Title: Fragile Balance Missing Scene

Author: Colonel Sheppard


Spoilers: Fragile Balance

Summary: The End of the Episode plus something I added myself. May continue it if I have time.

A/N: I don't own sg-1. They belong to the creators and MGM Studios


Colorado Springs High School August 2003

You're sure about this?

I've thought a lot about it. And, you know, you, me, I mean, we, never really did embrace high school. I don't know. Haven't you ever just wanted to go back and do it all over again? I mean, especially with all you know now?


Well, from here on in, you and me are different. Which is why I'm gonna do this.

I get out of the truck but pauses when O'Neill calls out to me.

Hey, listen; do me a favor, huh?

Don't worry, I, I wasn't gonna keep in touch.

Yeah, it'd just be a little—


Weird, yeah.


But look, if you need anything, just, you know?

Air Force has set me up, I'll be fine.

"You're sure about this? I mean, it's high school."

I look turn and see three girls eyeing me. They giggle to each other when I look at them. Then I turn and look at the other O'Neill with a significant look. He realizes what I'm talking about and he finally says.

"Yes! Go forth, young man!"

I Pull out a pair of really cool sunglasses and puts them on, pats the side of the truck as Colonel O'Neill smiles and drives away, leaving me alone. I turn immediately, and catch up with the giggling girls and walks towards the school. I started having a conversation with one of the girls and introduced myself. "I'm Jack O'Neill" I said as I put my hand out for her to shake it she does take it and shake it and as she said "Elyssa Wells." "Nice to meet you" we both say and we both smile at each other.

As we were walking into the hallway of the school I took off my sunglasses and I look at her and asked "look I need to get to the office to get my schedule and stuff. Do you know how I can get there?" She looked at me "sure, just go down the hallway make a left and you will see it" she said. "Thanks" I started to walk down the hallway when I stopped when I heard "Jack". I looked back and Elyssa continued to talk "I hope we get to have some classes together and maybe get to know each other better" and with that she winked at me and walked down a different hallway to get to her class.

I turn back and I thought to myself 'Jack, my boy, you may just like high school after all' and with that I walked down the hallway to get to the office to get my schedule.