Puttin on the Ritz--Taco.
(I couldn't resist,I really couldn't)

Nelson was quite sure that under his mask, Hooded Justice was frowning. He had to hide a smile at the memory of the man's real face.


"Niet. That's ridiculous."

"Oh, but..."

"Captain," Hooded Justice stresses, "I don't see the point in attending a benefit for something like a museum. I..."

"Keep to yourself, I know. But Sally's going to be there, and By--I mean, oh, you know. Everyone is going. No masks, even."

"I have to?"

"Urm, well," his hand rests on the stronger man's arm for only a moment, but something is definitely there, "it would be nice. I don't quite want to show up and have no one there to talk to."

"You said Sally was going," a note of suspicion, trying to catch the man in a lie. Under the mask (unseen), the eyes meet

"Well, yes."

A moment of silence, and Nelson Gardner (alias for Captain Metropolis) is unsure of what his fellow crimefighter was thinking. Across the room, Hooded Justice sees Silhouette playfully flirting with Sally, and shakes his head. She should be more careful.


Captain Metropolis grins, trying to imagine the rugged man before him in a tuxedo.

The night of the benefit is spent in quiet anonymity, and between dancing with some very beautiful ladies, Nelson Gardner and the man known as Hooded Justice have whole conversations in minute glimpse of each other across the room.