Hey everyone, this is twilighter5 and I'm currently working on chapter 14, so don't worry. I will be up soon. I hope that you all are having a good summer, I know I am! I'd just like to tell everyone that I've been taking pre-high school classes (workshops and stuff like that) so I've been there for the last week which is the reason that chapter 14 is not finished yet.

I'm currently trying to find out what my readers would like me to incorporate into this story because I think that you all are as much a part of this Fanfiction as I am as the author. If you have any ideas or comments or songs that go along with the story, please PM me or put a comment into my homepage.

Yes, I said homepage. This weekend I made a website that is specifically for all my twilight fanfiction and fanfiction in general. My profile was beginning to look quiet cluttered so I decided that a homepage would be awesome to make… gives my account a little more character don't you think?

Also, really quick, I'd like to announce something that I thought up. Personally, I think it would be really cool if I could get a cover design for either soldier baby, twisted fate, or maybe even both. I'm not so great with computers and all that other stuff when it comes to designing…my computer isn't capable of that type of thing. So, my idea is to have my readers, if they wish, to send me cover designs for the story. On my homepage is a little more information on the "contest" you can say, including where you can e-mail your ideas and entries. So if you think that you are capable of creating a title page, send it in :D I'll post them on the website. Things to include:

Penname- Not your real name… I don't want to have any problems later on

Anything else you think that you should add

I already know where I'm going with this story, but if you want to send me ideas or anything, comments on what I can change or what you'd like to see, please feel free to tell me through any of the ways that I've described above.

Thanks so much. You all the best fanfiction readers ever!

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P.S. Chapter 14 WILL be up soon…