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Chapter 1

Ichigo lay in his bed, eyes staring up at the ceiling. His thoughts were on the monster from earlier that day. He had seen a girl there, fighting it, but only for a split second. There was something familiar about her, but he could not be sure because he had only seen a short glance. Who was she?

Suddenly, a shadow passed over his face. He refocused on the real world just in time to see a black butterfly come into his room. Wha-

The girl from earlier suddenly appeared. He stared as she stepped onto his desk. That was- "Oi!"

The girl didn't seem to hear him. A vein throbbed in his head as she grasped her katana and stepped off his desk. He heard a whispered, "I can feel it," before his foot connected with her back.

He flipped on the light and yelled at her. "Oi! What are you doing in my house?!"

She stared at him. "You just kicked me… but I can't be seen by ordinary humans. Are you saying you can see me?"

Uh-oh. Oh, well can't deny it now. "Well, considering that it was my foot in your behind just now, you tell me."

"Hey, you're the one I saw in town earlier. I remember."

So, it was her. "Boy, nothing gets past you does it?"

She ignored him. "How very strange. You look normal, but there must be something defective about you."

Defective?! Some runty girl was calling him defective?! "I'll show you defective!" He tried to kick her again, though the attempt was half-assed. She evaded it. He scowled. "Who are you?!" There was something about her. He knew her, he was sure of it. He just couldn't place it.

"You want to know? Fine. I'm a Shinigami."

Shinigami. Why did that sound so familiar?

A while later, he sat with his arm crossed with an eyebrow twitching. Her explanation had struck a pang of something, but he could not figure it out. Pushing it aside, he reacted in a way many would to hearing such a story. "So, you are something called a Shinigami." She nodded. "And, you're telling me that you were sent here on a mission by something called the soul society." She nodded. "To deal with demons like the one we saw in the street today." She nodded again. "Which was chasing after that girl's soul." She nodded once more. "Which is all believable to me," at this point he flipped out, "along with flying pigs and the tooth fairy!"

It went in this strain for a short while before she suddenly pointed her fingers at him. "Bakudou…" Oh, no, something told him this couldn't be good. "Number 1! Sai!"

Ichigo's arms were suddenly pulled towards his back and held there by an invisible force. Did she have to go that far! "I can't move! What did you do to me!?"

"Paralysis. I used what's called a Kidou on you. It's a high level incantation only we Shinigami can use. It's useless to struggle against it; you are just wasting your energy."

Another explanation later, and suddenly Ichigo heard a howling. He gasped and looked up from his position still on the floor. "What was that?"

The Shinigami didn't hear him. "What I do know, is that another Hollow is roaming about somewhere still."

Ichigo became annoyed. "Then, what are you waiting for? Go out and kill it!"

The Shinigami looked down. "I would, but I can't seem to detect its location. Normally, I would have no trouble detecting it, but something seems to be preventing me from sensing it."

Was this Shinigami deaf or something?! Couldn't she hear the roars?! And that heavy, evil feeling was close by! Ichigo became annoyed and interrupted her. "What are you, deaf? There's something huge howling out there! That sound has to be a Hollow!"

She looked puzzled. "Something howling? What do you mean?" She was interrupted by another howl. Her eyes widened and she scrambled to her feet. "Now I hear it! Defiantly a Hollow!"

"That's what I've been trying to-" He was cut off by a crash and a scream. "That was Yuzu!"

The Shinigami rushed out the door and paused in the doorway. Ichigo yelled out. "Hey wait! Untie me!"

Suddenly, Yuzu fell down in front of the door. Ichigo's eyes widened. "Yuzu! What happened!"

His sister reached out to him. "Ichi-nii. Karin's been… Ichi-nii…" She suddenly passed out.

Ichigo struggled more against the invisible restraints. "You have to let me go!" There was another scream and the Shinigami rushed off.

Ichigo was seriously starting to get pissed off. He needed to protect his family damnit!

Events passed and soon Ichigo found himself watching as the Shinigami fell to her knees, blood spurting out a wound she had sustained by jumping in front of the attack meant for him. No! "Shinigami!"

As she lay on the ground, her blood pooling around her she berated him. "You are a fool. How could you have possibly have thought that you were any match for a Hollow. Did you really think that everything would be over if you gave your soul to it! One soul doesn't satisfy it for long. If you don't stop interfering, we're going to end up as its food!"

The Shinigami tried getting up, but it was no use. "I'm too injured to fight. Do you want to save your family?"

What the hell?! That was a stupid question! "Of course I do! If there's a way, then tell me how!"

