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Here goes nothing...


I was at Starbucks, having my normal Grande Cappuccino for lunch. Nothing like a caffeine jolt to pick me up for the second half of the day. I was sitting at a table in the back, watching people come and go, when Edward walked into the coffee shop. My heart started thumping hard, and I could hear the blood rush in my ears like it always did when I saw him. I'd had a crush on Edward for as long as I could remember. I had never spoken to him, I didn't have the courage. He didn't know who I was, but it didn't stop me from obsessing with him.

Edward Cullen was every womans wet dream. He was at least 6 foot 4 tall, with wide shoulders and narrow hips. He had long legs and a firm backside. Strong jaw and amazingly big lips that begged to be kissed, vividly green eyes and unruly reddish-brown hair screamed sex. The man always gave me a mini-orgasm when I saw him.

It wasn't just that the man was beautiful, sinfully so, but there seemed to be more behind his womanizing tendencies. Sometimes I got the feeling that there was a whole other person hiding behind his penetrating eyes. A person he did not let the world as a whole see. I wanted that man, the one I knew was behind the fa├žade.

I watched as someone stopped him right inside the door. I recognized her long, blond hair and killer body. Rosalie Hale. I felt my heart sink as Rosalie's arm slipped around Edward. I wanted to look away, but couldn't take my eyes off of them, like a train wreck. I watched as Rosalie leaned closer into Edward and whispered something in his ear. Whatever Rosalie said, made Edward smile. I loved to see Edward smile. It lit up the room like a thousand suns.

Edward was always with someone new. His preference in women seemed to be tall, leggy and blond. And they always looked like they had walked right out of a Victoria's Secret catalog. Just like Rosalie. I knew I could not compare. I was a short brunette, dull compared to all those models. I knew I could hold my own, but Edward was out of my league.

I suddenly felt the need to finish my coffee and get out of Starbucks. I didn't want to be there and watch Edward flirt with Rosalie. Seeing them together always made me feel depressed about myself. To say I didn't like Rosalie because of her relationship with Edward would be the understatement of the year. Envy always reared its ugly head when I saw Rosalie and her perfect body.

I was about to look away when Edward glanced up and locked eyes with me. My breath caught and the room faded away until all I saw was him. I quickly turned my head down and stared at my coffee. I could feel my face burn with a crimson blush. As if by an unknown force, I felt a pull to look up again and I saw Edward leave Rosalie. His eyes locked with mine once more and I was unable to look away. I watched as Edward was coming towards me. My heart was beating like crazy now, and I knew I would start hyperventilating any second now. He leaned down and whispered "meet me outside".

I stopped breathing. I slowly turned my head towards him and what I saw in his eyes, made my heart stop. I lost my words. I didn't know how to speak. All I could do was nod. I watched Edward walk back out without having bought a coffee. Oh god, I thought to mind was going a mile a minute. I downed the rest of my coffee and wished it had been something stronger than caffeine. I quickly gathered my things before I had too much time to think about this. Whatever 'this' was.


I'd had a long and dreary day at the office. I was always at work by five a.m. because I needed the quiet until eight a.m. when everyone else came to work. I wasn't in the habit of going to Starbucks for lunch, but today I needed one of their soothing coffees. I noticed her the moment I stepped into the coffee shop.

Bella Swan.

I had noticed Bella before. Whenever I saw Bella at a function, she was never alone. It wasn't as if she was with a lot of different guys, she always seemed to be with the same guy for a period of time before she changed them in for someone new. She was clearly the serious kind. And she always seemed a little cold and distant. I'd been too intimidated to even talk to her, my ice queen.

But by gods was Bella beautiful. So very unlike the women I was dating. She looked like she would fit me, unlike the women Rose was setting me up with all the time. It hadn't escaped my notice that she seemed to set me up with Rose-look-a-likes. Tall and blond was getting a bit old. This was Los Angeles after all. They were a dime a dozen. And it seemed that Rose knew them all.

I loved Rosalie, but she could not get through her thick scull that she was not my ideal type of woman, and therefore anyone who looked like her wouldn't be either. But Rose always came through for me whenever I needed arm candy for when I had to show my face at any function in LA.

Now Bella, she was one of a kind. She had dark brown hair, a cute nose that went up a bit at the tip, and all the right curves in the right places. Despite seeming distant and unapproachable, when Bella laughed, she seemed to laugh with her whole self. She just seemed to glow. I had fallen in love with her the first time I saw her laugh like that, and I had been unable to get her out of my mind ever since.

What never failed getting to me, was how sad her brown eyes always seemed to be. When she wasn't laughing, it was as if she was holding some deep, dark secret no one else knew about. And that deep, dark secret was what made her so distant to everyone else.

Bella was very intimidating. She seemed so far up away from my reach, it was like she was a mirage. She was in a league of her own, I was left to dream about impossible possibilities. I never had the courage or the balls to talk to her.

Until today.

Catching her trying to be conspicuous while staring at me, made my heart beat a mile a minute. I couldn't take my eyes off of her blushing face when she realized she had been caught. Suddenly she didn't seem so unapproachable. This was my one chance at Bella, and for once she was alone.

Without thinking too hard about it, I had gone up to her and told her to meet me outside. I had no idea what I was going to do with Bella, or what I was going to say to her. It had been an impulse. One that I was starting to regret as I was waiting outside for her. This was my one shot to talk to her, and I was going to blow it.

I was somewhat expecting and somewhat hoping that Bella wouldn't come out. But then the door opened and she was in front of me, looking straight into my eyes, not saying a word. I took a deep breath and grabbed a hold of one of her hands. "Come," was all I was able to get out.

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