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What if..?


Bella sat on the sofa in the Cullen's home. Alice was keeping her hostage once more while Edward went with Carlisle and his brothers hunting for the weekend. Bella flicked through the photos of the family that Esme was looking at earlier that day.

Something came into her thoughts when she came across a couple of photos, one with Esme and a small child, and another of Esme and Edward together. She looked at the similarities between both baby and man.

'That can't be… what…?' she thought. 'I gotta run this by Edward when he gets back.'

Alice danced into the living room and planted herself beside Bella on the sofa.

"Alice, have you ever noticed that Esme and Edward look spookily similar?" she turned to her almost- sister. She couldn't help but blurt the question out to her.

Alice thought over it for a moment. "Hey, you're right… Where did this come from?" she said in her wind chime like voice.

"I was just looking though the photos when I saw these." Bella held up the offending photographs.

"You'll have to get him to show you his photo. He always carries one similar to this around with him. Apparently his mother and Esme look almost identical." Alice said.

"He does? He never mentioned that."

"He wouldn't do. To him, his past is a bit… testy."

"So how do I know he's not going to bite my head off for asking?"

"You don't. " Alice said "But he wouldn't stay mad for too long. I do see you both talking. That's all I see with you two though…"

"Makes me feel a whole lot better." Bella rolled her eyes.

Alice laughed musically at her sarcasm and danced out of the room, leaving Bella with her thoughts once more for the rest of the night.