The Shinigami picked up her zanpaktou. "It will only be temporary, but you must become a Shinigami yourself."

Ichigo's eyes widened. "Wha-"

The Shinigami wasn't done. "You must take my Zanpaktou and run it through to the center of your being so that I may pour my powers into you. I can't guarantee that you will live, but if it doesn't work it won't matter."

Ichigo stared down at her. He would do anything for his family. "Then, give me that blade, Shinigami."

The girl smiled at him. "My name is Rukia. Kuchiki Rukia."

Ichigo grasped the blade of the Zanpaktou. "And my name is Kurosaki Ichigo!" With that, he ran the blade through his very being. A blinding white light burst forth and only a few short seconds passed before the Hollow suddenly lost its arm. The white disappeared to show Ichigo standing behind the Hollow, Zanpaktou drawn. He let loose a wave of power, not being able to contain it. Images and sounds rushed into his mind, but he pushed it all away to focus on the task at hand. "This ends now!" He rushed at the Hollow with a yell.

Cutting of a leg, he growled. "You will pay the price for harming my family, you Hollow scum! Feel the wrath of my blade!" Ok, kinda corny. But he was pissed damnit! He brought the zanpaktou above his head and slashed down, splitting the Hollow in half. It dissolved, disappearing.

He lifted his Zanpaktou, looking at it for the first time. It was a regular sized katana with dark blue wrappings on the hilt. The tsuba was rectangular with raised swirls along the long side of it. It was beautiful. It was his.

He looked up towards Rukia, but was suddenly hit by a wave of images. Eyes widening, he collapsed and blacked out.

(Time skip to after Ichigo regains his powers and is training with Urahara)

Damnit! Urahara was a Taichou level Shinigami! Ichigo glared at nothing, hiding from the man behind a giant rock. His eyes widened, though, when he felt a strong Reiatsu approach. Oh, crap. He dodged quickly, and blocked a strike from the ex-shinigami. The two flew away from each other. Urahara grinned at him. "Come on, Ichigo! Call out your zanpaktou's name!"

Ichigo gripped the hilt of his zanpaktou tighter. Suddenly, time seemed to freeze around him and a woman appeared. She had dark blue hair and eyes, the colour of the ocean, and skin as pale as sea foam and similarly coloured. Her clothes were made from scales and shells from the sea. She spoke to him. "Don't be afraid to call out my name, Ichigo. Answer questions later and just let my power flow through you once again."

Ichigo nodded and smiled slightly at his zanpaktou. "Don't you find it weird to call me by a different name?"

The zanpaktou avatar smiled. "Maybe. Now call out my name!"

Time started once again and Ichigo grinned at Urahara. "Call my zanpaktou's name? Fine." He held his zanpaktou out to the side, the point facing towards the ground. Urahara raised an eyebrow, though it went unseen because of his hat. Ichigo's grin widened as he began to twirl the blade. Glowing a golden colour, it began to lengthen as Ichigo called out, "Suiten Sakamake, Nejibana!"

Urahara's eyes widened as he watched the zanpaktou length and transform into a crystal trident and a ring of Reiatsu likened to water appear around the boy. Nejibana? Impossible!

Ichigo smirked at the reaction and used it to his advantage. Lashing out with a whip of water that originated from the head of the trident, Ichigo lunged at Urahara. The ex-shinigami was slow to dodge through his shock, but managed to escape unharmed. His hat, though, was knocked off his head. Ichigo turned and smirked at Urahara. "I win."

Urahara was looking at him with a suspicious gaze. Ichigo sighed. He knew what was coming. Urahara spoke. "That zanpaktou. It should be impossible. No two Shinigami ever have the same zanpaktou, but I have seen that blade once before. And the man who once wielded it is now dead."

Ichigo released Nejibana's Shikai and slid the zanpaktou into the sheathe at his side. He sighed and then grinned at Urahara. "No point in hiding it now. Long time no see, Urahara-taichou."

Urahara's eyes narrowed. "Who are you?"

"Oh, I'm hurt that you don't recognize me. I'm Shiba Kaien. Or, more specifically, his reincarnation."

Urahara was still in a state of shock but managed to shake his head. "You do realize that Rukia, Ukitake-taichou, and several others are going to kill you, right?"

Ichigo/Kaien groaned. "Don't remind me… but it's not my fault that I only regained my memories recently." But, oh joy. Rukia was defiantly going to kill him. It was going to be chaos and he wasn't looking forward to all of the explanations. Oh, boy. He was screwed.

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