to the depth he reached was immediate. He groaned into my neck and I gripped him tighter around his chest. Each small orgasm that coursed through me, retrurned again more intensly. I looked up at his face to see his eyes firmly shut with the pleasure of feeling my body respond to him.

The next high that enveloped me, made the muscles in my thighs begin to quiver. His groans became more rhythmic and urgent as his pace increased. I felt him fill every minute space inside me. I could feel the the final orgasm building and taking over my body.

"Oh, please." I begged. "Please, come with me." I wanted to feel complete again. I needed to know that we were no longer separated as we had been for the last few days.

His last few thrusts told me all I needed to know. His mounting orgasm pushed my own forward, both surging toward the edge. I bit into his shoulder as I felt the last thrust and my walls clamped around him, finally pushing us over the edge.

We didn't let go of each other for a while. Both riding out the wave of pleasure. Even after his movements stopped, I held him close. There was nowhere in the entire world I wanted to be right now other than here, with Edward in my arms.

I was home. My mind and body finally reconnected and in tune with Edward.

Still connected, he rolled our bodies over to rest on our sides. I nuzzled my face into his warm chest, kissing him and smiling to myself.

Everything that had happened with James, had not been erased. It couldn't be. But it was now firmly put into perspective. I was okay. And with the the love and support of my family and the depth of love that Edward had for me, I knew I would be able to get back to my life again. The sooner the better. My mind was made up.

"Edward?" I said, slightly louder than a whisper.

"Yes." He answered, tilting his head back to look into my face attentively.

"I want to go back to Seattle tomorrow. I have a cake to finish and I want to see Alice." He smiled at my words.

"Of course, my love. I'll chase up the return of your car, if it hasn't already been returned and we'll head back tomorrow." He answered. I was relieved that he had taken my words seriously.

"Thank you, Edward." I whispered and reached up to kiss his lips.

"You have absolutely nothing to thank me for, Bella. I love you and I will do anything to make you happy." He replied.

I caught sight of the clock on his nightstand.

"It's nearly one o'clock. Angela will have lunch ready for us. I suppose we had better go downstairs." I said, a tinge of reluctance in my tone.

"It won't matter if were a couple of mintues late. She'll understand." He answered with a grin on his face.

I hugged him closer to me again, relishing our reconnected relationship and once again looking forward to our future together. The world could wait a few more minutes.

It wasn't going anywhere without us.

End of Chapter

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